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  1. The way society is today this isn't shocking. So the police shows up kills the guy. These idiots would still talk crap kn the cops killed their brother. No winning with people like this.
  2. I had forgot I started this thread. My HF Predator 2000 runs my microwave and other things but won't power up my 13500 air conditioner. It put my genny into overload. I know some have mentioned that the Honda 2000 powers their a/c. Predator outlet has a max of 13.3 amps where the Honda has 15 amp. Maybe if I add an easy start capacitor maybe i can run the a/c. Used my Predator to power a powered dj speaker for 4 days in Pismo. It was really windy and sand was all over the place. Predator was out in elements and didn't miss a beat.
  3. Awesome! I always top off with gas and add fuel stabilizer. I keep my 5th wheel at home and even then I forget to start the generator. I did buy a carb but have it as a back up. Would be nice if you can add a link or post a picture with description to help others. Thanks.
  4. I had e track on a flat bed trailer. I bolted the e-track and used fender washers plus a backing plate with nylon nut. Never had a problem. I didn't even use a bolt on all the screw holes. I wonder if there are different brands which are made with cheaper material. I forget where I bought my e track from. Could have been Harbor Freight. I am looking into installing it in my toyhauler but the problem I'm having is that the under side has a cloth and I can't see where the bolts would come out or where to brace it without cutting the material. I have a d-ring in my toyhauler that bent so I'm thinking it wasn't properly attached.
  5. Cool video. I noticed your front camera had some kind of handle with what seems to look like a wing attached and swivels. Do you have that handle so you can reach and swivel the handle towards what you want to record? Wing let's it point straight forward when driving because of the wind? I like how you carry a stick to clean the camera while driving. How is the Can Am compared to the RZR you had?
  6. Thanks for the updates and the how to tutorial. Great job as always.
  7. I carry mine in my pocket every where including while dunning. I keep one on the RV in case a zombie shows up.
  8. I have this which has numbered buttons. Paid $150 from Home Depot, now discontinued. Amazon has it for $89. Wouldn't call it a safe. More like a lock box to keep it locked from the kiddos or others. Thieves will break it open or break the furniture to take it with them. Works great !!!! Good for the RV.
  9. Is the 3.0 for sale? Let me know how you like the 3.5 as I went from 2275 VW to 3.0 and love it. Thanks.
  10. Following Does LeadNav work on Samsung phones? If it does do I download the app that has an "X"? Thanks.
  11. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! May you have a long and relaxed retirement!! Can't wait till I retire. I need a minimum of 5years but will most likely stay 10 years. Not sure if I'm moving out of Cali since I don't know anything else but here. Enjoy enjoy enjoy........

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