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  1. kgwmu

    Douglas Billet wheel center hole size

    thank you chopshop!
  2. Does anyone happen to know or could get me a measurement of the center hole size on a douglas wheel? I would measure mine but it is 1.5 hours away. Thanks!
  3. kgwmu

    Brake line info

    I'm looking to piggy back on Jonesin's topic here. I am in process of redoing the brakes on my car. Can you post up some pics of your setup for the rear trailing arms at the rotation points? Thanks!
  4. kgwmu

    Windshield build

    Thanks for all the ideas! They did a great job hiding the fasteners! I have some, I just need to install them. Looks nice. I'm surprised at such a small amount of fasteners hold it in place so well.
  5. kgwmu

    Windshield build

    That is super clean looking. How is the frame attached to the chassis?
  6. kgwmu

    Windshield build

    no, it has to be actual auto glass
  7. kgwmu

    Windshield build

    Hi, I am looking for some ideas on building a windshield. I am working to make my rail street legal here in MI and a windshield is a requirement. This is an old pic but the best one I have showing what I'm working with. Also, don't mind how dirty it is, I had to get towed out since I broke and we got roosted a little...
  8. kgwmu

    Two seat long travel sandrail

    What trans?
  9. kgwmu

    Rear trailing arms on stock VW torsion

    Sounds like my best bet is to just change the rear shocks, so I will start looking for longer shocks and get the mounts redone during our offseason.
  10. kgwmu

    Rear trailing arms on stock VW torsion

    I have made adjustments to the crossover collar and flipped the spring divider, so it is a better setup than what the pics show. The spring rates are 300 (8") over 400 (10"). The mounting locations of the shock does seem to make it difficult to make adjustments to.
  11. kgwmu

    Rear trailing arms on stock VW torsion

    not the best pics, but will give you the idea.
  12. kgwmu

    Rear trailing arms on stock VW torsion

    I assumed I would need new shocks if I went with different arms. These shocks will be moved to the front when I make these changes.
  13. kgwmu

    Rear trailing arms on stock VW torsion

    My main reason for wanting to change it is because it is bottoming out on all the washboard areas we have in our dunes here in MI. There are a lot of things with my current shocks that I don't like. The way they are mounted on the arm, they are dual rate but with the length it is really difficult to get them dialed in. Based on the responses here, I think I will look at new longer shocks, and moving my mounting locations. I might look at getting a set of micro stub arms just to help get some more travel as well. Thanks for all the input. This site is super helpful.
  14. kgwmu

    Rear trailing arms on stock VW torsion

    I'm thinking mostly bolt on with some fabrication like shock mounts. I don't have a specific number in mind but that is what I'm trying to figure out. If it gets to the cost of a new chassis that I can build on, then it won't be worth it.
  15. Hi Guys, I'm starting to look at what economical options I have to get the more travel out of the rear of my car that has a stock VW torsion housing. I don't want to spend a ton on money on this since I'm hoping to get into a four seat long travel in the next few years. Current setup: stock VW torsion housing, not using the torsion, I do have the coil over conversion kit on it. 3x3 trailing arms with stock length stubs and 930 cvs 8.5" travel shocks Options I have thought of: 3x3 arms with micro stubs and longer shocks. I'm not sure how much this will gain me over my current setup??? 5x5 arms with longer shocks. I've read that if you are using micro stubs, its not required to move the trans back, is that true? From what I have read this could gain 4"-6" of travel. Any other options that I don't have covered? Please school me on this. Thanks!

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