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  1. I never titled my funco and sold it with a bill of sale and MSO. No problems. It went to a guy in CA. I've bought many things with MSO and bill of sale only. Just have to title it and pay sales tax on the purchase price. not all states require offroad vehicles to be titled so selling with a MSO only shouldn't be a problem (as long as you know its a valid mso)
  2. Couple pics to explain
  3. I have had a few. If you are hauling a sandcar and anything else I would recommend a belly lift. It allows so much more space once the car is lifted. I can put a sandcar up top and 2 rzr's down below in a 24' stacker and still have room in the loft for a quad or something else. I just had a Mod Kart, RZR 570, Zuma scooter and 2 wildcat xx's in mine for a beach trip. You couldn't do that with a standard floor lift. If you wanted the full floor you can add removable side panels to a belly lift but you cannot take them out on a standard lift.
  4. cek

    Ruggeds Vs PCI

    I have both and have had multiple systems of each. They both work well and the customer service is top notch on each. IMHO buy the best deal. Channels all seem to be the same to me but I’ve never checked each and every one.
  5. Gary built a nice car. You will not be disappointed. As with anything you’ll have to fix some things but it will be hard to beat the quality for the price.
  6. cek

    1967 Promax Nova

    I’ll deliver to SO Cal or AZ.
  7. cek

    1967 Promax Nova

    Lol. They guy who is doing the epoxy floor is not going to be happy with me.
  8. This is a Promax Nova titled as 2005 Special construction. Full frame car with fiberglass body. Full frame car so it rides great and easy to drive. Must see. I would say this car is a 8 out of 10. It was built almost 15 years ago but shows really well....Scott Shafiroff 383ci Chevy 500hpBillet Specialties Serpentine belt systemVintage Air AC and HeatPower rack and pinionTCI Streetfighter 700R4 Trans4 Link Ford 9 inch rear end13' Baer Brakes all aroundUltrasuede interior by Stitchcraft Interiors 75k obo possible trades 509-969-3842
  9. I'm in WA state so I wouldn't be any help. Someone on here should have access to scales tho. Most racers have them. I'm sure you could even do it with 4 bathroom scales if you had them. That might be worth a google search.
  10. I personally would scale the car, get all corner weights, measure extended and compressed shaft length and then call Fox and get recommendations for a starting point. Guessing will just cost extra money in the end.
  11. Glad to see he’s building cars that are staying here in the US. There for a while it was like pulling teeth to get him to talk about a new build because he was backlogged with overseas clients.
  12. That really sux. If it was me I would have new “stock arms built” assuming that was the only thing he changed. . No sense in trying re engineer something that already works. Why did he have new arms built?
  13. Why are you even moving them? The cars work well and the suspension works. I’ve had one and it was a good little car.
  14. The news from speed today was a 4 seat. With some cool options.

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