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  1. Back on topic thanks to who made suggestions and recommendations Decisions and Purchases Made: Gusset set - TMW after looking at the design of 3 -4 fab. had the best design for my - Sand Only application along with the DYI i intend to do with my son Shock Tower - S3 l like the fact that i don't have flip the shocks, dremel out the plastic and is not obtrusive when completed Bushing Set - S3 Bulkhead - TMW gusset set incorporates a bulkhead,
  2. Back to Topic, Thank you Shift17 for your comments and recommendations definitely pointed me in the right direction any recommendations on bushing type/brand ? I'm leaning to: the TMW gusset set, S3 shock tower and I'm not sure on a bulkhead, need to check with funco on there tie in set-up I know the funco cage ass end has a plate and hook , but I'm going to have to find a cheep one for now so I have a tie down spot when it's on the trailer
  3. and I got a smoking deal 24K otd (no financing) and my budget is 10-12K in goodies Things added so far: 1 Particle separator 2 Kenwood Radio & PCI intercom - (removed from RZR) we cut the center dash supports and used PCI center console mounting solution 3 PCI Race Air Blower and pre-wired Helmets 4 Simpson D3 5 point harness 5 Rear Chase /brake light 6 Dual 4' whips 7 Rock lights , Roof bar light, Front bar light & 4 Cube side lights 8 Rocker switches and relays for all the electrical stuff 9
  4. Anyway, whats the thought on the Funco Cage for the X3 Right now I'm torn between CT and S3 Gusset set I like the CT Shock tower I like the S3 As far as the bulkhead is concerned , just don't want to get what won't work with the Funco cage if I go that way so. But even if I do go with the cage it's probably a late December Project , I just don't want to put the car out in the dune with Derek chasing behind me in my funco
  5. its all good I love popcorn and bear it's turning into a fun father and son project
  6. Ok went out and got a new 2018 X3 XRS and started down the rabbit hole, need some recommendation /opinions on gusset set, shocktower, bulkhead This is for my son, as i got rid of the rzr 900 before he ate it (I like my funco and won't be driving this thing) but before he starts driving it like stole it i plan to do some upgrades been wiring for lights, 2 way radio/intercom, whips, blower, particle separator, and other goodies for the last 3 weeks and now I'm looking to strengthen up the front end . So please chime in on you experience with these kits I'm looking at CT raceworks & S3 setups just not sure how much i need it all, as I really like the full body cage that Funco puts out.
  7. 10' Open trailer, well built, spare tire and mount, 2" ball, folding ramps and LED lighting $ 1,000.00 Priced To Move Don't Wait Too Long!!!
  8. Clean ready to ride Polaris RZR 900 XP. Extremely Clean condition, runs and rides great. Has 190 hours and 2856 miles. Mostly stock, has 5 point harnesses and a few other minor upgrades. No issues of any type besides normal wear and tear. Clean CA title and current tags. Ready to go! Custom Off-road Cage with Upgraded Doors, & Metal Roof Upgraded Seats with 5 point Harness Belts New Tires for Sand 20" front "Buffs" and 20" Paddles on Alum Wheels, 20" Dirt Tires With upgraded Wheels, Glamis ready with ESP upgraded clutch, weights and springs, New Whip light 6' Red LED Lighted Whips, and custom fold down mount, 40" Upper LED Light Bar, & 10" LED Front Light Bar, LED rear Dust / Stop Light, & Dome Light, New Optima Battery, All added lighting and wiring professionally installed with relay and fuse blocks also has 2 new high end spare belts sold for 11,300 Osman@CastleElectric.com or Phone / Text 714 501-8131
  9. We are currently seeking an Electricians And Apprentices! You will strive to provide safe electrical systems for a variety of customers. Responsibilities: Install and repair electrical equipment and fixtures Install various types of raceway and cable tray systems Troubleshoot motor and control systems Perform routine maintenance on electrical wiring and systems Adhere to all quality and safety codes Qualifications: Previous experience in electrical engineering or other related fields Familiarity with electrical schematics, blueprints, and manuals Familiarity with electrical equipment and hand tools Strong problem solving and critical thinking skills Send Resume to Osman@CastleElectric.com
  10. I like that idea once you drill and bolt the 2nd hole its a piece of cake
  11. Maybe someone has crossed this bridge already, But I'm done with this Grant steering wheel on my Gen 4 Funco, and looking to change it to a Momo, while keeping the "FUNCO" engraved center plate However Funco's steering plate that's welded to the shaft is a 5 hole, and all the adapters seam to be 3 hole Grant to 6 Momo, let alone you lose the Funco plate What to Do? 1st - Decide if your brave enough to drill holes in that brand new 200 Momo wheel, you may need a drink of your favorite Ice Cold Delicious Beverage. 2nd - Remove existing Grant wheel keeping all hardware for later use 3rd - Using the old wheel as a temp-let line up the wheels back to back locating the top mounting hole center and bolt together CRITICAL POINT: You need to make sure the big center hole in the middle of the wheels line up PERFECTLY, you may need to drill out the top center mounting hole of the Momo to make dam sure the center perfectly centered Bolt the wheels together tightly 4th - Using the Old wheel as a temp-let, and a very sharp 1/4" drill bit, CAREFULLY drill the second hole and bolt together Note: Again making sure the Big center hole lines up perfectly. And Drill out the remaining 3 Holes, disassemble from the old wheel and debur the new holes 5th - Reassemble on the care using removed hardware and Funco Plate Now to decide if I want to drill out one of the L/R holes for a PTT
  12. Thanks guys, modified a pair I had with some Allen wrenches I ground down ti fit, it was a bugger and yes mad a compression tool also I'll post a pic later

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