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  1. Wow! That's what happens to all my projects. Now I just don't do them or I hire someone. Color and appliances look great!!!
  2. Following I have 2003 F250 7.3 leaf spring with 4 inch Rough Country lift. Dual Rough Country shock on each side on the front. Is there a better shock to smooth up my ride?
  3. I like all the updates you do. I like the fact that you change the title telling us what is done. Keep up with the great work and pictures. I want to see the LED Pods when you install them. Thanks for answering all my dumb questions!
  4. I got mine done at Playtech Racing. Swapped my VW engine with a Honda 3.0 from API I bought the engine and computer, clutch, adapter plate. Had rear main seal done, water pump at a shop. Took everything to Playtech and they did the install. I have a 10 gallon round gas tank and he was able to weld the return fuel line to it.
  5. Totally awesome!! That's cool that you let your son drive as being a passenger is not as fun. Is this trip every year on the same month? What's the price for this or do you just pay your own hotel and food?
  6. I was talking to my GF about this and we both agree it's BS. A lot of great points have been mentioned like a less % for tips. She thinks that the receipt had a line for ACA for accounting purposes. I also agree why not just raise the price and that's when she mentioned accounting.
  7. Sucks to hear this!!! I asked my agent what is covered such as quads. She said if it has a VIN it needs its own insurance. I didn't ask about personal stuff although I think she did mention I get something. Time to call he back and ask again Hope your situation gets resolved and you get what at least you think is fair without a battle.
  8. Glad to hear at least th quad is in good condition. Son should be very happy his quad is home.
  9. Try Playtech Racing in Anaheim John 714-238-1179

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