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  1. Unfortunatly, no. They will be re-used to stake the critical habitat area in the south dunes.
  2. Welll.....ya know....ya gotta good point. I even agree...BUT....... How long do ya think it'll take for the BLM to get approvals, and funding, and more approvals...????? I mean, doesn't the government work for us common folks with lighting speed? What method do you think will be quicker? Taking the things out May 2nd? Or waiting for the BLM to arranged the $$$?? You pick.
  3. Actually, Steveo, you’re very well informed. Nice job. And thank you for directing folks to the ASA website and for your support. To answer some questions: First off, Steveo is correct about the closed area north of 78. It was granted to the enviro’s as a compromise/trade off. A deal that actually goes back to Cranston’s days as Senator. It has become a congressionally created ‘Wilderness Area’. The deal was that ‘they’ got everything north of 78 and ‘we’ got everything from 78 south to the boarder. As usual, we got screwed. No law was passed to insure our part of the bargain was safe. It is also correct that to open up anything north of 78 would indeed take an act of Congress. Not gonna happen. I will say this, in discussions with Feinstein over other legislation, she acknowledged and remembered the ‘original deal’ that we were promised, AND, (surprisingly) did NOT include in one of her recent wildlife bills, a request/demand from the enviro’s to make that large TEMPORARY central closure south of 78 (that’s now getting opened up) either a ‘wilderness study area’ OR a Wilderness Area (like north of 78) permanently excluding OHV use. Not saying she’s our new best friend, just saying she honored the original agreement and she deserves credit for that. How much area does the ‘weed’ need? Well, US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) has determined that it needs about 36,000 acres. Twenty eight thousand of which is the Wilderness Area north of 78, and about 9,000 is that area along sand hwy out of Gordon’s. WHEN (note I said when, not IF) we get the plant de-listed, then critical habitat goes away, and we should get it ALL back. Steveo is also correct, this is going to be another long, drawn out effort. It’s going to take years. Just like this last victory. I’ve posted this many time before. The enviro’s have been at this for more than 30 YEARS. They have been working at removing OHV recreation over multiple GENERATIONS. The ASA needs help. Needs YOUR help. And yes, money is nice. Never say no to money, but we really need more people. More volunteers at EVERY level. Some of us are getting well…a bit long in the tooth. If you want your grandchildren, and great grandchildren to be riding OHV’s…………you get the point. All your positive comments, support and thanks is VERY MUCH appreciated. THANK YOU, for all you do. Other notes: There are tortoise’s out there. Yes, I personally know a few peep’s that have seen one. Mostly, they’ll be on the Boardmanville side of the RR tracks. I know I don’t have to worry about Slappy’s folks bothering them. I just hope anyone else who comes across one, they just leave it alone. The justification BLM gave for the closed camping area in the far south wash’s was to protect the micro-file (something, name escapes me) from major damage from a fire. That issue, along with getting some kind of access through the critical habitat into Patton’s Valley are other things the ASA is going to look into. I said it in another post: The RAMP is a plan that can be modified, now that it is approved and implemented. That too, will be a process. Don’t know the ‘private’ landowner that has his/her own personal piece of Glamis. Would like to find out, just for fun a giggles.
  4. Prick. You only took 10yrs off my life. Ok...agreed....funny as hell... But still. Prick. lol
  5. I was going to write another detailed post but realize it is a waste of time. And already pointed things out once. No need to do it again. All I can ask is: You came to that conclusion by talking to how many of the BOD members? Either collectively or as individuals? I know I wasn’t one of them. And I’m sure you have all of our e-mail addys and most of our phone numbers, but our press release, specifically trumpeting a major win for OHV must say it all. Oh, wait…how much of the BOD leadership often recreates in the South Dunes… Jerry Sever Bob Mason Gary Jordon Chuck Hattaway Tim Wight (wonder who I forgot) Yeah, you are right Jason. We don’t give a rats and we’re done.
