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  1. Looks like he was towing a RZR?
  2. yes I know! but not having a national at glen Helen is a joke and so was the track at pala!
  3. Supercross season is over Ill wait until the nationals start next week.
  4. As you were taking a picture on your phone passing him in the other lane!
  5. No pictures of the frogs?
  6. Outside sales so my drive/day starts when I open my email or answer my phone. Same with my truck and soon as it starts I'm on the clock. I cover San Diego and Orange County worst part of my week s going to OC lived there for years and hate going back! Everyone thinks OC is great but ill take San Diego any day of the week! Some days I spend 3hrs driving home if I have to help the Los Angeles sales guy with a project bu thats pretty rare typical day is 1hr each way. I live in Temecula so I have I can leave early and take the 91 to beat traffic or the Ortega Hwy for fun if I'm having a bad day I take the PCH for a bit to the next golf course and watch the waves for a bit. I only call on golf courses so I work outside when not in the car if I had to go from car to office id find a new job!
  7. Wait what? beacuse I really don't listen much.
  8. Buddy of mine uses on to heat his 24ft box trailer it works great!
  9. Yeah I load them up the day before then I run a cable lock through all the wheels so they don't spin going down the freeway.
  10. Why not put a 2in receiver on the front of your tow rig and but a bike rack out front? thats what we did with our class C motorhome.
  11. Grew up in Yucaipa and loved to catch a buzz at jenks! We would head up in the afternoon with a pack of Marlboro lights and a case of coors light and take a nap AKA fish for trout. Long live power bait and a bell at the end of your rod!
  12. If you have a ford class C its under a $100 to ad a 2in receiver to the front I've only had to use it once and it wasn't at glamis but its nice to know I have it! Also on beach trips I put the beach cruisers on the bike rack on the front and the firewood on the rack in the back.
  13. Been going to glamis since the early 80s and remember shooting out there all the time even in the DUNES because it was legal, then space became a issue and we stopped doing that. Should we all start shooting in the dunes again? With spotters of course.

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