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  1. The looney duner

    Power steering

    X2 on Alpers response, don't waste your time switching it over, there is no advantage in my opinion, unless you don't have any at all, then the electric has the advantage of being easier to install. Ad an idler pulley to make the belt have more contact with the pulley. Easy peasy.
  2. The looney duner

    Aluminum Awning Install referrals!

    Call my buddy Cory Reim. Been doing it for a long time, I believe he owns his company, although I forget the company name. 951-634-3697
  3. The looney duner

    Action Shots

    Couple of low quality pictures, but you get the point....
  4. The looney duner

    Breakfast/Lunch spot in Vegas

    Peppermill is our go to Vegas breakfast spot, we go every time we are in the area, you will not be disappointed......
  5. The looney duner

    2015 Harley 48

  6. The looney duner

    86 250R

  7. The looney duner

    14.50 15 extreme paddle tires

    Sorry I didn't get back to this thread sooner, I've been super busy, I can't make it out to grab these this weekend....
  8. The looney duner

    2000 F250 7.3 upgrades (Manual hubs installed)

    That I'm not sure about...
  9. The looney duner

    2000 F250 7.3 upgrades (Manual hubs installed)

    The factory hubs get stuck all the time, you can pull them apart, clean and lube them, and they will work like manual hubs. Or do as I did and throw them in the trash and install a decent manual hubs. Edit to add, when leaving the dunes, after turning off the 4x4, I used to get out and grab the u joint just inside the hub and wiggle it back and forth the get the hub to disengage..... It was a temporary fix
  10. The looney duner

    14.50 15 extreme paddle tires

    I'll take them, if I can get apic of the sidewall damage to make sure it's not too bad.... Edit; punkur67 was first, so only if he doesn't take them......
  11. The looney duner

    86 250R

    So I could really use the garage space, I've looked around the quad market is waaaaay softer then I thought. $3500 or best offer. I've seen a few similar ones on Craigslist around that price. It's time to face the music, I'm getting fatter and older, I took it to the dunes last weekend, and I'm still recovering.......
  12. The looney duner

    2015 Harley 48

    How about $7500?? It's time to go, Im going through some big life changes, no time to ride anymore.
  13. The looney duner

    WTB 33x10.50x15 tires

    I just walked out to the garage and put a tape on them, 34" tall. Maybe they were 35" when new.
  14. The looney duner

    WTB 33x10.50x15 tires

    That size is not very popular anymore, I run the newer 35x10.5x15 class 10 tire from BFG. Thay are awesome, light weight, and seem to be durable. Perfect for a lighter car, since they are designed specifically for a class 10. They would only be 2" taller, but I'd bet they are the same weight, or possibly less. It may be an option for you....
  15. The looney duner

    Desert Dynamics Chassis buggy works tabed $2700 obo

    Being a buggy works chassis I know it's a bit different then a desert dynamics, like single shear front arm mounts, but that car be fixed. What else is different?

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