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  1. We like the other side of the tracks!! It’s where all the OG Duners camp👍
  2. Getting ready to head to Austin TX for Formula 1 race. 2 week road trip.
  3. Us California peeps need one with NEWSCUM in place of BIDEN on it
  4. Agree with ABC 100%. Be responsible for your own life. Pay your own way. Don’t expect the rest of us to foot the bill for your poor choices. Just seems like common sense to me but that’s just how I was raised.
  5. So hard to choose. Both are very deserving. How about Devin for Duner of the Year & ABC for Duner of the month for August
  6. No question Manny is very talented but could be even better with a little more hustle. Baez and crew should stick to playing better not gesturing to the fans that pay to see them
  7. You don’t see Cronenworth jogging to first or not trying to reach base on a dropped 3rd strike. If you think Machado and his attitude are ok, you’re the one who is clueless
  8. They are no fun to watch anymore. Can’t stand seeing Machado jog to first on ground outs or head to dugout when 3rd strike is dropped. Just plain lazy
  9. All the meat slinging companies have said FU to California and it’s BS laws/regulations. It’s just not worth the hassle to do business here. Thanks to the Libtards and their sheeples, our once great state is now the laughingstock of the nation.
  10. The Fandango album is a great one. Live recording and early in their career
  11. Saw them multiple times. Last was just before Covid hit with Cheap Trick at SDSU Open Air Amphitheater. They were Awesome. Gonna play a lot of ZZ TOP this week at home and watch their Documentary again on Netflix
  12. She’s all grown up now and married to Rickie Fowler.

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