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  1. WTF people, put a tag and phone number on your pets.
  2. The tatums have a stainless steel wear plate that you can flip over and get more life out of it, grease it while you have it apart, hopefully Fortins are similar. You may even be able to make a new plate if needed.
  3. I was surprised when I weighed mine, my mid Engine came in at 2507
  4. Beyond the obvious (airing down truck tires) any tricks for getting vehicles unstuck? anyone try recovery planks.
  5. Easy fix for cbm just unhook the ecu and take it to them, I had them stager mine so only one tuns until the second one is needed. 1st fan turns on at 185 off at 175, 2nd fan turns on at 195.
  6. Red top, easy to get a replacement if needed
  7. We will be pulling out a 3.5 turbo Honda out of a Funco after Thanksgiving if he needs parts
  8. The fuel pump relay is ground triggered, you should see constant 12 volt power at the relay, the ecu sends a ground signal to the relay and triggers the relay.
  9. I have stainless steel 2 into 1 exhaust coming off my turbo's that have been ceramic coated. I want to cut off where they come together and extend out two separate pipes. Is it possible to carefully grind off the ceramic were they need welded so they can be welded?
  10. I've always done the supporting member I think it's $25 and they give you a $25 gift card from Rocky Mountain so it doesn't cost you anything
  11. Spal 10" pusher fan on mine
  12. Mefi batch fires the injectors so you would have more that looked lean if it was a tune or ecu problem, I would be looking at the injector either defective or plugged.

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