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  1. Buddy of mine uses on to heat his 24ft box trailer it works great!
  2. Bigboot


  3. Bigboot

    Bicycles in toyhauler

    Yeah I load them up the day before then I run a cable lock through all the wheels so they don't spin going down the freeway.
  4. Bigboot

    Bicycles in toyhauler

    Why not put a 2in receiver on the front of your tow rig and but a bike rack out front? thats what we did with our class C motorhome.
  5. Bigboot

    The Fishing Hole

    Grew up in Yucaipa and loved to catch a buzz at jenks! We would head up in the afternoon with a pack of Marlboro lights and a case of coors light and take a nap AKA fish for trout. Long live power bait and a bell at the end of your rod!
  6. Bigboot

    What're You Listening to Now?

  7. Bigboot

    School me on the washes

    If you have a ford class C its under a $100 to ad a 2in receiver to the front I've only had to use it once and it wasn't at glamis but its nice to know I have it! Also on beach trips I put the beach cruisers on the bike rack on the front and the firewood on the rack in the back.
  8. Bigboot


    Been going to glamis since the early 80s and remember shooting out there all the time even in the DUNES because it was legal, then space became a issue and we stopped doing that. Should we all start shooting in the dunes again? With spotters of course.
  9. Bigboot

    School me on the class C

    Wife and I love our 30ft Class C! We've had it for 4 years now and thought it was just going to be our starter motorhome we are a family of 4 with two young girls and now plan on keeping it until the move out. Wife can drive it and doesn't really mind it she took it from Temecula to Parker with her and the kids plus 4 nieces and nephews and felt comfortable. I hear what people say about being able to unhook and run into town but that doesn't apply to us since my buggy is street legal. I enjoy pulling into camp putting out the slides and joining everyone by the fire with a beer while I watch my friends unload their toy haulers in the dark. When going to the beach I enjoy doing the same thing while they try to back into some of the tiny spots with no room on either side of the road. Water tanks haven't been a issue at glamis or ocotillo since we never stay more that three nights. At the beach I buy the tokens and take as long a hot shower as I want in the public showers and let the wife and kids use the motorhome. We stayed 7 days in a row at the beach without hookups and did have to put the slides and and drive to the onsite dump station so maybe 30min out of my day while the kids went on a bike ride not a big deal. I rented toy haulers and trailers before and just didn't enjoy the drive as much as I do in the class C. Don't forget Momma can enjoy a adult beverage on the way!
  10. Bigboot

    Is Halloween Dead

    We live in a really young family Neighborhood and have a group party but when we walk around all the old time neighbors with kids that have gone have the lights out! F them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are also the same ones that complain about EVERYTHING to the HOA! Nice thing about our HOA is if you complain about a neighbor the new people that took over the management let you know who filed the complaint so you know who's door to knock on! Needless to say complaints have gone down and communication has gone up.
  11. Bigboot

    Land Speed Record - Progression

    If I ever set the land speed record my cars name will be the Blue Flame 2!!!
  12. Bigboot

    Alum ladder for sale

    whats to total length of the ladder? if it will fit in my truck bead ill take it.
  13. Bigboot

    Chain link dog enclosure....FREE

    Thanks for the cage!
  14. Bigboot

    U.s. Open

    What Phil Did was dumb but not as dumb as what the USGA is doing to the open.
  15. Bigboot

    Need an inground pool, who to use or not use?

    He built my parents pool back when I was in high school was 1988, 1989 and its still going strong! It was one of the 1st pools he did. He even left his bobcat over the weekend for my brother and I to drive and build a couple motorcycle jumps with! He gave us a quick rundown on how to use it and flip it over if you dumped it doing wheelies! ofter he showed how to use it the 1st Friday he handed us the key and said have fun! Only took me a couple minutes top put it on its lid.

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