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  1. suzukiriderx199

    WTB Child Booster- with tabs preffered

    Bump- will take one without tabs as well!
  2. suzukiriderx199

    WTB Child Booster- with tabs preffered

    Looking for a child booster- triple x, prp ect looking for one for Christmas- I am in the phoenix area
  3. suzukiriderx199

    Range Shift Inhibited A1000 Allison

    Just did a quick search while here at work- I would replace that range switch and when doing that check what the first tech writes- Frank Whiteman
  4. suzukiriderx199

    Fun with epoxy

    x2 - 2006 warrior 38 ft
  5. suzukiriderx199

    Two thirty year old hotties

    oh and im single and would be happy to show them around lol old truck or not hahahaha
  6. suzukiriderx199

    Two thirty year old hotties

    Old town Scottsdale is where they will prob wanna be- right next to fashion square mall- high end shopping and nice resorts- Was just there on saturday after having some beverages at the offroad show- the girls wanted to go to louis vuitton lol Side note- wanted to drive my friends 77 f150 and valet it- lady valet her bentley in front of us and we got some weird looks lol
  7. suzukiriderx199

    Looking for a dyno shop

    lopers service center- they dyno the tatum cars
  8. suzukiriderx199


    Looking to buy an ICOM F5021
  9. suzukiriderx199

    Bought me a New Desert Toy !

    WOW!!! looks great!
  10. suzukiriderx199

    Sand Show... How Was It To You?........

    Just saying- I would choose your car over an over the top car any day- beautiful car!
  11. suzukiriderx199

    What does $9000, CHP, Ivy league, car chase have in common?

    damnit dont stop anymore keep going- get talk to text lol
  12. 165k is what ive seen on another site
  13. suzukiriderx199

    Before I can go to the dunes I need to...

    how did you guess my life?!
  14. suzukiriderx199

    Some updates to my BFD

    No different then Tatum building the fuel tank into the center console- a good suppression system and I think you'll be as safe as can be- clean car- exactly what I would want if I was in the market!
  15. suzukiriderx199

    New to me funco gen 3

    Black on black wheels with stainless or polished hardware would look good and the would make the blue pop. I have a 17 rzr xp4 turbo with a candy blue cage and black aluminum paneling and I did black wheels and blue rings- i can take a pic if you want.

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