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  1. Because he can’t believe how many IDIOTS voted for him
  2. From my Grandpa. A classic “I wouldn’t piss down his throat if his guts were on fire “
  3. Rides his bike just like he steers the country.

    CCW folks

    The element of surprise is your friend indeed 👍
  5. Following the Baja 500 online. Go MB Motorsports
  6. Really looking good. Nice color choices. Keep the pictures coming ChEFF👍
  7. Yes but Oklahoma peeps can afford to fill up on cheap gas and get away until the tornadoes pass😩
  8. I lost my license now I don’t drive😎
  9. I can vouch for Golden Spectro also. 86 TRX250R & 87 LT500 both owned since 87 nothing but 12oz in 5gallons of premium. Never any problems
  10. Sitting here saddened by the death of Taylor Hawkins the Foo Fighters drummer at 50. Way too young. They were on tour in Colombia. Very sad day for sure
  11. Have a great one !! Now go out and celebrate in true ABC style
  12. Looks like some nasty weather heading your way CHEFF. Stay safe
  13. Next time we introduce ourselves and go on a ride together
  14. Hey. We were camped right next to you. The super C and Winnebago A. Didn’t realize we were next to a fellow GD.com dude. Was a great trip for sure

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