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  1. Lol thx mudster, our local Irishman bestowed that upon my car and it just seemed to fit so well 😂 Here's a few more more pics of the car, some nice sand out there this weekend!
  2. Well it took a while, but the wrap is finally done and came out pretty great. I’ll post more pics after I go out to G this weekend, but here is one after I picked it up today from the shop.
  3. dkorch

    Is there a limit to modifying bug/Manx?

    Thanks for the info. I would be curious to see what they write in the dmv handbook about it and what the actual law is. I can’t see how they can legally call you out on any of it, as long as it all stays within the legal limits and standards. I saw a video of someone who chopped a new bug up and put the shell on a maverick. Was pretty damn cool and he was able to make it street legal by doing so. The easier thing I figure to do, would be to put an old body of a bug or manx and I guess put the tunnel in somehow to keep the vin. Then at that point just ditch the vin on the maverick... Not sure how they could call you out, and since the old vehicles are smog exempt, it would be fine from the emissions standpoint. Anyways, I’m to broke to try it. But curious if it would work.
  4. Randomly curious. Is there limit to modifying existing cars to where the gov no longer honors their title? Ie can you modify an old bug so much it has 0% of the old parts? Or would you have to maintain the pan or some body parts? And if there is no extent, can you buy an old bug, use its title and reg , then put it on a sand rail that has all the street legal shit? And would they be able to legally call you out on that if you told them it’s just heavily modified?
  5. dkorch

    Tires are gone.

    Pm sent
  6. Alright, well this process took way to long, but the car is finally off to the shop to get wrapped....here’s the design I finally landed. Also does anyone have good suggestions for wrapping the interior of their panels to cut down on vibration?
  7. dkorch

    Two Seat Sandcar Length

    My king sandcar is 11ft and getting a new wrap this week. My wife is also starting to bug me to get a 4 seater..... lemme know if your interested.
  8. dkorch


    Gah. I need more money in my life. I want this so very much!!
  9. Ya I liked the gray too. But just felt the gray wrap was a bit more interesting. Hopefully I’ll be making it faster for next season 😁🤘
  10. Not yet, hopefully in the next week or two it will go in!
  11. dkorch

    King sand car #70

    I’ve always drooled over this one. Such a great lookin ride! Is it a turbo? Regardless great deal for a sweet car!
  12. Thanks guys! Decided to go w the gray wrap one. They are drawing it up now. Hoping I have it for my March 1st trip. I’ll post up pics once it comes through!
  13. Well I'm finally getting around to getting my car wrapped or powder coated, but before i did, This is what I'm thinking as of right now. I photoshopped it as gray and blue, as well did a photobash using a design from a sweet funco buggy i saw online. I'm leaning more towards the gray designed one, but i have a lot of blue trim that I'm not gonna change, So trying to also think on how to tie that in more. what are your opinions blue or gray? Design or no design? anyone have a design they think might be cool? Also has anyone used california wraps in san diego?
  14. Interesting, I was told the reverse box just switches the drive direction through internal gearing. I didn’t realize it actually acted like a differential. If that’s the case that’s pretty cool! Whatever the case, that’s a really sweet car!
  15. How exactly does the cutting brake work for a car like this, if you don’t mind me asking? I was always under the impression that cutting brakes would not work on direct drive cars, as the brake would just cut power to the whole drive train instead of just the one tire? Or do you just essentially use it as an ebrake?

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