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  1. Jc Cummins

    2006 Dodge Diesel Ac Problem?

  2. My buddy told me that there was a thread on here that talked about a bypass for the dodge trucks to make the AC colder. My truck is an 06 dodge diesel mega cab. Any help to find this thread would be appreciated. Thanks Jerry
  3. Jc Cummins

    Bad Buggy Crash In Pismo (not Me)

    Wow I hope they are ok.
  4. I started to think that i might have to do that. I was hoping they would have one that would just fit withought moving the tanks. Thanks for the info. I will just move the tanks back.
  5. The year of the weekend warrior is 2003.
  6. I wanted to see if anyone knows of an electric tongue jack that will fit on a fs30 WW. The manual jack on there now fits between a molded propain cover. Any help would be great thanks.

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