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  1. Thanks @John. I hope you managed to get some continental breakfast during your stay.... so with the logic you acquired during that stay, why do you feel those numbers, are unhooked? From further reading, I am getting the impression that the weight for axles and tires was calculated while connected, as that is the weight that the axles and tires see. However it’s still unclear for the gvwr of the trailer it self. @1hasbeen. Thanks, but I’m more specifically talking about only trailer gvwr. I understand how to measure it. But am more concerned about which measurement is specifically the right one. Hitched or unhitched. Also the trailer in question is on leaf springs. But good to know about torsions. @journeymen. Thanks. That is interesting to hear about all the hoops they have to jump through and makes sense. I wouldn’t be surprised if they put their gvwr so they can still be considered 1/2 ton towable. @cookie. Thanks. This logically makes sense to me as well. It’s weird how unclear this is though. Out of curiosity, When you say tow weight and gvwr are you referring to the trailer, or tow vehicle? I agree that alot of people are mismatched with their tow vehicles. I see it a lot with friends who are towing travel trailers and don’t want to upgrade their half ton. For me, I’m well within my limits in that category and previous to upgrading my truck I opened up that entire can of worms and went down a deep rabbit hole of WD hitches. My current hitch is now crazy over kill for the truck. But it’s nice to have anyway. Thanks all.
  2. Ok so I’ve been trying to get a clear answer on this, but the internet often causes more confusion....so I thought I’d ask more people on the internet...because that’s logical....at least you all seem to SOMETIMES give clear answers 😜. questions 1. Trailer Gvwr/ccc Do you get this weight while hitched or unhitched? more specifically let’s say the gvwr was 10k, and unhitched the trailer weighed in at 11k. Now the trailer would be overweight. But when hitched the trailer weighs 8500-9k. Which weight should be followed? Question 2. trailer axle and tire weight: basically the same question as above. Do you get this weight while hitched or unhitched? example. You have twin 6k axles and e rated tires at 2830 per tire. Your axle max load is 12k and your tire max load is 11320. Now let’s say your trailer unhitched weighs 12k and your hitched weight 10.2k-10.8k. Are you overweight at this point? Now the final question comes full of speculation, so this should be fun...but I’m curious of opinions. question 3. Axles and tire weight vs mfg gvwr. let’s say you have 2 6k axles and class e tires, but the mfg gvwr is only rated at 9k. 1: Why would they rate it so much lower than what the main components are rated for? I would think that the main components of the trailer would be fine going over that 9k, but maybe it’s floor, or wall build quality? 2: how far over the mfg gvwr would you feel safe going over, if the main components are well within range of the unhitched weight? thanks!
  3. Welp, I finally got the car. It’s not the one I wanted, I had been waiting on a blue 2019, at Ivan Stewart. But for some reason Polaris was dragging ass on getting it to them, so instead they cut me a decent deal on a 2020. Took it out for 1 trip at G, and it was a blast! Far different then my sand car, but duh.... It still has enough power through to have fun though, and is ridiculously smooth! But most importantly, I got to get the whole family in the car and go out duning. That made it all worth it! Last week I also went up to TFBB and picked up the cage! Super happy with how it came out. Kevin is a incredible dude to deal with. Thanks everyone for the help with pricing, wheels, cage, etc...Always great info on this board!
  4. So rad. I was gonna post up some new pics on the other board soon. But ya it’s pretty rad. Not nearly as fast as the car was, but the suspension is incredible and it dunes really well. I’m excited for its versatility too. Should be a good time!
  5. Almost Brand new (1 trip) stock rzr turbo s cage and roof. small scratch on b pillar250$ obo. ready for pickup
  6. Hey all. Thought I’d come share my latest shenanigans. About a month ago I took my king on its last ride and we decided it was time for a four seat rzr. Unfortunately, our rig was 10 inches shy of fitting it...so I did what any Ron Swanson aficionado would do....I remodeled that sum a bitch.😜 I still need to do an extra upper cabinet, add some wall sticky tiles, and add a bit of paint, but it’s pretty close to done. we had to move the heater, and lost two drawers, but with the foldable leaf and moveable cook top (I poached from the old oven), we actually gained counter space with this. So overall, we are pretty happy. And the best part is, the new rzr fits!
  7. Finally got the tires in. Here are some pics. I’ll put some up on the car once the damn thing comes in. All and all they look nice. But a bit rounder of a profile than I had hoped for. But I think they will do well. Will see 🤞
  8. Alright, so after digging in a bit deeper, i pulled the trigger on some tires and wheels. For the rears, I went with the System 3 DS340. It had the smallest cup size and flattest profile i could find. And the price was cheap enough that i wont regret it, if i hate it. For the fronts I went with the the gmz sand stripper XL-TT. Im not totally sure on this front tire. but it does seem like it has the potential to be a great all around tire. I may shave off the side rib to try and get a bit more slide. but will see. As for the wheels, I went with the with raceline ryno beadlock. I'm sure its not top of the line, but it seems to be a decent wheel that fullerton dave had mentioned, amongst some others. So hopefully it will do the job. Ill post up some pics once everything comes in. Thanks everyone for your input!
  9. thanks sand shark. Great info. I’ll look into those tires!
  10. Thanks everyone! I probably should have been a bit more specific... I know I won’t get the level of slide in these as you do with a funco or king. But I’m wondering I guess, how good you can get them? And I know how huge an impact tires can have on drive-ability in this regard. For instance, I switched the tires on my king one time, to a rounder profile tire(latest rage 1300), from my previous flat profile sand squirt 1300 tire. The difference was huge! I immediately lost that loose ass whipping ability I had. I switched back almost immediately and was much happier. so that being said, I’m noticing that the turbo s cars run a 15 inch wheel and many people seem to use 1300 paddles. But it seems no one is running a 12 inch wide wheel. Why is this? Has anyone tried? it seems also, so many of the paddles have pretty aggressive cupping. Has anyone seen any sand squirts run? I would think going back to the mind set the motorcycle powered buggies had would help driveability and burning out belts to I imagine. All the 10 inch wide wheels seem like they want to crown and round out the natural flat profile of some of the 1300 paddles . This is great if you want more aggressive hook up for hill climbing . Tj, those system 3s seem like a really interesting combo. I think it would probably result in a pretty fun and loose ride. another random question. Is anyone lowering their ride heights for the sand? Seems like it would be helpful to adjust the naturally high cg if these cars.
  11. Hey all. so coming from a king, I know I can’t be expecting to do the same type of sliding. But realistically, with a “xp4 turbo S”, how good can I set it up for sliding? Or should I not even bother? if it’s not out of the question. What tires will give me the best slide for my buck? With the research I’ve done, everyone either suggests the sand sports from Fullerton or stu blackbirds. But are these the best sliding tires? Or just people’s favorite? It’s hard to tell...What are the different characteristics I can expect from these tires? And is there a better sliding tire? How do gmz sand strippers compare to these? Pricing. fullerton is saying 1800$ for a system 3 or race rhino beadlock with front and rear sand sports. is that pretty reasonable? And how are those wheels? I also saw a a deal at Ivan Stewart. gmz sand stripper hp plus for the rearand tt’s in front, with beadlock for 1500. It Seems like a good deal and the tires look pretty close to the others, but maybe I’m totally wrong? thanks!
  12. Thanks guys! I ended up going w the TFBB cage. The price, plus his service and all the recommendations just seemed like the right call.
  13. Yup, it was the american flag car.

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