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  1. Looking for two 13.00 plus x 15 and two 1450 dessert trak.
  2. LOL well thanks for all of the input so looks like I need to find me a raptor with mods if possible in my price range.
  3. Thanks for all of the input. I have been leaning to Yamaha at this point. Chingon I am 54 years old 5ft9 175 lbs I ride standing up and aggressive, when needed and had no problem throwing my weight when needed. Eight years later not sure how I will ride now. I do want a little more plush ride so almost sound like the raptor would be my best choice.
  4. I have not been off roading for over 8 years and use to ride a KFX 400 and LTR 450 and looking to get another quad but not to sure what to get. I understand a lot of people have there preferred brands but I do want to hear from all and why they think one brand is better then the other, also, I want to hear about the ones to stay far away from. Hope to hear some good input thanks.
  5. I have a 2003 KFX-400 oil changed every other trip when we went all of the time. Have not had the quad out in 5 years time to let it go. Still changed oil every year and started it once a month. Dirt and sand tires, alba pipe, jetted, K&N air filter, and ELKA dune chaser shocks. Also, have used riding gear if interested. Here is the deal I need to purge some of this stuff i have. I am adding a two seat buggy with 1835 VW, sandman trans, idf 44 dual webbers, fox shocks 2.0 not coil overs, 8" front 12 " in back, with trailer. Battery in quad and buggy is dead i had both running about a month ago. I am throwing in all ridding gear i have for adult, teen and child. all of it for $2900.00
  6. Try cleaning the carb. I had the same thing happen but didn't sit as long I run it every month. I had to replace the fuel pump don't kmow the cost got the pump for free from friend. If it was electrical it would trip the breaker on the gene not shut it down. Also i think they have low oil shut down. Hope this helps.
  7. Trucks, PLEASE stay away from the dunes and sand highway. Keep them in the camp areas and at 5 mph when close to camps. Even in the camping area there were so many trucks that came haulling a$$ with in 10 feet of my rig. The amount of dumb a$$ out there this weekend just amazed me. On saturday I saw that some parent was allowing there kids under 16 drive there white jeep in the dunes with no parent supervision. Keep your kids under your control so they may live to see another day with you. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all that lost loved ones this holiday wether in the dunes or some were elae.
  8. The 16 foot baja that i use to own only weighed 3600 lbs empty. Why is yours so heavy? It was towed with a half ton and expy with no problem. And wd hitch of course.
  9. Have the buggy and the qurds but sold the trailer and the new one hasn't gotten here yet. About two more weeks then off to st. A.
  10. I have only been dunning for three years now and I am 40. Ihave spent tens of thousands of dollars on trucks been thru 2, have had up to four quads (lt80, blaster, and 2 kfx400), and one 2 seater rail. I am on my third and final trailer (1st 16 ft baja, 2nd 25 ft Sierra, 3rd and last 34ft week warrior). Total spent less what I got back form sales of old toys $99,400. Time spent with the best of friends and family pricless. Like i said i have been dunning for only three years and I kick myself in the a$$ and wonder why I didn't start 20 years ago. As far as my wife she loves going out to the desert as much as anybody else I know. One other thing my old lady dosn't fight with me when we new dessert stuff. Amen to the dunes and feeling we all get when we are there. Peace out
  11. Get the block off kit at any bike shop motoworld has them in stock don't remember how much. All of the gaskets and parts you need are in the kit. Remove right case cover remove two screws 8mm. Install gasket and cover over oil pump opening thighten screws to the correct torque. When placing case cover back on do not reinstall the oil pump suction and dicharge hoses. Tighten case cover to specs. Place pink cap on to the carb were the oil pump discharge hose is connected, remove the oil tank, hoses and connect the two wires that are on the oil tank together. Drain all gas from tank and carb and mix your oil with gas at a rate of 32 to one. Happy riding and long engine life!!!!!!!!
  12. Bob is in Jas give me a call when you have a second
  13. 96 bladter third over, port and polish, bills pipe, k&n with outerware. Very fast as far as blasters go.
  14. you will also need a new stator or battery wont recharge. www.rickeystator.com

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