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  1. How many hours and miles?
  2. I assume this rzr is named Omega? I’m ashamed to admit I recognized that. Lol. GLWTS!
  3. This price changes more than airline tickets lol. GLWTS
  4. Nice RZR glws! Those arms are bad to the bone
  5. Boom. Unfortunately, some people want more for a used RZR than what I could buy a NEW one for and still add the same accessories. I think the issue is that many people get ripped off at the dealer, and then believe their used SXS is worth far more than it is. I have a dune friend who was close to $30k OTD on an XP1000 (when adding in the litany overpriced Polaris accessories that were purchased at the initial buy and giving in to all the dealer fees, all taxes, etc). Now, he wants to sell his used 1000 for $24,000, thinking that since he spent $30,000, the $6k off is a "good" deal....when in fact it's a terrible deal. I could buy a new one, add all of his accessories from cheaper online outlets, and still be well below his $24,000 asking price and my unit would be brand new. I explained this too him (he's a friend so we can give each other shit) and he wholeheartedly did not understand this concept, and kept stating "it's $6000 cheaper than what I bought it for!". Lol - these are the people that keep dealers alive.
  6. Sweet! Should haul the mail and then some. Congrats!
  7. Very nice, What are the motor build specs?
  8. Female dyno operator Dyno fan blows hurricane force winds Harbor freight tie downs
  9. So awesome. This is the kind of fun you rarely see anymore. Bravo
  10. sounds good until the biatch won't get out of your car
  11. I started the "Time of Use" program with NV energy and the savings are unreal.. Summer schedule (June 1 - Sept 31) 1pm-7pm: $0.36 / kWh (DON"T run AC, pool pump, washer, etc during these hours) 7:01pm- 12:59pm: $0.065 / kWh Non "summer" months (Oct 1 - May 31) All hours of the day: $0.05 / kwh Very simply, avoid using the large energy consuming electronics from 1-7pm (only during their summer hours), but all other hours of the day are 1/2 price and even less than 1/2 price from Oct - May at ALL hours of the day. I keep my upstairs 74 deg at night for sleeping and my summer bills will never exceed $180. All other months from Oct - May are in the $35-$70 range. Last month $82 and it's been hot as hell here in Vegas
  12. Fun cruise - have done it a few times. It's a booze cruise and designed as such. Also, feel free to order multiple entrees at dinner, not a problem. Can't tell you how many people don't realize that just because the menu looks like a "single item" menu, it's all included. Sneaking alcohol on is solid, but I've found that the CHEERS program was well worth the $. 15 drinks per day (and don't let the limit fool you - if you have been a decent tipper that 15 limit goes away in the blink of an eye). Order drinks from any bar on the ship and never have to worry about 'sneaking' your alcohol around. https://help.carnival.com/app/answers/detai...everage-program Papas & Beer is the place to party when you unload in Ensenada. It gets wild, and I mean wild. Have fun
  13. I haven't seen any 900 4-seaters in the 11k range, and I keep a pretty good eye out. That being said, the resale market is brutal for RZR's with high mileage. Personally, I wouldn't splurge on a very high mile RZR unless it was the deal of a lifetime.

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