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  1. Factory motor mounts are junk.. If you want to upgrade them I believe Biffle will sell their setup.
  2. New cars only run a one wire alternator so no need to for a resistor. Just couldn’t find a replacement here in the Oregon dunes. Luckily the wire harness had the wire in it. We are all good too go. Thanks again to Alex.
  3. GD is awesome. 10 minutes and a solution. Thank you fullthrottleguy 👍
  4. I’m in the dunes and my alternator took a crap. It’s a one wire. I have a replacement but it’s not a one wire. It needs the exciter wire with resistor. I have the wire located but can’t find a resistor at any of the box auto parts stores. it’s a LS Engine. is there a OEM one wire that someone knows the part number for? Or does someone know where to source a resistor? trying to fix it for tomorrow. I’m only here for a couple more days. can call or text if you have any info. 509-969-3842 thanks for any help.
  5. The way I read this is that it’s open for day I see starting May 8th.
  6. Dunes are open for day use as long as you can get access. We are staying at Baxcar starting this Sunday. Boxcar is privately owned with their own access.
  7. Todd is Robby’s partner in a lot of this. Not sure if he is a partner in the UTV business but he is a partner in the parts for sure. Good dude. He has answered a lot of questions for me. As well as Robby.
  8. Yes it was a pre order and I "assume" is full. when I did the pre-order I don't even remember seeing an option for the UTT. And I just looked again, I'm number 15.👍
  9. I'm doing the standard 2 seat because of the amount of space I have in my trailer. I have 2 wildcats now with his long travel on them and they work great. Cant wait to see how the new one does. I'm number 17.
  10. cek

    WTB Subi bell-housing

    I’ll pay for shipping if you want it.
  11. I pulled a 26’ browns Motorsports with my discovery. 330hp pulled it fine. Just couldn’t get in a hurry. Plenty of power and stopping power.
  12. I have a 24’ from Victor. Great trailer. Should have built a 26’ tho. I would use ultra santek again.

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