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  1. Because the heat exchanger core is so thick and it has fan, it blocks most rear visibility if he moves it up. Having it in front of the radiator would be ideal, but there just isn’t any room. I think a shroud to deflect hot radiator air under the heat exchanger would work pretty well. You could even put a heat reflecting material on the shroud to keep it cool on one side. I used some DEI stuff on my Rzr and it works amazing.
  2. I believe that’s the same pan J Alper was recommending. I have one here and it measures nearly 7” to the deepest point.
  3. I measured today, and that pan wont fit. I only have 6.5" of room under the pan and the skid plate tapers up pretty quick. I haven't found a front sump pan that will fit the space I have. I may have to custom build something if I decide to change it. The oil pressure switch is a good idea. Would you mind going into a little more detail on that? What pressure? Are you killing the ignition, or coils?
  4. Thanks for the info. I happen to have one of those pans already off of a previous project. Looks like I need to order a baffle and plug.
  5. I just purchased a rear engine LS powered buggy and I'm curious which oil pan is recommended? It has a F body pan on it, but I'm worried about oil starvation during wheelies. Some friends are using the front sump GTO pans on their buggy's. Since the price has skyrocketed on that pan, are there some better options?
  6. My radiator is at the back of the car, so the intercooler will be ahead of it.
  7. Excellent info. That’s exactly what I was looking for. What do you guys think of Treadstone intercoolers? More specifically, I was looking at this unit: https://www.treadstoneperformance.com/trv259-series-intercooler--1300hp/p90651 Its rated for a lot more power than I’ll be making, but it fits the space I have really well. They also make a narrower core rates for a little less power.
  8. I’m planning on adding a turbo to the LS1 in my buggy and I’m unsure which intercooler I should use. This will be primarily a low boost (~7psi) pump gas setup, with enough fuel system to up the boost on E85 if needed. To make things fit, an air to air intercooler would lay down over the intake with a scoop feeding it air. How efficient is this style? I see it on a lot of Subaru buggies. Would an intercooler rated for more HP than I’m making work better or hinder performance? If I used an air to water intercooler, it would have to be placed in the intake manifold (Holley high ram style). How effective are these? The cost for air to water is much higher, is it worth it? Which setup handles heat soak better after a long dune run?
  9. I use a stock thermostat in my car. 8 years and I've never had an issue.
  10. I set my buggy alignment with a tape measure and digital angle gauge in my garage. I made several trips to the dunes and played with the alignment until I was happy with the way it drove and handled. Because I have easy access to one, I put it on an alignment rack after I was happy with things to see what the numbers really were. I'm running .10 degrees of total toe in on the front. The caster it set to 5.0 degrees. The camber is set to -1.3 degrees.
  11. I've got the same boring Douglas wheels for my sand tires.
  12. I had an idler above the alternator when I first put the car together. It helped the wrap on the water pump, but the belt would squawk a lot. I switched to this setup and it works much better. The water pump doesn't need much wrap.

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