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  1. I also try to buy items that are shipped and sold by Amazon or sold by a 3rd party and shipped/ fulfilled by Amazon.
  2. Glad you kept looking and found the problem. Sucks that it took long to find. Thanks for posting. I have 2 a/c's and they both work fine when the genny is on. I can run both at the same time. Are you now able to run both at the same time?
  3. It's like Christmas every day at my house. Amazon is always delivering something. In 4 years of being a Prime Member I have had 3 problems. One was my fault for not reading that it was out of stock, yet when I complained they gave me a 5$ credit for my next purchase. Second time it said Prime but when I placed the order it said it would be delivered in 4 days. I called and complained and they told me not to cancel the order. When it did arrive in 4 days I didn't need the item since I needed for a trip. They let me keep the item and refunded me the money. The 3rd time item was shipped and was damaged during shipping. Not Amazon's fault but they sent me a replacement in 1 day. Their customer service is top notch!!! Sorry you had a different experience.
  4. Looks very low in the back. Other then that it looks sturdy.
  5. Had to fix my tranny right before a trip. I had noticed my truck would bog down in reverse. Didn't notice anything when driving. Took it to a shop for tranny oil change. There I got the bad news. Didn't gave time to shop around. I told him fix it. Cost me almost 3k. Took it to Father & Sons Transmission in Whittier. Great owner and staff to deal with.
  6. Sorry I don't but when I had a bumper pull and it was bending I added 2x5. I butted up the 2x5 to the existing frame and ran it all the under the trailer and as far forward to it will touch. This gave me a longer tongue. Welded 2x5 to old tongue, and everywhere it would touch metal. I also added two bolts per aide.. Sorry that it wasn't what you wanted but letting you know there is a fix and not too hard.
  7. I also use Sheena. I think her dad is on here but forget his screen name and company name. I dealt with Sheena to insure my house, cars and toyhauler. Safeco was the cheapest for me I think they deal with different companies to get the best for you. Need my sandrail insured just haven't had a shop do an estimate of what it's worth since that is what's needed to insure the sandrail. Actually it's St Clair Insurance Sheena Anderson +19512840500
  8. Same here!! INTERNAL SERVER ERROR. I have cleared the cache and that solves my problem. As I continue to browse the sight the Error reoccurs. I use my cellphone (Samsung) to browse GD 100% of the time. Not sure if this is also occurring on lap tops or desk tops. Started getting this Error message Saturday afternoon.
  9. At the hospital waiting for my son to be born. He was suppose to be here last weekend but I guess he knows how crazy the world is.
  10. I see the 5 pack for 75$. Am I looking at the wrong one?
  11. Tatuo 6 Pieces Unisex Balaclava Full Face Mask Winter Windproof Ski Mask for Outdoor Motorcycle Cycling Hiking Sports (Multi-Color) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07H847HTW/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_8pb8CbGM29RVF Are these the ones? 6 pack for less then 20$.

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