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  1. The looney duner

    Desert Dynamics Chassis buggy works tabed $2700 obo

    Being a buggy works chassis I know it's a bit different then a desert dynamics, like single shear front arm mounts, but that car be fixed. What else is different?
  2. The looney duner

    2019 Sandy Golf Tournament

    I actually laughed out loud at this......
  3. The looney duner

    Cheaper 2000 watt generator options

    Dude I don't sleep in there! Also, it's pretty beat up, it has plenty of ventilation!
  4. The looney duner

    Cheaper 2000 watt generator options

    Yea next time I need to keep it up off the ground. I might just put it inside the box trailer....
  5. The looney duner

    Cheaper 2000 watt generator options

    so a little update on the generator I bought when I started this thread. The pulsar 2000 Watt. I picked this up for $280 and have used it a lot. About a half a dozen trips with it, and it pretty much runs constant for the entire trip. I've changed the oil in it, cleaned the air filter, and just keep putting fuel in it. The only trouble I had with it was after one of the trips that was windy, the inside of it got full of sand and it was no longer able to control the idle speed. I brought it home took off the side cover and blew it out with my air compressor and everything has been fine since. So far so good....
  6. The looney duner

    Handheld radio question

    Yes it can, I have the cable and chirp on my laptop, I've done dozens of them. Super easy....
  7. The looney duner

    Trying to identify an injector...

    That is a 44# Bosch injector
  8. The looney duner

    Smudge pots

    I also run straight gasoline in mine, been doing it for years, it's far better in my opinion, no smoke, no smell, no soot, and absolutely no mess when they are done burning. I don't like putting an oil covered mess back in my trailer at the end of the weekend.
  9. The looney duner


  10. The looney duner


    Super clean, I have one very similar, that I tried to sell when I bought my rail. The quad market is super soft right now, I ended up keeping mine just to ride it 2 times a year. If you keep it, I'll go ride with you. Not many of us 2 stroke 4 wheelers left........
  11. The looney duner

    Lowrance 480 baja/$200.00

    I'll take next in line if the other people don't but it.
  12. The looney duner

    Flutter on rebound side?

    Getting a flutter stack correct takes a few tries, no magic number, it just takes practice until you learn. I recommend you have your shocks dialed in first, then use the flutter to eliminate the chop. As far as running it on the rebound side, I've never tried it, never heard of anyone trying it.
  13. The looney duner

    Cheaper 2000 watt generator options

    He told me to tell everyone, so I don't need to p.m. it, keep in mind I have no association with this guy, he is not my friend or anything, I found him on Craigslist, so proceed with the appropriate caution. P.s. don't send your wife, or go after dark. Not a good neighborhood. 909-724-0957
  14. The looney duner

    Cheaper 2000 watt generator options

    Are you asking about the guy I bought mine from in Ontario? If so, I highly doubt that he would. He is not a business, just a guy that apparently has some sort of hook up them and sells them out if his house. I'm sure a GD postal could be arranged.
  15. The looney duner

    Cheaper 2000 watt generator options

    So a little update on the original subject, I ran the little pulsar pg200is all weekend, it was cold so we spent more time watching TV then I had originally planned. It ran flawlessly all weekend, and although I did not calculate the fuel consumption, I feel it was just as good, if not better then my friends with the Honda or Yamaha. Started on the first pull every time except once and I believe it was cause I had the choke on when it didn't need it. Turned it off and it fired first pull. So far I give it 10/10.

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