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  1. 24’ Flatbed, 102” wide, 6’ Motorhome Tongue, 3500lb axles, 2 5/16 ball rated at 12,500lb, 8,000 jack with drop leg, Fuel can rack for 8ea VP style fuel jugs, storage box for straps, LED lighting, brand new wheel bearings and brakes. Full size spare, setup for anti sway hitch. Deck and tires are in great shape. $3500 520-609-3698 Austin
  2. Milwaukee by far! I have 30+ newer cordless Milwaukee tools and absolutely love them. M12's and M18's. Everything from the M12 small cordless impacts to the new big 1/2" impact with 12amp battery. We use the hell out of them at work and in all of our chase rigs and have never had an issue. I typically get with our Milwaukee sales rep on deals coming up and by them twice a year. They always have sales where they'll throw in a free tool or even extra batteries. Edit; I finally broke down and bought their cordless mag drill ($$$$$$$) but my guys love it. Saves a lot of time and don't have to carry around a generator or extension cords any more. I was disappointed with their 6 bay charger though.... I bought it hoping it would charge all six batteries at once but it is a sequential charger and only does one at a time.
  3. I have spent many of days and nights bombing chase trucks through JV to recover or help race vehicles. It's pretty crazy how many different types of terrain you can encounter out there. My favorite is the dry lake bed that is split by the base on the far East side of JV at the base of the mountains. We head out there in the afternoons to watch the rigs run 100+ mph. The Marine police are always very pleasant and even helpful at times.
  4. Pre-Eagle makes a pretty slick jack that we use on the race car.
  5. Tires look good to me for 1/3 of the cost. If you aren't happy about it, you should have inspected before purchase.
  6. I suggest that everyone stay home as to not waste your time and money on a rained out trip.

    Boxo USA Tools

    Spent some time talking with the marketing guy from Boxo at Hammer Town last week. Super nice guy, big time duner and it turns out he has a great connection here on GD as well. I'll be looking to outfit a couple more chase rigs this year and will be in touch with Boxo to supply to boxes and tools for them. There's nothing worse than romping through the desert, getting to a pit, and your tools are spread out all of the place. I love the foam inserts that hold each tool exactly where they need to be.
  8. I always use a WDH on my motorhome for the simple reason of why not? IMHO all motorhomes are pieces of shit. I've seen sidewalls crack at the slides due to towing trailers and why risk it? I am on the hunt for a trailer toad as well to reduce tongue weight even more.
  9. Anywhere but on course.
  10. Our crew will be there! #4693 We camp on the North side of Hammer Town as you head to Backdoor. Right along the pedestrian fence in front of the shootout.
  11. While at the dunes we pitch in $20 per RV and pay the guy out of Yuma to bring it out. We'll typically burn $500 per trip. While at KOH or anywhere other than the dunes, we burn the smudge's! We'll have 4-5 of them burning at KOH and just run old oil, diesel, whatever. Keeps it simple and they put off a lot of heat! Just make sure there isn't a drop of water mixed in otherwise you'll have a mess!
  12. Am I the only one that looked up the wifey!!??
  13. Roll it down the hill and burn it. Catch a ride back to camp and buy another.
  14. Never seen a rear steer sandcar!

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