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  1. BeefyBoy

    Wheel size suggestions

    What's the weight difference? I know my BTRs where way heavier than my Douglas beadlocks...
  2. BeefyBoy

    Calif Vanity Plates, lets see?

  3. BeefyBoy

    Windshield build

    If you are gonna do much real road driving, PLEASE GET FRONT BRAKES. It makes a big difference when something jumps out in front of you.
  4. BeefyBoy

    1999 SCU Sand Cars Unlimited 5 Seat Buggy

    It sold... then sold again...
  5. BeefyBoy

    Weird things you see at work or anywhere else

    A root. It split the clip on the landscape edging.
  6. BeefyBoy

    Pro’s and cons of Ricochet cars?

    For some reason my car broke the same upper A arm twice... it was a LS1/2D. It was a great car IMO. But it sure woulda been easier if they were still in business like Tatum for repairs.
  7. BeefyBoy

    Quick sand buggies

    Seems like there are at least 2 of these at SL. The Joker car and the dunestars wrapped rail... no?
  8. BeefyBoy

    Quick sand buggies

    I saw that too, it seems like a deal! But it can't hold a candle to the performance of your old car... I'd be afraid the disappointment and regret feeling wouldn't go away with this car... But if the title transfers for the street here, there is plenty to like about it.
  9. BeefyBoy

    Does Anybody Recognize This Tatum?

    I looked into it a bit for ya. I was just told to pass this along. "Not a member so I can't reply, could you pass on that the maintenance was done at B&L 231 873 3311 and that I know the car better than anyone even the owner Scott@231 742 1152 most of what has come up was just done he wanted it to leave perfect trans is fresh, cv's new compression and leak down was done and all perfect along with fresh air cleaner, plugs and wires. He barely used it because of his racing schedule also heims are fresh along with shocks all completely rebuild with ams oil and brand new 35.5 stu's with 10 days in Glamis on them car was gone through from top to bottom by me I can attest to all that went in it and it's in like new perfect condition" I would definitely give Scott a call.
  10. BeefyBoy

    Does Anybody Recognize This Tatum?

    I would be 100% confident buying from Gerrit! You will have to wait till April if you wanna test it in the sand at Silver Lake though.
  11. BeefyBoy

    Personalized Plates - Share What You Have

    The wife with my new truck... Plate on my old black truck

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