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  1. Wow! That is a badass car!!!! Thanks.
  2. sinverguenza

    BBQ hook up!

    That's great!!! Can't help you with what you are looking for but I'm glad you found someone and at a price you think is reseaonble.
  3. Looks good! Understood, just looking for ideas. Thanks for the idea of buying a better quality light.
  4. Nice car! I like how your car looks, LRS. I would also like the widest light bar also. I like how it looks behind the mesh!!! I already have a light bar on the roof but wouldn't mind another. I would like it to be amber. Thanks everyone for the pictures.
  5. Since my buggy hasn't sold I will keep it and add some side panels, roof, hood and wing. I want something simple and not over the top. I will post a picture of my buggy and a picture of what I would like it to look. The picture of this said hood does not have a led bar in it. Hopefully the owner doesn't mind me posting the picture. I found it on the interweb. If you can, please post pictures of your hood with built in led light bar. I have been following LRS thread and love what KATG did. Thanks.
  6. sinverguenza

    Cool wheel size and offset comparer.

    Pretty cool. Thanks!
  7. sinverguenza

    Play stupid games and ....................................

    From what I understand is the prongs when shot at the target (susp) create a closed loop electric shock. The electricity from one prong finds it's way to the other prong and that's what makes them fall or loose mobility. When using the contact method (just the 2 little prongs at the end of the taser, this does not include shooting the cartridge) like when the cop is simply touching the guy with the taser, the electricity only travels from one prong to the other which is approx 3 inches apart. The only body part being affected is whatever is in between the prongs. This method is not very good as you can see. I'm surprised the cop didn't use his collapsible baton to get compliance with twist locks. Always easier to talk about after the fact then when in the situation. Glad the police are safe.
  8. sinverguenza

    2000 F250 7.3 upgrades (Manual hubs installed)

    Thanks for the info. Right now I have the stock ones. How do I get 2wd Low range? I have a lil incline at the beginning of my driveway. I have to pull front and back several times and I'm pushing 16k
  9. sinverguenza

    $30,000 for a built in BBQ island

    Very nice!!! You're hired!! Sounds expensive especially when the grills and other things are not included. That's why we shop around and hit up GD.com for recommendations and ideas. Soon you will be grilling and happy with who and what you chose.
  10. As the title states. There is a VW shop near my house that I took my car into for service. Problem is they are only open M-F and I work those days. Wondering if you can recommend someone to come to my house and do the work. This would be much easier for me. I live in Whittier, CA Thanks.
  11. sinverguenza

    2000 F250 7.3 upgrades (Manual hubs installed)

    Been wanting to upgrade mine with Warn but now I will look into MM. So let me understand this better, you can move the hubs to OFF and the wheel spins freely? On ON the hubs lock into 4WD and you can use the dash switch to go from 4Low to 4High? I had a problem when I was in Glamis and had to put my truck in 4x4. Light on dash didn't turn on so I figured it wasn't working. Tried 4 Low and 4 High, nothing. I did check if I had a vacuum and it did.
  12. sinverguenza

    whats your favorite expression?

    Real good ones posted! My favorite teacher (RIP Mr Arms) in private high school would say, " futher muckers!" Taste like pussy hairs! Little eff*er! Orale pues Yo mama Go tell your mom Just put it in her a@@. 2 in the pink and my dick in the stink.
  13. sinverguenza

    Old BMX bike?

    Oh wow!!! Didnt know they go for that much!! Gonna have to get mine cleaned up. Thanks!
  14. sinverguenza

    Old BMX bike?

    Is it just Mongoose that's priced high? How about a GT Performer?

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