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  1. Thanks Crusty! Not sure why this didn't come up in my search, maybe it was hidden since it's from 2006! LOL
  2. Just reposting this with the text color changed, because I use the dark theme. Black text on the dark background = I can't see it! 🤓
  3. check this site out, they aren't the cheapest, but they have everything you can think of. https://www.mcmaster.com/foam
  4. Lots of things I didn't think of. I have a lot of work to do to get my kit together! I agree with Flip-Flop, where/how do you guys store all these things?
  5. Who has a tool kit on your buggy and what do you have in it? I'm starting to put together a set of tools that will stay on the car. I'm looking for ideas of things I haven't thought of or other tools that might be useful for a "bush fix". I tried searching for a thread about this, but didn't have any luck. If I missed it, please let me know, I'll go check it out.
  6. Hi guys, My dad just got a Gen 3, the steering rack is leaking. Can someone tell me what the rack if from so we can look for parts to fix the leak? We are in Michigan and it is the middle of our season here, so sending it off to Grant or someplace out west isn't really an option currently. Thanks!
  7. It wasn't too hard to do. I did order a rebuild kit, so hopefully that is the problem. Thanks!
  8. It might be worn out, I don't know how to check that. I know its not broken because it took it apart to clean it up. Maybe I'll just order a rebuild kit to be sure.
  9. I am working to bleed my new brake system. I have a set of Jamar pedals 3/4 bore brake, 2psi residual valve, 4 piston Willwoods on the rear and 2 piston GearOnes on the front, and an adjustable proportioning valve in the front circuit. No cutting brakes. When I would use the pedal to bleed the system, my pedal won't always fully return when pressed down. Sometimes it does and sometimes is stops about 80% of the way back. I bought the pedals used so I pulled the master apart and cleaned everything up. I didn't get the brake completely bleed yesterday, but I was wondering if I need a rebuild kit to make sure the pedal fully returns or if there is another issue I need to look for.
  10. Thanks Rockwood. I will include them.
  11. Ok guys, I'm bringing this thread back up. I got new rear arms , upper shock mounts and 14" Kings, so now I need a little help getting my spring rate correct. Below are the measurements and info I was able to put together after educating myself from this site and others. I have a much better understanding of this stuff, but some things are still fuzzy. My 2 main questions are: 1 - Do I include the passenger weight in when trying to achieve the ~30% droop? 2 - How much preload should I use to calculate my spring rate? Should I be using the motion ratio for this in any way? My current calculation is just 2" Below are my current measurements and calculations. Spring rates: Driver: 400 over 450 Passenger: 400 over 450 Free Lengths of Springs: Driver Top: 12" Driver Bottom: 16" Driver Top: 11.75" Driver Bottom: 16.125" Under the cars weight: Driver Top: 10.75" Driver Bottom: 14.875" Driver Top: 10.625" Driver Bottom: 15" Calculated Corner Weights for each spring: Driver Top: 500 lbs Driver Bottom: 506.25 lbs Driver Top: 450 lbs Driver Bottom: 506.25 lbs Average Corner weight based on the 4 calculations above: 491 lbs. All these measurements were taken at ZERO preload. The shocks have almost exactly 12" of the shaft exposed with nobody in it. With both my wife and I in the car we make the car squat another ~1", so 11" of shaft exposed. Based on the Hyperco calculator, my motion ratio is .765 (image of my inputs attached). THe other image is of my calcs in a spreadsheet I created.

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