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  1. Wonder if these fu##sticks from pad 3 went to the ceremony?
  2. Call Kevin at Custom Creations in Highland. Good guy that doesnt overcharge and he knows Teryxs. He did my Teryx with a standard bore and added some head milling. 840 kits overheat, they take too much off the cylinder walls.
  3. In Beaumont, where the 10 and 60 meet, off Oak Valley there is a Chevron on the north side of the freeway that carries e85.
  4. I have a gen 4 glock 27. I think its kick is way too much. Ill sell with 4 magazines, not the 10 rounders, for 450. Id rather carry a glock 23 but I have big hands.
  5. People, well dirtbags anyways, take advantage of people when they are down or when they know there are no repercussions. Raising kids in these times is hard.
  6. Yes 7000 in the next three years. We are short and with retirements that is the number we have been hearing. 33 state prisons, fire camps, and parole divisions and some institutions are down over 100 officers and others even more. They have to cut inmate programs daily, even after holding over all of the previos shift. Officers are forced to work 16 hour days, sometimes 4 days a week. They have cut our retirement percentage, have us paying more into our retirement, more for benefits. Still a good job considering we have to work in dorms by ourselves with 100 convicted felons with no gun coverage. Yeah responding staff is close but how long could you hold off 5 or 6 or even more inmates at a time. They recalculated the classification system and the lower prisons are getting more violent inmates. I could go on and on. Cdcr.ca.gov
  7. We took a 15 percent pay cut for a few years that then went down to 5 percent. We finally are at our original pay and a small raise that was eaten up by pension reform. They are looking to hire 7000 correctional officers in the next three years. Paroles got cut way back and now realize they made a mistake. The goal is to get rid of paroles. Nobody wants these jobs because who wants to deal with the trash of society. Prisons are grossly overcrowded and under federal mandate to lower the population. As a result local jails are overcrowded and they are releasing inmates as fast as they arrive. Glamis is correct, they are releasing non-violent inmates. Problem is that it depends on their last offense and not based on their initial crime. While in prison they dont do hard time. They dont have to work, get free meals, clothes, and medical care. They claim to have chest pains and its an automatic ambulance ride to the hospital at the publics expense. If you and I are in the ER with a sick or hurt kid, the inmate gets treated first. Inmates gets name brand drugs, no generic. They continue to commit crimes while in prison, assault, stabbing, drug sales, murder, and more while hanging with the homies and getting tattooed up. Why follow the rules when they get out, to some they have better life in prison. Takes way too long and way expensive to actually serve an inmate a death sentence. They have cell phones smuggled in with the drugs and tobacco. Get visits with their families on weekend and holidays, not to mention overnight family visiting. Why not commit crimes when they live so well inside prison? This is just my personal view.
  8. 2 years on my carisle tires without any problems on a triple axle 26ft raptor.
  9. 909 824-1020. Turbonetics or something like that. They did 2 different turbos for me and I think gary at c&g uses them. My ball bearing was 450 to rebuild.
  10. 10% of every job has crappy employees, from lazy to a-holes. My cousin works chp and he has co-workers that would ticket their own family. I think the majority would say things are better with the blm than a few years ago. Look into Fish n game and park rangers. They are leos. They get the retirement, concealed carry, and most other benefits that the real cops get.
  11. Presidents weekend we had a few Rangers come and ask our camp some questions. Pretty much a fellow campsite complained that we had our dogs off leashes and we were lighting off fireworks the night before. All of our dogs were on leashes and although someone in our camp did let off some fireworks the night before we said we didnt. There was an empty beer can on the ground next to the trash that they could have messed with us for and they didnt. These guys were from Bakersfield and somewhere on the coast. Easy going and just had to investigate the accusations being made. I offered them a water or soda as they were leaving and then declined. Even made a comment that they can come back later and drink a beer and shoot off fireworks when they get off work. They just laughed and were on there way. Im my experience with law enforcement they give the attitude they receive. Of course there are exceptions to the rule. Ive gotten out of tickets but acting polite and courteous. Never has an officer cited me for something I didnt do. I know there are exceptions to the rule. I grew up with both my uncles in law enforcement so maybe I see them in a different life. In my short 5 or 6 years going to Glamis, mostly on the bigger weekends, I have never had a negative contact with law enforcement. A couple smart ash kids in our camp get a ticket for riding in the closure after they were caught the second time by the same Rangers. Sometimes we need to realize we occasionally bring this on ourselves.
  12. Dont forgot these guys have cell phones, any illegal drugs, some say the best sex of their life ( thats what ive been told), and they get things we dont get like name brand drugs, free laundry, free food, spend all day in their cell or on the yard, and no bills to pay. Real fair for beating someone.
  13. I had a standard bore on my old 08 teryx. Made a huge difference. Should have kept it but it just sat after we got a rail. Custom Creations did a great job on mine. Faster than the rzr s at that time but the rzr was lighter.
  14. We should be at pad 4. A few funcos and maybe some others. .
  15. Mine was the same way. My dad had a puller he bought from Harbour frieght that made it easy. All the banging and hitting didnt do a thing when its rusted.

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