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  1. So sad. Unfortunately that is what's going on with people who are placed in senior homes / hospice. Will keep everyone in my prayers.
  2. Yes, I know a couple. weird thing is 1 person with no underlying conditions got it pretty bad. Was feeling sick like she was gonna catch a cold. This was a Thursday. Kept getting worse and went to Urgent Care on Sunday. Was sent home with pneumonia and some meds. Feeling worse, now comes Wednesday and Dd prescribes different meds. Feeling worse now it's Friday and decides to call cousin who is a Dr. Cousin sees her at his office and tells her to rush to ER. I guess ER is only open to the sick so she gets dropped off. At night I'm told she has been admitted into ICU and was tested for Corona. she is on a ventilator and still not doing good. Monday evening it's confirmed she is positive. Finally is released Thursday. She is better and getting better but defi5not the same. Can barely take a deep breath and runs out of breath in a conversation. Female/39/non smoker, ever/ drinks on occasion like once a month if that. If she does it's a glass or 2 of wine. Lives with 3 people. None have been tested since they don't have symptoms ages 40+, 13, 4 Work friend has it and he just felt as he was starting to get a cold. Wakes up one day with body aches 2 out of 10 (10 being worse) and fever 102.7. Goes away but calls work and is sent to Dr for testing comes back positive. He feels great except for what he says feels like he is coming on with a cold and is congested. Nothing else. Male/47/ likes to drink every weekend quite a bit/ works 40 hours plus overtime/ always travels. I know more people have it from work but I don't talk to them. Hits everyone different.
  3. Knee of cheap china stuff but I didn't know it was this bad. I'm not a mechanic, don't own my own business and I'm not in a business that sells or repairs anything. I buy stuff from Amazon based on price and reviews. Glad most of the stuff I do buy are small items. If they fail they won't hurt anyone. Wow!!! This was really an eye opener.
  4. I think most people with gloves feel as they can touch anything because they have gloves on. But most don't know how to take them off and when to take them off. Also masks, they feel like they can walk around and not worry then get home and throw on their table or chair. Especially the ones that are wearing masks that look like bike / motorcycle masks. I feel these people are the ones that can infect many more since they are not practicing precautions. There might be a few that throw them away, take them off correctly, wash or disinfect them but in todays world with how hard it is to buy new ones I doubt they practice safety. My .02 cents which don't mean shiat to others. Be safe and we will get through this together.
  5. Same here not a prepper but when I went to the store and saw empty shelves it was eerie. I am now forced to go buy and stock up because i need to feed my family. If everyone just went and bought what we usually buy, weeks worth of stuff we can all buy what we need. But that's not the case. I went to 4 stores today to get canned goods and items that don't need refrigeration.
  6. People are acting crazy and stock piling. Problem is there are a lot of things that have not gotten restocked like pasta, shampoo, soap, rice at Costco. I'm not scared and definently not going to stock pile, but I will be buying a lot of stuff since it won't be available when I need it. I want rice for my carne asada and nor rice at costco.
  7. I also have the electric Harbor Freight one. I bought a Ryobi wand that replaces the HF one. Ryobi has quick disconnect to attach foam bottle or different heads. Watch YouTube videos
  8. I have a 38' 2005 Forest River Sand Piper 5th wheel on here for sale. I don't know how to add the link. No slides ready to go.
  9. I can't believe I have not gotten any questions or anything. This is ready to go. It does have some scratches and stuff but nothing that affects the trailer. I would not hesitate taking it out this weekend. All works as it should.
  10. X2 on the alarm. I have one now but would like the remote start and the window modules.

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