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  1. I have stainless steel 2 into 1 exhaust coming off my turbo's that have been ceramic coated. I want to cut off where they come together and extend out two separate pipes. Is it possible to carefully grind off the ceramic were they need welded so they can be welded?
  2. I've always done the supporting member I think it's $25 and they give you a $25 gift card from Rocky Mountain so it doesn't cost you anything
  3. Spal 10" pusher fan on mine
  4. Mefi batch fires the injectors so you would have more that looked lean if it was a tune or ecu problem, I would be looking at the injector either defective or plugged.
  5. Tried a couple times to get ahold of Jason
  6. Pulling the trans this off season and was thinking of taking the engine out and gone thru, new rings, gaskets and whatever. Who would you have do this and is it worth it? Not having any issues just that its been in the car for 12 years (low boost) Phoenix area
  7. Have you cleaned this guy? It's plastic causes the surge when they get plugged up, it's under the black screw
  8. have you checked that they filled them with nitrogen?
  9. I will need to get the grey and black tanks dumped next week anybody have the phone number and cost.
  10. I have the battery minder 15 watt solar with controller on mine, keeps the battery's charged in storage.
  11. I went to the 14.50 x 17 dune sport, they slide better not as much bite. If somebody wants them I'll sell them if not I'll keep them. I figure the will be easier on the trans and CVS
  12. Bump, I'll be in Glamis next weekend

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