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  1. I have a pair. Still on an engine. Lost comp in one cylinder due to rings. They are still on the engine, it's been sitting outside for a few months but I would imagine the heads are still good.
  2. Still have this? I know someone that is looking for one
  3. I read an article written by Yokohama a few years back, it's not good for tires to be parked on concrete for a long time, concrete will dry the tires out horribly. Wood is ok, but if it's rains and the wood gets wet, you run the risk of rotting the rubber. Some of the fake plastic wood stuff is better. I know guys who park on old mudflaps. Super easy and cheap 👌
  4. Honda and an S4?? Hell yeah 😎 sounds like a pretty bullet proof combo! I wanted a S4 in my last car, (j35a4) but it just wouldn't fit....
  5. I have a friend that only dunes his x3 once a year, so he doesn't want to spend money on paddle tires. He does just fine.
  6. I have seen it done, it doesn't really work very well, as mentioned the gearing is crap, and one side will have such a short axle and won't have any travel. If you goal is to have a very low budget, small tire, standard travel car, it will work. But you will find it's limitations very quickly.
  7. Alright, I'll start packing up now, hopefully be there by 10
  8. Oh I see, it's cause I wasn't there keeping the pace fast enough to have enough air flow over the trans?? Lol What happened?
  9. Well looks like I'm heading back out tomorrow, how is the estates looking? Room for 1 more?
  10. J series is 6 cyl. J30 is a 3.0 v6, j32 is a 3.2 v6, and the j35 is a 3.5 v6. A lot of guys here have run one, including me.
  11. Yea one of the other guys told me you were not coming. I'm still unsure if I'm coming back out this weekend, if I do, it will most likely be the end of my season.....
  12. It turned out great 👍 @CHRIS J and his friends welcomed me in, and we had some great rides, I plan to do it again for sure.

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