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  1. Have built more boxes than I can count on my hands and toes and even worked at rancho for a short amount of time. It's not rocket science, but is most definitely helpful to have a pro show you a few tips and tricks on the first go-around. I personally screwed up a few of my own boxes before learning the "trade secret" techniques for prepping the sliders, shift forks, engagement teeth, etc. To set this up, you'll need a jig. No ifs, ands, or buts. A good jig is a cut up old case. You'll need to hit the pinion bore with a barrel sander to loosen it up a little on your" jig" case. Having the gear teeth not line up perfectly like you've picture is not un-common. The mainshaft is "fixed." The pinion & gear set is floating depending upon your shim count under the pinion bearing. A pro knows what shims to match with the given bearing mfg, r&p ratio, case. Going into this blind, you'll have to set it all up and run a pattern. You'll need to assemble / disassemble / repeat a few times until everything's right. Once you've found the correct combination of pinion shim, then finalize adjustment on shift forks, then set lash on ring gear, then set bearing pre-load. If the forks are worn, replace them. A lot of parts / bearing are usually re-used in a rebuild, the mainshaft bearings are usually not. Good luck. You got this.
  2. Good luck with the white SACO bushings. The next size up will likely measure the same as the ones you already have. Went through a box of about 50 bushings at Mckenzies & they measured all over the place & a bit oblong. I couldn't match up a good set and ended up leaving the set alone that was in the beam. Called Ed at Saco up about it and he said they should be loose & floating, not to install set screws or Zerk fittings. 🙄 If I were you, I'd get the blue Mirage ones or the dark grey Foddrill ones.
  3. I'm guessing it's a 4.57. That's the only VW R&P for an 091.... Good price considering they're $500 for "good used" from most local shops
  4. You should sell it to DezertRatRail. That guy's always getting lost & never has a clue where he's going 😂
  5. Yep, same opinion here... Video was cool minus the part where the person almost got nailed & would've likely died on the quad. People go out to the dunes with their family on off weekends in hopes it will be safer than the big Holiday weekend... to avoid the madness so to speak. The reality is, that not everyone riding around is a veteran level rider. I was on my Honda 70 quad trying to follow my parents around when I was 7 and progressed from there. Riding close to camp is what most parents with younger kids consider safe.... you know.. "go play on those dunes over there , but don't go further than I can see you little Johnny!" Not everyone associates a line of spectators with a 140mph drag race. For all you die-hard Glamis junkies that are defending this and saying the person on the quad is stupid, people need to ride at their own risk, etc..... that's just ridiculous. This was sooooo unsafe, it's not even funny.
  6. nyceguy01 types faster than me I guess....
  7. Do you have fuel pressure? Disconnect the battery & reconnect. If it has an E67 computer, theres probably a little pigtail & OBDII port in the harness close to the ECU. Try getting a code out of it. Could be a bad fuse for the ECU memory circuit, or Bad fuse or relay for power terrain circuit
  8. Selling my 091 VW Bus Trans out of my Baja Bug. It was built in 2015 by Jim Kaforski of Derr Transaxle in Anaheim. Full weddle gear stack 1st thru 4th, super diff, all the supporting mods to make it strong for offroad use. Gearing is perfect for a rig with a built VW engine, Ecotec, small V6 etc 180hp - 250hp Top speed right around 90mph at 5000 rpm in my buggy with 33x10.50 Yokohama Super Diggers 930CV flanges Has Mid Mount Plate, top mount ears on bellhousing, 091 starter also included. Shifts smooth, no issues at all, have all paperwork on build. $2,500 SOLD Gearing: 4.57 German R&P 1st: Weddle 3.44 2nd: Weddle 2.25 3rd: Weddle 1.60 4th: Weddle 1.22
  9. SOLD Selling my 2.4 Litre LE5 Ecotec with SS Cobalt / LSJ Blower kit. It's an 06 LE5 2.4L with VVT ( factory forged internals in 06 & 07 engines ) SS Cobalt / LSJ Supercharger take-off Complete with Stainless steel tig welded header and exhaust system, CBM Billet water neck, Kennedy Adapter plate and flywheel for 091 Bus Trans, engine mounting plates, Humphrey Harness & E67 Delphi Computer, fly by wire throttle pedal, aeromotive fuel pressure regulator, boost gauge, Delphi 42lb injectors, ZZ performance modular pulley hub system and 3.0 inch blower pulley. 8 Wire hook up and off you go, The E67 is a stock style computer, most reputable tuning shops or you can tune these with EFI live or HP tuners. It currently has a good tune on it and is ready to go. Rated at 250hp at the crank, they will make more if you add timing, boost, and race gas. Currently tuned for 91 octane pump gas and right at 9-10 psi boost. This is a killer little package that makes great torque down low and smooth power delivery throughout the rpm range. I'm going to be racing my baja bug in class 5 and need to go back to a naturally aspirated engine to be race legal. $3,600 CASH SOLD Call Don ( Nine4nine) 4threethree-07two9 This is a turnkey package with everything you need except a radiator fuel pump and power steering pump. All the lines, hoses, & goodies associated with making this run & work for you are included SOLD
  10. SOLD ear 2000 AZ TEX Trailer. 20' Long, Deck is 84" Wide, 1 fender folds off to the side so that you can put vehicles wider than 84" on it. All steel diamond plate type deck. Trailer recently repainted, wheel bearings all re-packed. Clean title in my name. Perm trailer registration all up to date. In great shape. Tires have cracks, but I've been using it frequently with zero issues. ( Due for a set of tires soon ) All lights and trailer brakes work. Ball size is 2 & 5/16. Located in Huntington Beach. CASH ONLY NO TRADES $2,400 SOLD -Don (949) 4ThreeThree-07TWO9

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