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  1. See my profile message! Last years trip got canceled due to the guests having family medical issues and last minute attrition. I ended up going to Rally On the Rocks in Moab and having a blast! Open for suggesting for 2019! It will be on with enough interest!
  2. Hello everyone, it has been a unique (I hope) summer, I got back from a wonderful two week trip to Marysvale and Panguitch to find a positive Biopsy report and a summer of surgery and Doctor visits! I have one more to go on the 31st right after I get back from camp RZR and the beginning of the season! Planning on a great outcome and planning for a full schedule for 18/19 camping and playing season including Utah this next summer!  I am planning and impute is welcome and Grand Canyon is one big option depending on interest!

  3. First Pic is Me, Grandson, Daughter, Grand Daughter 2nd Wife of 45 years, Grand Daughters 1 and 2 and me. 3rd Me and the Grandkids!
  4. If you have a street Legal and a Plate you can drive anywhere! I will have pictures, you only have to sign up if you want the go on the guided trail rides..... And many times the shit show is the show! Lots of action.
  5. Anyone doing the Rally on the Rocks in Moab UT?
  6. Still open for last minute sign ups! Come join us for the experience of a lifetime!
  7. My last one was October 31st 2002 and it changed my life! Look up: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2926354/ The flu shot was the onset of mine and I got no sleep for 17 days in a row, the CDC covers up the real occurrence rate of 2.6% of all viral Vaccines as not to scare people away! It was the worst pain I have ever felt and had a shot from a specialist on the 18th day that went through the front of my lower neck to my spine! I lost the feeling in my pointer finger on my right hand and to this day it is asleep! Once you have it you have a 50% chance of it happening again with any Viral Vaccine! It caused permanent nerve damage and it is an Auto-immune reaction that caused my sheath on my Alna Nerv to sluff off exposing the raw nerve as if hitting your "Funny Bone" 24/7! Truly the worst experience of my life! It took three years for the sheath to regenerate and as stated my pointer finger is still not the same! I would never tell someone not to make their own decision but in a clinical study, those people taking Vitamin D had few cases of the flue than the ones who got the shot! Know the facts and understand the risk as it can change your life. This is real and I lived it and at one point I contemplated ending the pain and I was doing Dermaset every 2 hours and it did nothing! It was getting so bad it started affecting my sympathetic Nervis system were hot was freezing and Ice was fire! Not fun and I know people who's infant got it after her 3 month old shots and they all went through hell!
  8. Still a couple spots open! Just do it Dev, you won't be disappointed!
  9. I just enjoy shearing the experience and a place I truly love with others and love the looks on peoples faces and the memories with people that become friends! I have had people from as fare away as Huston Texas come and experience this trip! Just one of the best anywhere and always an adventure. I hope you can make it as well one of these days.
  10. Almost there, a few more weeks and we have some last minute space, lets go!

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