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  1. Now you got me thinking and that is a tough one. I know how much I have into it but in reality that doesn't matter when it comes time to sell toys. There only worth what someone will give you. I think around 65k would get me thinking real hard.
  2. All right since you asked the chassis is an HRT I worked there part time after my real job and weekends. So when it was time to build one for myself I got to change some dimensions and do things a little different. The trans is a Fortin wide gear. The engine is a fuel injected 410 ci all aluminum dry sumped small block Chevy. Donovan block, AFR heads Crower crank and rods, JE pistons, Life racing ecu lots of good stuff. The engine is out getting a refresh now. I should be back in business and ready for the season soon.
  3. I don't think I could sell my car it is exactly what I have always wanted a true duel sport car. Just change the tires and go were you want. It took me 6 years to get it to were I could drive it and another 5 years before I powder coated it. I built and mounted everything on the car except the body. I look at my car and I am proud of it. To me it represents a lot of hard work late nights and doing want ever it took to get to built the car I wanting. Sure you always will want more power especially in the sand. These new cars people are building are so nice and the engine packages that are out there are insane. With that being said i'll stick with what I have. .
  4. Alright Tom how did it do on the dyno?
  5. Nope I been lagging I’m pulling it out tomorrow
  6. Looking good Tom, I can’t wait for next season. I guess I better get my act together and get ready.
  7. I love mine. But like others have said it may effect the cooling of the engine. There's a car in our camp that has to watch the temp gauge when he has his wind shield installed.
  8. What's the best way to contact you. I know someone who might be interested in your car.
  9. Where are you located
  10. What is the width and offset of the rear wheels.
  11. Looking good Jeff keep the progress pics coming.

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