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  1. So a few months ago my friend got me hooked on pickled eggs, they go great with beer ...... So I needed to make some of my own. The first ones I made I just used left over Clausen pickle juice, added a few garlic cloves and some Cholula hot sauce. They were mighty tasty, but I needed to do my own thing. Today I tried, a million recipes online, all different..... So this is what I did, water and vinegar, pickling salt, and bunch of different crap, eggs and onions, and peppers. We will see in a week if I successfully made tasty stuff 😁.. Anybody else make their own? Care to share a recipe? BTW I'm 6-7 drinks in.....sounds like a great idea at the moment
  2. Can you imagine if it did work??? I think it would look mighty strange πŸ˜‚
  3. Right! We all started somewhere. My first car was a VW and I had a blast...
  4. Car-part.com 02-04 Honda Odyssey. Lots still available. I too finally blew mine, I'll be picking up one soon, it slower with only 5 cylinders.
  5. Happy 4th to everyone, except you friggin liberal tards.......πŸ–•πŸ–•πŸ–•
  6. Finally, sheesh, good chassis at a great price, someone finally figured it out...... Too many peeps want a sign and drive situation......it'll never be what this could be.
  7. I'd love to see drags done this way......it would be cool to do it one weekend, 2 people line up, one person stands in the middle of them and does the ol school hand drop start. I'd like to try it......but I'm not sure if it would break something........I'd still try it tho..
  8. Yea I tried to do a little side work a few times, it never worked out for me. Everybody wants something for nothing...... Hey can you haul my car to New York for $500?? ..... Um no!
  9. I have my class A. Don't worry everyone! I will drive all your chit up there for a small fee! 😜
  10. That is a neat idea, but I hate to say it, the quality couldn't be all that great, not for that price. Have you tried checking the connection between the camera and screen? A loose coax cable will cause issues. Would not fix the field of view though......
  11. I'm looking forward to making one trip this summer, but it's not happening yet, the buggy engine is toast. My quad is ready to roll, but my trailer is chock full of boxes..... BTW, Summer, I am capable of welding ti at home. Have tons of experience with it.

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