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  1. Lol ok I still have the sand rail cover I bought from you
  2. You can come by my shop in La Habra and try them out anytime you want
  3. I bought the AR blue clean professional it was 800 bucks but it can use hot water and high pressure and has the auto shut off which is what I was looking for are use it at our shop to clean equipment and it’s nice to be able to use the hot water
  4. I just bought two at pressure washer direct one gas one electric the key I think the trick is auto shut off when not spraying
  5. Looking for a refrigerated Container or refrigerated cargo box that I can put on a trailer

  6. Looking for someone to install a satellite on my 2015 winabego

  7. Need to rent a backhoe in la mirada 


  8. jkrutsac

    Golf carts

    Want to buy gas powered calif reg golf cart
  9. Want to buy gas powered California licensed golf cart


  10. I have a stacker that I need to move around at my home . does anyone have any suggestions at my shop I use a forklift but any home use ideas. the stacker weighs 18,000
  11. I have a shop in la Habra and have a cleanout easy accesable if interested
  12. if anyone has one of these to sell please contact me thank you
  13. anyone know if city let you have a metal style in la mirada

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