  6. In addition, to be sure, the ASA could have taken the stand that: DAMMIT, we want it all back!! We will not compromise, and we’ll continue this fight, legally, until we do. And that could very well have kept the status quo. Things just as they are. Is that what you all want? Really? I prefer to look at this deal from a different POV. The enviro’s like to take things, one bite at a time. I little piece here, another chunk there and hey! Presto! They’ve closed down another OHV area. Let’s use their own tactics against them. WE’VE just taken a small (or huge) piece BACK. There are MORE pieces to GET! Let’s go get em’.
  7. A few things to think about/comments; When we started this fight, we knew nothing about the plant, it’s biology, exactly where it was, and where it’s Critical Habitat should be. And we, rightly, at that time, took the position of “Wanting it all back, no compromises. Today, after a lot of volunteer hours and many different folks donations, we DO know all about the plant. And while we believe the data shows that the plant should not be on the ESL, it IS. And we have not won the fight to get it de-listed. (YET, we’re not done there,either)That’s a reality. This RAMP protects the Critical Habitat (CH), the plant needs as determined by the Fish and Wildlife Service. IIRC, Slappy, and the folks at Glamisdunes.com (Slap army??) take great pride in promoting land stewardship at Glamis. With that in mind, do we want to continue to ride through CH for a ESL species? I know I don’t. So, I don’t have a problem with this ‘compromise’. I’ve always personally stated that I would stand by and support the science. If that meant some of the dunes needed to be closed to protect an ESL plant, then that is what I will support. As far as I know, (I could be wrong) the CH to be closed is not currently a place where we ride, much if at all; excluding the pass through to Patton’s Valley. Now, as far as that pass through, I think you’ll find that the ASA, (and many others) protested the BLM’s plan to close that off, and we proposed some alternative ideas to allow/create that access. The BLM chose to not incorporate those ideas. HOWEVER, the plan, now that it’s passed this major legal challenge, is something that can be modified. Remember that. I think, going forward, there are (2) new challenges that need to be addressed. One is getting that pass through, or some other good avenue into Patton’s Valley. And two, is a renewed effort for a recovery and de-listing of the PMV.
  8. Technically, you are correct. However, being technically correct is not going to stop the un-educated, mis-informed and/or uncarring LEO from North Dakota who is going home as soon as the weekend is over from writing you a ticket. And if Major Hochstetter is in a really good mood, from impounding your toy. Yes, you'll win....eventually. Just sayin'... YMMV (and the above is my own personal opinion)
  9. He probably was. Or anything else he might find. The ONLY place red lights me be displayed are brake and tail lights. Anything/place else is an infraction and 'probable cause'. I would say this guy cut you some slack. He could have written you for the red lights. PS...Blue lights are a major no-no too. If you want to attract the LEO's like bears to honey, the best way is to put blue and red lights on your toy and turn them on.
  10. Crusty has it right. Just get the out of state OHV sticker. It’s a mild pain, but could save you a major head ache and bill later. Based on the ‘tude’ we’ve seen out there lately, I would not count solely on my Oregon, Texas, etc. ‘green/registration’ sticker to be satisfactory. At the same time, guys, I also do not believe they can impound an OHV only because the motor is not the stock one. In theory, the goal is to find stolen OHV’s. They can really only do this with frame Vin numbers. Motors are too easily changed out. JMO YMMV
  11. This is true. And I’m not going to say we are done, yet. At the same time, I believe that it’s going to be much harder for them to ‘hose us’ again. The CBD (bad guys) have the right to file an appeal. Which they may do. However, just because they file, doesn’t mean they automatically win, as they have in the past. Their battle, IMO, is now up hill.
  12. This ruling is on the Regional Area Management Plan (RAMP) that we’ve all been fighting to get for 13yrs. This is a huge win for the OHV community, the ASA and everyone who has contributed, large or small to our effort to win the dunes back. What this means is the BLM is now free to implement the RAMP. It does NOT mean the closures are now open. Please continue, as we all have, to respect the stakes. There are options within the RAMP that will open up the closures, however, the BLM will let us know what they are going to do and when they are going to do it. This is all hot off the presses and this will take time to implement. Please be patient.
  13. Quick update. The State Legislature on Friday passed the interium changes to AB 1595 with no opposition. The govenor is expected to sign it.
  14. Thanks for the responces, guys, is kind of what I expected. Is appreciated.

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