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  1. The dry heat kills the tires, we’ve all had about the same story although you were pretty lucky. I tried to get one more trip on 6 year old tires, two blowouts before Vegas, into the tire store!😡 On a motorhome or fifth wheel, the damage usually is way more than a tire and the time! I’m five years on motorhome.
  2. Now that Duners DInner is closed for this season, is there a legal way to get to Boardmanville other than a licensed vehicle?
  3. Max is driving a Wildcat with a lot of Speed parts on it so says Robby. Race is running now, Max appears to have an issue, has not completed a lap get.
  4. Once production starts, there is a process to get EPA certified. Don’t hold your breath for this year, not going to happen. Robby is trying, credit to him, but it’s a process.
  5. 2 years, no gas lawnmowers, WTF?! I read an article last week that CARB researched the makers of aftermarket tuners or modifications to stock units, set up a sting and went directly to these tuners and fined them for making modifications. Pretty good idea on their part but sucks for those that need a tune. I remember the old days, no ECU’s to rat you out. 🖕🏼
  6. LMFAO! You are headed for Robby jail and be eliminated. 😁😁
  7. Seriously, you guys are worried about a wrap at this point?
  8. Seriously?? A Can-am for $65k? WTF?! Funco had a seriously sick blue car!! Beyond sexy!!
  9. No kidding! I had to pass a few on.Some people have some great skills with Photoshop!
  10. Doesn’t state the year, 2022 is likely.
  11. Who you all been using for ceramic coating, 45' coach, paint in excellent shape. Rancho Cucamonga, CA area Had one quote of $100 per foot, not doing that. Thanks, getting ready for the season.
  12. Who you all using for buggy insurance? $125,000 cash value, liability and property damage. Cost? Just received my renewal, Allstate, $2,400
  13. Wire through relays, one per fan and connect to ignition switch, let them run all the time the car is running.
  14. I have agree with Brian. I just helped my neighbor buy one and 22% was all we could get off. There’s a shortage and dealers are taking advantage. We just traveled to Sturgis and every RV park was booked solid.

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