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  1. Miss you too friend, and all of your clan and crew. Please say hi to the chEFF of the world. Hope to see you guys soon...
  2. Yano... Sometimes the days just go by so fast, you just loose track of the people and places that have a special place in your heart, does that make sense to you?? Anyhow, I just want you to do me a favor, and tell that samplr guy, I'm always think'n bout him, even though he prolly don't even know it. What's the point of all this mushy drama?? Well today I came across something that I just HAD to share. With your kind heart, you prolly won't thing it's all that funny and shit, but ol samplr, well, I'm think'n he might like it a lot. So when you see him, just tell him I said... Dude, this is all you...
  3. Totally worth it. But &uck GDS! I will never do business with them again.
  4. sampler and his stories. good times. lots a laughs! Glad you like.
  5. I know I aint' been around much lately, but you are never far from my thoughts! I need you to do me a favor please... Show this vid to that samplr guy would ya? Tell him I said he should show it to that beautiful bride of his. I think she would appreciate it, being a country girl and all that. Also tell him hi from me, tell him I miss him, and I hope to be see'n him and the chEFF of the world real soon. Been real busy here with my kids and that sorta thing, but it's been too long for me. Way too long. Be good.
  6. JD, if your gonna run this raffle, I have something I'd like to donate... I'll provide 2hrs of performance tuning for anyone that needs it. Details of my business are here. Everything we do is for performance vehicles, on or off-road and boats. Needed parts will not be included, but the winner can use this for diagnosis as well if needed. Give me a call if you need any more details. Or, just to let me know who wins! You might want to raffle this off separately. Everyone needs a laptop, but not everyone has a performance machine. Good luck to whoever wins!!
  7. here is a link to the incident http://www.rhinoforums.net/glamis-sand-dun...st-weekend.html It's posted over on RDP too. RVRKID brought it over. Don't be suprised if you get a donation or two from there. I know the wife and I will be in as well. Awesome job Tim, you've been through the ringer yourself as of late.
  8. Just read about this on my river board, tragic beyond words. My heart aches for this girl and her family.
  9. This ^^^ I've run truck tires on my toyhauler for prolly 10 years now. Tows WAY better than it did with the trailer tires. Lack of tongue weight is your only issue here.
  10. In Glamis we have to have covered trash cans to keep the Raven population down so they don't decimate the turtle population, yet they can build a land fill in the same area. I guess only offroad enthusiasts trash is bad for the environment and responsible for killing turtles. Post of the year.
  11. Oregon Dunes. One of my favorite places! Feel free to post more pics!!!
  12. Good advice right here, but I have an older one, and it has the same issues. I'd pass on anything that says Warrior.
  13. Wow, I just took a CPR class and it cost me a whole twenty bucks. American Heart Association. First Aid CPR AED certified. Maybe cause it was a fellow Boy Scout dad? 200 seems like a lot!

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