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  1. Wow! This made me crack up. I'm glad thieves are not always smart.
  2. Great story and I was smiling as I kept reading. If I ever meet you hopefully I will remember not to make any outrages bets as you will call my bluff. I have been to some tourist spots in baja but by plane. Driving there would not cross my mind but on a motorcycle hmmmm maybe.
  3. Awesome trailer!! What does it weigh with what you have in it?
  4. Before I got mine installed I got the rear main seal and water pump done. That I knew they would be new.
  5. I did the same!!! Went from 2275 to J30 and love it!!!
  6. Do you have a picture? Glad it worked out .
  7. New side panels, new hood and new dash freshly powder coated. Used it Thanksgiving weekend in Ocotillo Wells and ran flawless. If it doesn't sell before my next trip I will be using it in Glamis North on December 26. Lets get this sold.
  8. Not sure if within the budget or maybe they been changed but how about new cages on SXS?
  9. Eff it!!! It's obvious you had things to tell her about life. Life isn't easy. You can be rich or poor but life still has its challenges. I'm glad she kept quiet and respected your opinion. I was in Ocotillo Wells for Thanksgiving and nothing was said regarding politics or religion. I thought it didn't rain much in the desert. Boy was I wrong, it felt like 10 inches fell. The next day riding conditions were superb as there was no dust just some mud. Had a great time!
  10. Great idea!!! I love it when everyone shares their opinion, experience, and ideas!!!
  11. LED strips look better then my rock lights since the light is spread evenly.
  12. I have had zero issues using a different bluetooth app.
  13. I used these off of Amazon.

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