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  1. legene702

    WTB: 24’-27’ enclosed trailer

    I'm looking for something bigger then the one i have now, 2011 28' three axle smooth side with water and fuel. 110v lighting and 12v. 20' electric awning, winch, over head cabinets. If you could send me a text I will shoot you some pictures. I'm thinking $11000 Thanks Randy 702-348-8070
  2. legene702

    Howe Steering racks

    racks player.plural!
  3. legene702

    Sand Cars Unlimited Little Bro

    cool car good luck!
  4. legene702

    Howe Steering racks

    if my prices seem out of line let me know?
  5. legene702

    Howe Steering racks

    I have 2 Howe steering racks. They are both 2.0" racks one has the chrome dog bone and one does not. Both have the servos. $1200 for the one with and $1000 for the one with out. call or text with offers, Thanks Randy 702-348-8070
  6. legene702

    Custom mid engine buckshot twin turbo

    nice car it might help if you put some prices on it.
  7. legene702

    Extreme Platinum 5 seat Sand Car in mint condition

    if I remember right this car has is a stroked LS1 motor. 383 or better
  8. legene702

    EP's New Alumicraft

    wow very cool!!
  9. I'm real surprised that this one is still for sale.
  10. legene702

    Whens your last trip to Glamis

    I put her to bed right after Presidents day weekend.
  11. legene702

    Presidents Weekend Pics.

    I just bought one of my white Eco II i hope you can try to center the car in the picture before you mount it.
  12. legene702

    metal band saw 220volt

    is this still available
  13. legene702

    SOLD Alumicraft Sand Car (LS3/S4)


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