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  1. But do you know the difference between an average C cup and a pro C cup?
  2. I've tried that, they look the same to me lol. Pro1 and pro2 are 15" tires, with the larger scoop from the 17" tire....
  3. I'm try to figure out what cut I have, #1 or #2. They are blaster 33 tires. I need more bite, I think i have #1 and need to go to #2, or maybe the pro 2, the problem is I can't seem to find measurements anywhere online so I'm not sure what I have. The car has a ls1 with cbm heads, cam and fast intake, s4 trans and 934 cvs.
  4. They are just o-rings. Pull em out, measure them and order online. Done. I did the gear one calipers on my last car. Also make sure the pistons slide in the bores while you have them apart. Mine were sticky, I cleaned them up with 1000 grit sand paper and all was well.
  5. I work for a company that does road work. Were were removing a layer of asphalt so it can be re-paved. On the same job one of our guys was told "you better get the eff out of my neighborhood white boy" by someone much larger, and darker then himself.....
  6. More then likely its 2 60 gallon tanks, with a hose connecting them, if the hose is collapsed or pinched in some fashion you will only be able to fill 1. Also each tank will have it's own vent, if one is pinched off, it will only fill the one, it will slowly transfer over, but it'll take forever.
  7. I saw this in kartek last time I was in there, she is a beast for sure. Out of my price range, for now......
  8. Don't let the age scare you, these are solid, great coaches. Maybe a little dated style wise, but damn it looks to be in tip top shape. Nice. 😎
  9. This sums up my week in Compton, turds and crack pipes..... Such a lovely place.
  10. Kinda similar to how mine was, it was zip tied to the fuel rail, then it ended up between the fuel rail and intake, obviously it gets too hot there. I machined the sensor base, turned the threaded section down, turned it into a barb, and put in the intake boot just before the throttle body.
  11. Mine was doing this too. It was the intake temp sensor. It was thinking the intake air temp was too high and sending it into limp. Turns out the p.o. put the sensor in the wrong place and it would get heat soaked. Moved it, and problem solved.
  12. Negative. There used to be 2 places on the outskirts of town, but not anymore. You will get a ticket now days. Just go 1 hour further and take them to truckhaven. Can ride for hours there, tons of room.

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