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  1. Climate talk is just political hot air. I worked for zero VOC commercial printer in Los Angeles that was literally cleaning the air in LA. Our waste water was filtered and cleaned. We did every step to make it the cleanest printer on the planet in a business know for polution. Zero govt support , very little corporate support, just hot air and babble that no one would pay for. That facility has closed and the millions spent to create it are down the drain. it's ALL BS
  2. 6 consecutive LOTD posts ! Steve you are rolling
  3. 2010 F150 platinum 4x4 with the 5.4 V8 all stock suspension and wheels. Drives like a dream and tows really well however a 20" enclosed back and forth between havasu and OC about 6K lbs is the most I have towed. Paid $18,500 in sept 2020 with 68,000 ( prob worth 22K now ) miles I like truck new was like $65K
  4. I remember watching Tony ( never heard of him before ) for the first time at the Lakewood Pro Am. Hosoi was also there and they were shredding some of the pros and they were just kids. I remember Hosoi was riding a purple sims Mike Folmer board with sims double conical two tone wheels. We were right up against the edge of the pool watching him fly so high you could see the wheels starting to slow down as he came back into the pool. It was fun to watch. Thanks @dbart I don't have HBO but I will find this and watch it. Lots of memories of old skateparks and backyard halfpipes.
  5. Just remember with this option if you make 1.5 % that with inflation you are actually losing money but you also won't end up with $40K if things get dizzy for a while.
  6. I did not know this. Then again my FJ stays in Havasu 99% of the time but this is good info to have if and when it makes a trip back to OC
  7. At 14 you don't have a big runway (4 years ) before college so you are not going to have a lot of gain anyway. 529's can also be used for a future spouse or future children for private school tuition as well as college and trade school. With a 529 only the gains are subject to a 10% penalty and taxes if the money is used for something other than qualified edjucation expenses. I'm with @Cookie on this one. I would just open a Vangaurd account and get a low cost index fund like VTSAX total market or VFIAX S&P 500. Keep in mind you end up with $40,000 in 4 years or you could end up with $60,000 If you really just want to preserve the money a CD would better than a savings account. As for being able to stretch $50,000.00 for college ? 1) live at home 2 years JC and 2 years a Universtiy , no problem. 2) live away at school in state 1 1/2 years if you are lucky. 3) Go out of state or attend a private college, one year if you are lucky. Having already funded options 1 & 2 I would beg you to choose number #1 Good luck deciding and what a cool blessing to recieve the $50K
  8. I don't see many benefits of doing in so cal. You could go into quickstop in Havasu and have them run some numbers. My FJ cruiser that stays in AZ was less to register for 2 years than one in year in California. I should have taken the 3 year option would have been even better. I'm guessing with no tax and cheaper registraiton with no smog you will be better off. https://quickstopgovservices.com
  9. Trailers are not cheap. Last week I sold a 2016 LooK 20" car hauler for $10K
  10. In many cases with investors there is no bank. My brother flips houses and all of his bids are cash and they waive all contingencies for repairs. But you are correct, people with a "ready fire aim" mentality usually lose money.
  11. I do everything at 5K miles 2010 F150 V8, Highlander V6, Imprezza 4cyl. Pick up the oil at Walmart or Costco. I have freinds who send oil off to the lab to see how long they can stretch the life of the oil. I don't have enough GAF for that. I do nerd out on personal finance that way but with engine oil I just change it at 5K
  12. Everyone says they can time the market but in reality they can't. My next door neighbor sold his home in 2018 for 1.25 at the "top of the bubble". That house would sell for 1.7 today in one day. Stuff is crazy all over the place and will cyle again at some point. All I can say with confidence is that when stuff does turn make sure your debt is as LOW as possible or you will be headed towards bankruptcy, not that there is anything wrong with that. I do love how every offroad and river forum is full of guys who say they can pin point the stock and housing market. If this was true we would all have a 42" tag axle with a stacker and a Funco parked full time at roadrunner. Not to mention the fat house in Havasu with a DCB M44 hooked to an F650. talk is talk......just keep your debt low peace
  13. SOLD 20" enclosed trailer Nice Look car hauler 10000GVWR Brakes on both axles. Lots of extra D-rings and hooks for hanging tie downs or ? Walls are primed and painted white. The floor is primed and painted with a grey deck paint. Spare tire included. Located in Lake Havasu city

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