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  1. I used to run around in this one quite a bit. Mostly just sits in my shop and makes an occasional trip for ice cream now.
  2. Funny how similar your story is. I've actually got a LS3 sitting here that I was planning to stroke to a 416 and drop in, until I found out it was a 5 speed.
  3. In the process of installing a new clutch, I decided to pull my transaxle to inspect the internals. When I got it opened up, I discovered that my 4 speed is actually a 5 speed, and I've been driving it for the last 8 years without using first gear, since the car has a 4 speed shifter in it. As far as I can tell the shifter is an EMPI/LatestRage/Jamar Super Shifter (They all seem to be the same, sold under different names.) It has a typical H pattern, with a reverse lockout button that allows you to shift into reverse in the upper left position. With the lockout depressed, it appears that I can also shift straight down from reverse, to the first gear position that I never new I had. I've got a couple of questions, can someone that's familiar with this combination confirm that I will get first gear in that position? Obviously, I would have to remove the lockout linkage to make this useful, which is a little concerning since I could accidentally hit reverse on a first to second shift. Is there a better option for a 5 speed shifter? If so, what do you recommend.
  4. Easier said than done. I live in Montana. Either I get it myself or they get sent away somewhere.
  5. This one is really on there. I've heated it and cranked on it as hard as I felt comfortable. Any harder I feel like I'm going to break something.
  6. I need to replace the secondary rate nuts on a 2" King coil over. It appears that they have to come off the top, after removing the top cap. It appears that the top cap is just threaded into the shock body, but I'm wondering if there's a trick to getting it off.
  7. Tim, Did you ever find lights for that hood. I recently built a similar hood and am looking for some lights for it, if I decide to keep it. I'm not crazy about the reduced visibility when breaking over dunes -- might be for sale!
  8. Used to do quite a bit of rock crawling, but the sand car's been gettin' more use lately. One trip to the Hammers and one to Moab/Montrose is all she's seen this year. ; rear steer ? really nice rig . tim Good eye! Being able to turn those back wheels makes up for my lack of skill. My friends call it cheating. I call it using my resources.
  9. Used to do quite a bit of rock crawling, but the sand car's been gettin' more use lately. One trip to the Hammers and one to Moab/Montrose is all she's seen this year. ;
  10. Thanks for the help. Ordered them today. Hopefully they'll fit!
  11. Nope. The 930's were 32" I believe. The midboards gave me a lot more axle length.
  12. I'm thinking there might not be enough spline to plunge all the way intothe hub either, which makes me question my method. I was running 930's with microstubs before.
  13. I just finished converting my hubs to the Tatum 934 midboard set-up. Time to order axles so I can get out to St Anthony this weekend. I only have enough time to do this once, so I want to make sure I'm not doing something wrong. Here's what made sense to me: 1. Moved the trailing arm into the position with the shortest distance to the transaxle. 2. Ran the measuring tape through the CV in the hub and measured to the bottom of the cup on the transaxle flange (36"). 3. Added the depth of the cover that bolts onto the hub (+1-7/8" = 37-7/8"). 4. Subtracted 1/2" to allow some "wiggle room" (-1/2" = 37-3/8").
  14. Can you run u-joint shafts with mid boards? Anybody run them on a RR Predator? I'm getting tired of constantly breaking shafts.
  15. Well, here's what it looks like when it does. Agreed that going to mid boards would be a bit much. You think there's any value in upsizing to the 934s and larger diameter stubs? What were you running on your Predator before you went to the mid boards?

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