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  1. If your getting it installed, I highly recommend PG Series in Santee. They will have several different options as far as exhaust systems, and have no problem with short notice. The work quality was excellent, and they go back over everything 7-10 days after the install to make sure its all good. I got a 4" lift on Toyo 315's with dual shock hoops, fox shocks all around, reservoirs in front, a superchips microtuner, 4" turbo-back exhaust, and triple gauge pillar w/turbo, tranny, and egt guages for under $6000. Talk to Dillon, he'll will take care of you.
  2. I have a 4inch lift (pro-comp) on my Excursion 4X4 with 315/75's (like 34's), and it tows great.
  3. My wife started on a 250EX and loved it. Probably a better starter bike because you don't have to learn to use the clutch. The downside is that she outgrew it in a year, and has since moved on to a KFX400. But if your not sure she's going to ride, your better off buying the cheaper bike. We sold the 250EX to a buddy for his wife, and she loves it and has no ambition of moving up.
  4. I'm also as white as they come. Only once have I had a problem with there parts department, and that was went I dealt with a new guy behind the counter (He confused 92 KX250 with 02 KX250). Cesar and Gene are the parts guys to go to, and if you come in a few times and talk to em, you'll find yourself getting a nice discount. And Mike in service is definitely the man. My experience with Motoworld was more of the "dude-you don't know what your talking about, so quit asking stupid questions and wasting my time....NEXT!" EFF them. And as I said before, Alba flat out told me that there was no throttle stop to grind on my WR450, and now that South Bay did it.....MAN, what a difference! Besides, anyplace that will warranty a Raptor with a nitrous bottle is OK in my book.
  5. Their number is (619)420-2300. And when all of my bikes, that includes the following: 1995 Yamaha Seca II 1997 Yamaha YZF 600 2000 Suzuki SV650 2001 Suzuki TL1000S 2002 Kawasaki KPZ1000P 1987 Yamaha Banshee 2002 L.E. Raptor 2002 Honda 250EX 2003 Kawasaki KFX400 1992 Kawasaki KX250 2004 Yamaha WR450 Never had a problem with their service department yet. This would also include my brothers 2002 LTZ400 and 2002 Suzuki SV650
  6. I have a great experiences with South Bay Motorsports in Chula Vista/Nasty City. They have done work on ALL of my bikes, like grinding off the throttle stop on my WR450. Alba looked at me like I was insane when asked them to do that at the time of purchase. They also have upheld the warranty on my Raptor despite the nitrous bottle attached to the front bumper. The key, and this is absolute, is to introduce yourself to the service manager (Mike Proo) when you drop off your bike. He will always take care of you.
  7. Love my AC nerf bars. (Raptor w/NOS). Whatever you do, do NOT buy DG nerf bars. I put a set on my wife's KFX400. They were a HUGE pain to install, and they rusted on the first trip to the dunes. THEY RUSTED IN THE DUNES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW DO THEY RUST IN THE DUNES?
  8. Call M.I.T. In El Cajon if you're in the San Diego area. Tell him what you want the truck to do, and he can go through and tell you how fast at how many RPM for each option. Price depends on 2WD or 4WD and what brand. I paid $1500 to put 3.92's in my Durango 4X4, but I shopped around, and everyone told me the front axle on my Dodge was about the most expensive around. I've heard 2WD can be done for around $500. If you just want the truck to run the same as it did, measure the new tire diameter and divide by the old tire diameter. Now multiply by your rear end (3.42) and what ever gearing is closest to your answer will be the closest to stock. Example: New tires are 33in. Old tires were 30in. 33 divided by 30 is 1.1 1.1 multiplied by 3.42 is 3.762. For this example, a 3.73 rear end will be closest, but slightly shorter (Speedo will read a little bit lower than actual speed) than stock, while a 3.92 will be a fair amount taller (Speedo will read higher than actual).
  9. You can also check the spring on the rear brake lever. I stretched one out on my street bike, and my brake light stayed lit until I replaced it.
  10. For the 400's, the EX is a good bike, but it just can't keep up with the LTZ/KFX. My brother has an 02 LTZ and my wife an 03 KFX. They have both been used and abused with no complaints whatsoever. The only weakness I have seen is the stock plastic heel plates. I've cracked my wife's twice while jumping. For the 250's, my wife loved her EX until she outgrew it. With a Yoshimura pipe and a filter, she could take that thing anywhere. The suspension was a little on the stiff side, and would definitely beat you up. But that thing would jump as high and far as you wanted, and the suspension soaked it right up. As far as durability, my nephew on the EX went head on with my brother on a Banshee. The banshee suffered a taco'd rim and the a-arm was destroyed. The EX had a minor bend to the rim, which was quickly fixed with a rubber mallet. That thing was bulletproof. Plus, we taught EVERYONE who came to our camp how to ride on it. If my old banshee was busted, I would take it out on the faster rides and abuse the crap out of it. It still runs like a champ (I sold it to a good friend for his wife). The Z-250 has a displacement advantage, and may respond better to modification, but the reviews I have read seem to favor the Honda. Lastly, my Raptor kicks #!%$@#
  11. Thanks for the advice everyone. I went with the superchips programmer and a 4" exhaust along with a full guage package. I might add the afe intake when they are in stock. At what EGT temp should I start to worry and back down? At what tranny temp? Thanks again, Rusty
  12. And your twin 36 gallon pump stations!!!
  13. Thanks for the input everyone. Except hivltg "Just go big and throw propane it, quit dick'n around!!! " Screw you and your 6.0L
  14. How do you like the superchips for your diesel? what do you tow?
  15. Nothing wrong with tightass--cheap and effective is what I'm looking for. I appreciate the advice on the EGT as well. I think I am definitely looking for a switchable system, and I have found them from Banks, Bullydog, and Western Diesel on the net, but I just don't know who's got the better system for what I need. It looks like they are all fairly simple to install, or so they like to make it look, but does anyone have a recommendation on where to get these systems and/or install them? I live in the San Diego area.

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