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  1. sinverguenza

    2006 sierra sport 5th wheel 38ft.$13995

    I have this 5er except it's a 2004. Layout is the same. Lots of cargo space and cabinets. Big bathroom. It tows great and have not had any problems with it. GLWTS!!!!!!
  2. sinverguenza

    Thoughts on LTZ250?

    I just bought 2 new to us LTZ 250. Not the fastest but has taken my 12 year old daughter's everywhere. We only do dirt so not sure if it has enough power for sand. I paid $1250 for each. 1 was a 2005 and the other 2006. I think the quads sit a little high and suspension could be softened. Have not tried adjusting the rear shock, if it's even possible. I like them as it has electric start, reverse, and 4 stroke. My girls aren't aggressive riders. My daughters definitely didn't want clutch and these quads are very inexpensive compare to Honda. I have read your other post and I think you should get the Honda 250trx (I beleive) as it has both clutch or no clutch.
  3. sinverguenza

    solar battery tender?

    At home I use this.
  4. sinverguenza

    Oldsmobile Hill today

  5. sinverguenza

    Anyone Have An Amazing Mattress?

    Just saw the pictures. Yes, I used them.
  6. sinverguenza

    Anyone Have An Amazing Mattress?

    I have one made by the Mattress Man. Not sure if there are other shops with the same name. I used the one in Whittier, CA on Washington Blvd. I have had mine for about 3 years and no problems. Was custom made to my liking.
  7. sinverguenza

    Next step up from lt80

    I agree that the Yamaha 250 or Honda 250 are the best especially if your lil one likes to ride aggressive and or is a quick learner. My daughter's rode their 90 Polaris from 4 to 13. I bought my 2 daughters who are 12 and 13 a Suzuki LTZ250 since they are not aggressive and don't ride much. They love it! They have just enough power to get them up a hill and no need for clutch. We ride hard pack 99% of the time.
  8. sinverguenza

    Guy gifts a car to a stranger

    Super nice of him!
  9. sinverguenza

    Ryder's on the storm!

    Awesome! Trying to teach my 4 year old how to ride his 50cc quad.
  10. sinverguenza

    Handheld radio question

    Maybe they shouldn't have a radio and concentrate on driving. All kidding aside if they mess with the menu then I see a problem. Everything else is pretty simple especially since you did the hard part. Try calling Rugged and asking them. They will say the Baofeng is not the same although Rugged is rebranded. I searched and didn't find anything of how to make it to 1 line. There is a Baofeng app that you can download. Maybe that can help. On Amazon there is Baofeng Tech who actually sells and fixes Baofeng radios but only if bought from them. Might want to ask them.
  11. sinverguenza

    Analog Thermostat to Digital

    Thanks. Socaldmax hooked me up with a thermostat and switch. Works perfect.
  12. sinverguenza

    Handheld radio question

    You can make both channels A/B the same frequency and transmit on either one. You can be on A Checkers and I can be on B Checkers and we will transmit to each other.
  13. sinverguenza

    Handheld radio question

    Not sure if this is the answer. On the left of the top line should be an arrow which is the frequency you are on. If the arrow is at the bottom then you are on that frequency. So put arrow on top line and go to whatever frequency you want. Press A/B which now the arrow should be on bottom and switch that frequency to what u want. By pressing # for about 2 seconds you can lock the keypad. Press again for 2 seconds and it unlocks the keypad. Hope this is what you wanted.
  14. sinverguenza

    Super Bowl criticism here....

    Now I'm no expert nor do I play sports. Well I don't watch sports except for playoffs and such especially if an LA team is playing. The problem I think is with all the cameras and super close up action we forget that we are seeing a replay and if the ref blinked he could have missed it. I know when watching baseball and they put that box in the strike zone I know if it's a strike or not. I can pretty much tell without the bix but I do find it hard to see the corner strikes. All though refs, umpires etc are pros they are still human and do make mistakes. I think they do let some stuff slide. As long as they let both teams slid a lil then that's fair.
  15. sinverguenza

    2000 F250 7.3 upgrades (Hutch and Harpoon mods)

    Put up a picture of what is still available please.

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