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  1. When I had my Honda 3.5 I ran a 9" 6 puck with a stage 2 pressure plate. Always worked really well
  2. Fronts are 10.50, rears are Blaster 33
  3. Yea the viability is great, you don't even notice that your driving something the size of a suburban through the dunes. I didn't realize it when I bought it, but it's a big bitch....
  4. So I guess I will go ahead and throw these two pictures up from last weekend. This is the sandwinder I ended up with. Car handled and rode great, and the extra power over the old Honda 3.5 was really nice to have. It doesn't really look like any of the other sandwinder cars that I have seen, it went through a massive overhaul a few years back. The entire top half of the cage was cut off, not because it was in an accident but just because the p.o. wanted a different look. The front arms were built, as was the higher sides and the sheet metal. It is definitely not a finished car and needs some work. But I believe I have something really good to start with.
  5. Haha oh man, water shot out of my nose I laughed so hard.....
  6. I have been 5 or 6 times now, definitely worth going to see. I don't take my buggy cause there is no way to lock it up, and on Friday during the big race you will need to park and walk to the good spots, as it is very crowded. There are some spots that you can spectate and stay near your vehicle, but I don't like to limit myself to those spots. We usually take my buddies Jeep xj, it isn't fast but gets us and our coolers where we want to be.
  7. This was my Saturday. Testing the new to me car. It was a little warm, but the car performed great. It was a blast to drive. Then came home and sold my other car.
  8. That engine and trans is what's in my brother's rig. He tows 7-8k with it all the time. No problems. It you can go look at you can crawl under and get a picture of the tag on the rear end, see what it's rated at. If it's not one of the smaller ones, then it may be just a matter of beefing up the hitch. Plenty of guys have had to do it. Brakes should not be an issue if it's an air brake coach, the brakes will be spec. To the axle weight rating on the tag. My axles are tagged at 23,000 rear and 13,000 front. Also make sure someone didn't put cheap tires on it, check the weight rating on them as well.
  9. What engine/trans combo? That is probably the limiting factor. Or the axle and gvwr. Can they be beefed up? Sure. Will it have enough engine and trans to pull it? That's another question.
  10. The where to park would be in the washes, and as far as getting him to the ceremony, someone here will be able to give him a ride out there, it happens all the time. I could do it, but I'm not 100% sure I'm going to make it this year.

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