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  1. Thanks he called me a we talked! He has two great units at great prices!
  2. Updated to add preferably looking for 80's era.
  3. I love mine and know how douchey it looks but I can do so much more at work lol
  4. Anyone heading to the sand show that has a 70 they want to sell? Preferably 80's era. I’m having sellers remorse and need to get another one before the season. I’m coming into town tomorrow morning leaving Sunday morning. My cell number is 623-221-2031 Thanks, John
  5. Looking for a 70- Cash in hand- running or not Looking to spend $5-700 623-221-2031 John
  6. If you decide to buy it back and not fix it, I would be a buyer depending on the price- Been wanting one of those for a while. Glad she is ok! -John
  7. I have a vw jetta here at my shop that only has 75k miles on it- we are completing a timing belt replacement on it and it will be for sale for 4k obo 2005-VW Jetta
  8. I havent tried the f11 but I have had 3 out of my 4 vehicles ceramic coated by my detailer- He uses total auto solution cc105 and I have been very happy!
  9. Which Ride Now are you gonna use? My rzr has been at ride now for over a month to get the front differential replaced (which the tech couldnt hear the noise- so I had to drive it with the service writer to make the noise happen- he almost shit himself when I three wheeled it in a turn lol) the manager is a douche at this location. I also had them install a new digital dash cause mine was dead (they diagnosed it) and guess what it still wont illuminate! Oh and my warranty company declined replacing the ball joint on the upper drivers side! So now since the dash still doesnt work they have to reschedule it for the technician and it wont be worked on until late this week and I already missed one trip and now wont be able to use it for this weekend either! BTW what everyone has been through with their vehicles at a shop is a shop owners worst nightmare (I personally own an automotive repair shop) but its all in how you handle the situation- normally if handled correctly the shop can earn a customer for life- shit happens and everyone isnt perfect but a customers vehicle should be fixed better then it was before.
  10. my 2014 deleted and tuned would only get 8.0 at best towing my 2006 ww slc3705 fully loaded. Then again I dont tow at 55- Im normally between 70-80mph and get 7.5mpg. I did weigh my truck and trailer fully loaded minus my rzr and I was just over 27k lbs so im right under 30k lbs rolling down the road with the rzr in the back. What speeds are you towing at?
  11. So.... yes its a possibility that not enough oil was installed but thats a BIG if- what probably happened was there was another leak and when the system gets low on freon (freon carries the oil to all components) the compressor starved for oil and caused it to lock up- just like running an engine low on oil or out of oil- So expect to replace, compressor, condensor (unless it can be flushed), expansion valve or orifice tube. and yes they should be able to flush the evaporator and all the hoses. Just research a shop with a good reputation and a good warranty- I come from the automotive repair side and our warranties are standard for 2 years or 24k miles- I dont know on rv or DP warranties though...
  12. toyos would work great, I personally have the cooper discoverer ht and love them have had no issues for time ive had them on.
  13. 2016 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Hard Rock Edition 29,661 Miles Fully Loaded From Factory Leather Seats Heated Front Seats Nav, Backup Camera, Alpine Stereo Fully built by Loper's Service Center 4 inch Tera flex lift with Fox shocks 37x12.50R17 Nitto Terra Grappler AT Real Beadlocks Re-Geared 4.88 gears Full size matching spare 4 sets of LED cubes- Front fogs, 2 sets- A-pillar LED cubes, Rear reverse light LED cubes Upgraded LED headlights Tera Flex Spare Tire Carrier Fully Dyno Tuned Custom Exhaust Warn Zeon Winch Synthetic Winch Rope Oversized Fenders Spyder Differential Covers Front and Rear Rock Rails Angry Grille Summer Time Hard Top Insulation kit Meticulously Maintained No Expense Spared You Will Not Find A Cleaner Jeep With The Options and Add-Ons Listed. Title In Hand $46000 OBO Call John 623-221-2031
  14. Jim, I will be selling my toy hauler after a trip in the beginning of april- its a 2006 ww slc 3705 with living room and bedroom slide with options- purchased it from board member moparman about 3 years ago if im not mistaking- going to the dunes to get it from storage this weekend and staying for two nights. I can get you all the info if youd like.

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