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  1. Wondering if a Can Am Max 4 seater can be stuffed into an FSC2800 with I think 12.5' to the first cabinet... Don't know if the front end cab be squeezed between the kitchen and right side wall or what not.. Thanks!
  2. Wondering if anyone has stuffed a Can Am Max 4 seater into an FSC2800... Please tell!
  3. Thank you brother! Long time man!!! Long time!!!
  4. Thank you!! LMAO on the phrases!!
  5. Just picked up a pair 2008 Raptor 250's for my kids... Need paddles and wheels... what's the size that works best for these quads? I'm looking at Sandstar 20x11x8.... what are your thoughts? Thanks! Frank
  6. Some time ago I bought an Atari 2600 from a member here. I forgot who it was. Who ever it was, if my memory serves me right, he also said he had an Atari 5200 as well. If you are reading this, please PM me if you have the 5200 still. If anyone has an Atari 5200 that works, with games and all, please PM or text me 626-221-0665. Thanks so much!! Frank
  7. Are there any local retailers or stores that sell Monster Jam tickets? Or is it only available online, i.e. Ticketmaster, etc.... Need quite a few and trying to avoid paying the convenience fee or whatever they call it when you purchase online. If no local retailers, what's the best website to purchase from? Thanks!! Frank
  8. fcukin SICK!!! Next buggy for sure!!!
  9. Eric, call someone bro. It's a pain in the ass! And dangerous. I have done it for friends in the past, but I'm done with that!
  10. Had a 50 gallon fresh beneath my enclosed. Pumped into my gravity fill on my RV through an electric transfer pump. Pretty simple. I didn't have a grey, but thought about it. I would simply put together a mobile electric water pump, keep the cap on the drain on your RV with a hose bib and pump into your aux grey beneath the trailer. good luck, frank

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