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  1. 1900° EGTS? I read somewhere that 1300 was the absolute highest you want and that should be done only for a few seconds. If I could go higher then that would be awesome! I have a tuner but it seems that everytime I'm gonna tow my Edge CTS2 egt reading always gets stuck. I have to turn off the truck and it would work again. Needless to say I don't trust it and just use stock tune. I have a 2003 F250 7.3 CC short bed 4x4 with a 4 inch lift and 35 inch tires. I tow a 38 foot triple axle Forest River 5er. Yes it's slow on hills but I'm not racing. I just keep the OD off the whole way. Here is a picture of my set up. Inside is a 4 seat Chenowth Explorer with Honda V6. I'm overloaded for what Ford recommends but my engine and tranny are good. I think. lol.
  2. Do you fill each tank separately? Do you have a class A/C? How big are your gray/black tanks?
  3. That's exactly what I was thinking! Is that 2 freshwater tanks and how many gallons is each tank? Was that to keep the depth as thin as possible? Do you have the pump mounted? I also thought of adding some metal walls to keep anything from hitting them while driving. Thanks.
  4. I think I would use my Class C more. I figure it's easier to drive/ park a Class C. We have little ones and when going to family gatherings (maybe 1 hour away) we usually leave early because they are tired. This way we can go and stay the night in the Class C. Usually my GF goes to bed early since our youngest is 7 months Would be nice to go to the beach for the day and not worry about reserving a spot and not towing a trailer. When I have rented a Class C in the past we could arrive at night and not worry about unloading toys to go to sleep. Also when leaving I can load toys the night before. With my big family (7) my 38 foot toyhauler is nice. Looks like a bowling alley once the toys are out.
  5. Wow pull up the decking? Easiest. Hmm I'm gonna have to check. I have one in mind that has living room slide and rear bed slide and hallway with bunks. Maybe I should just keep my toyhauler. lol Thanks.
  6. I was thinking the gray and black were also 40 gallon. If they are that small hopefully there is room to make them at least 50. My toyhauler has 106 gallon fresh and I believe 40/50 gray and black. I guess once I decide on which model Class C then I will check it. When I rented from El Monte Rv a 25 Class C I could've sworn the back and gray were 40 gallon each. Thanks for letting me know the black and gray tanks are smaller.
  7. Thank you. That would be great. That's plan A but always looking for plan B and sometimes C. Thanks!
  8. Thanks for the quick replies. If I do buy a Class C which is what I really want maybe there is a lil room for a bigger tank then I can add a tank to the flatbed trailer. Was looking at different sites that sell tanks. Now I need to look at these pumps. Thanks!
  9. I'm gonna most likely sell my 5th wheel toyhauler and get a Class C 32 foot. Problem is that the Class C only holds approx 40 gallons of fresh water. I normally go dry camping 4 or 5 days at a time and that's not enough for a family of 7. How have you added an extra tank to either the Class C or a flatbed trailer. I'm thinking of a flatbed trailer only because I'm worried about the tow rating on the Class C. Flatbed trailer will be a lot less heavy then a enclosed trailer. Do you have pictures of what you did to add a tank to the trailer? What type of pump would I need to pump from trailer to Class C? I most likely would be buying a used flatbed trailer. Dual axle 102 wide x 20 ft of cargo area. Thanks.
  10. Haven't seen the Dragon Fire in person but have been recommended Crow. I have old Deist 5 point 3 inch with shoulder pads. What I do know I want is lap belts that tighten as you pull up and not down like what I have. Since I have different size riders pulling up to tighten is much easier. I forgot what brand makes those but I think it's Crow.
  11. My 2005 Forest River 38 foot triple axle according to the paperwork can carry 5447 lbs. Just buy my toyhauler and be done. Just my $.02.
  12. I use a 2005 Forest River 38 foot 5th wheel. I put inside a 4 seat sandrail with a Honda V6. It tows fine and haven't had any problems. It's for sale just haven't advertised it. Couldn't find pictures, sorry. These are weigh ratings. Am I over?

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