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  1. What are you changing to Chris? Triple bypass? Or?
  2. I also have a name for ls engines, ahole engine. Cause every ahole has one..... And now so do I. If I had my choice, I would probably build a Porsche twin turbo. It was my job for nearly 8 years. I know them pretty well. 3.6 air cooled twin turbo, 800+ hp. Also, fun to think about, I have found quite a few Ferrari engines for sale, V8 and v12 . I'd love to hear that v12 screaming behind me. Super expensive though, of course. Another thought on being different, why won't someone build a ti chassis already? I know it would be super expensive, but some people already have 200k in a car anyways, so why not? Or wanna get really high tech? How about a carbon fiber monocoque chassis? This stay at home crap has my mind going crazy......
  3. I think to be a good leader, you need a good group. I've been through a few different groups over the years, all have had their strong points, and their weak ones. I have been the leader, the last man in the pack, and everything in between. The best rides are the ones where everyone is on the same page, likes to travel at the same pace, and all has their chit together. The worst thing to me is having set out on a fast ride, and people can't keep up, cause of their driving or cause their equipment, or they like to stop for hours on end. Not my cup of tea. I feel the good group will be a good group no matter who is leading it.
  4. I usually see it in engines with over 100k miles, I highly doubt anyone puts that kind of milage on a sand car. Now if it was a used engine, like a lot of us use, it could have had previous milage. Either way, pull it and inspect. I don't know what engine you have, but most are not hard to get to. Are you looking into this because of overheating issues? There are other things that you can check. Another thought, I have seen water pumps with broken impeller blades, and impellers that have come off of the shaft, far under the 100k mark. Maybe due to cheap manufacturing.....
  5. Yes. I have seen many water pumps with eroded impellers, but usually on high mileage vehicles. I would not think that anyone puts enough milage on a sand car to have an issue......
  6. Can you shoot me a text when you get a chance, my friend wants to pick this up. 951-663-9325
  7. Before you do anything, get a real measurements. It may not be as bad as you think. Every time I look at my car it appears to have 2" of toe out, but when I measure it, it's not. Just measure first. Some toe in is normal.
  8. Looks like I also found a Jeep CJ steering column mount/ pedal box for a manual transmission, with clutch and brake pedals. $20
  9. Negative. I have stock front arms and all 3 stock shocks. And I forget to mention, a stock piston cylinder combo. Came off of a running engine.
  10. Part numbers are on the box. Kinda hard to read anything else...... The only other CJ stuff I have besides what is listed, is Dana 30 front carrier and gears, and matching rear amc model 20 rear gears. And a box of misc crap, stub axle, and some t case gears.
  11. What was the oil pressure at idle? Why does it idle so high? Any idea of hrs on engine? Thanks
  12. I need to clean out my garage a bit, so here is a list of stuff I don't need anymore. Dana 44 housing and knuckles. Passenger drop. From mid 70's blazer. I believe I have hubs too. $150 Dana 44 superwinch manual locking hubs. $50 Jeep CJ full steel doors $200 Jeep CJ fiberglass half doors $150 Jeep YJ steel half doors $150. One door has inner structure cut to clear cage Small center load aluminum buggy steering rack $40 Ford 8.8 housing and axle shafts, from mid 80's Ford $100 Pair of coils for 2.5 shocks. 12" long 250lb rate $50 Pair of coils for 2.0 shock 10" long 100lb rate $50 Pair of 17" aluminum engine fans, old school V8 stuff, not electric fans. One has angled blares, one has the rounded paddle looking blades. $40 ea 250R bills pipe and silencer $50 NP435 granny gear transmission $200 15x7 5x5.5 steel spoked wheels, set of 4 from Jeep CJ $40 Wood slat roof rack for VW bug $40 Jeep CJ steering column, for auto trans with key $40 Jeep CJ wire frames for full canvas doors $40 6, 4 piston iron calipers, for a Corvette, was going to use on a Jeep project. $40 Brand new Jeep CJ lift shackles $40 Sharp 12k btu window a/c unit $80 Bunch of misc stock vw clutch cables, throttle cables, points, spark plugs clutch discs, all brand new $80 10 gallon round buggy gas tank $40 That's the just the beginning, I'm not trying to get rich of this, just trying to clean up. Make offers, or ask questions, I'll post pics of specific parts as requested.
  13. As far as color, I went the monochromatic look....
  14. You won't be disappointed with Arlan. Super good dude to work with. He built my 310. I recommend using his pipe, I did with mine, no regrets whatsoever, runs like a bat outta hell. Edit to add, I also got my carb from Arlan. Came jetted for me. I told him where the bike runs, and he already knew the motor, so it was almost spot on right outta the box. Bike starts on 1 kick, and actually idles! You can walk away and it stays running.

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