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    Inland Atv ?

    I was there yesterday, and all seems well. No mention of closing down.
  2. We've always had good luck with Dykstra windows in Wildomar (off of Baxter Rd) for our window/sliding doors. Worth a shot, and they're close to Lake Elsinore...
  3. Try Memphis Soul Food Cafe in Costa Mesa (Bristol and Randolph-next to the "Anti-mall").
  4. cue

    Stator Help

    The kit from hondaatc70.com is specifically for the trx70.
  5. cue

    Stator Help

    This would work from Spangler's http://www.hondaatc70.com/Pages/LightingandElectrical.aspx
  6. I'm interested in getting one. I pm'd you.
  7. Lowering the front end is easy on VW's. Just buy some ball joint drop spindles. They lower it (about 2-2 1/2 inches) without changing the ride quality. It still uses all of the stock components (shocks/arms/brakes). Easy for the DIY and all you'll have to to afterwards is get it aligned. Then get the rear lowered a click or two and you'll be sitting pretty with a nice ride. That is all I did on the wifes Ghia and it turned out great. (and they're affordable)
  8. cue

    Where To Eat

    You could try "Memphis" soul food cafe on bristol and randolph street (next to the "anti-mall". Good eats, especially if you like food from the South...
  9. I think you can go to sterdy products (sterdyproducts.com) and download it for free. It's for the atc 70, but it's still useful for the trx.
  10. cue

    Parting It Out

    Would you let me know how much for the gas tank and foot guards?
  11. cue

    First Post

    First of all, when I made the statement, I was smiling. I'm actually kinda surprised that he heard it. Anybody that has met Andy knows that he loves to hear himself speak. It was taken out of context. I would think that if he had really wanted the bike, he would have tried to negotiate. Let's not forget the brand new honda parts for the pull start conversion that he would have gotten in the deal. Maybe I caught him on a bad day (or a number of bad days). If anybody else has, and is willing to sell an A+ Inc complete bike for $1350 (must be showroom with a grab bar and perfect plastics and brand new pull start conversion), you know who to sell it to. Be prepared to listen as to how you should have done this or that to his far superior standards. He wasted my time when that time could have been spent with my wife who is going under the knife next week. Whether he is a part of the family or not, $20 bucks for my time and gas or nit picking over a $65 grab bar is just insulting. Really, how would you guys feel if you were in my shoes? Look at your wife or the beautiful children she birthed for you and tell me you'd be ok with his actions... You guys think I'm way off base, I'll stick with these atc 70 nuts.
  12. cue

    First Post

    Well, I guess he outed himself! It is true that I took off the grab bar. Didn't hide that fact. I did list in the original ad that there was a crack in the plastic. So he wasted my time for a $65 grab bar! If he had said that this was the deal breaker, I might have even put it back on? Maybe even lowered my ridiculously low price another $65 to get money for the operation (is that the "drama" part of my post?) In reality, this frame alone is damn near the price I was asking for a complete bike that he knows runs and has even ridden it! And he's going to pass on it because of a grab bar? Anybody else believe that? since he failed to put the original ad link... looks like I posted the crack? http://www.glamisdunes.com/invision/index....&hl=lynndah
  13. cue

    First Post

    I've decided to keep the bike for now. Besides that, if I posted it for sale, you guys might find out who this guy is. I'm a firm believer of forum rules which state that you don't bash a member here in a post. Thank you all for your kind wishes regarding my wife.
  14. cue

    First Post

    This is my first post on gd.com. I've visited this site in the past and found a lot of informative and useful information. For the past 10 years I've been NUTS about the small Honda bikes (50's and 70's of all variations), but the ATC70 has been my passion. At one point, I had over 10 of these little bikes at once and would only sell them because I was out of room to store them. I have never made any money on them because I felt it was more important to keep the bikes alive and hopefully make a friend in the process. About 8 months ago, I came to the conclusion that I needed to sell one of my bikes. I was contacted by a guy that seemed interested and related to me that he NEEDED this bike and led me to believe he was coming with cash in hand. Well he flaked on me at least once, but I tried to understand that "stuff happens". Finally, he showed up to check it out. Introductions were made and within 1 minute of his arrival, he was jumping on the bike-wanting to take it for a test ride. I let him take it for a spin because he seemed to know a lot about this type of atc. I noticed this guy was very high energy to say the least, and after the test ride he was talking a mile a minute about what he would have done had he built it, talking about his personal builds, and basically pointing out all of the bikes faults. He bounced around the bike, wiggled a few things, crawled underneath it and circled it repeatedly. I figured since I was asking 1/3 of what I had invested in the bike and the rarity of it, even if he rebuilt it to his liking, it was still cheaper for him to buy mine than to try to build it for scratch. Just as I thought a deal might be struck, he abruptly said goodbye, jumped in his car, and was gone. I never heard from him again. Nothing. I came to the conclusion that he basically just came to see the bike to get ideas for his own build. I took it off the market and figured I'd just keep it. Since this time, I met another guy that is more knowledgeable and passionate about these bikes than I am or will ever be. Not only that, he has gone out of his way to help me with my bikes. (the guy was late to a date because he was helping me out!). He is a hell of a guy that anybody would be proud to have as a friend. During a conversation, I told him about my experience with the high energy "bouncy" guy that checked out my bike, and he related that he knew him and that didn't sound like him at all. Maybe I was wrong about "Mr. High-Energy-bouncy-boy-lookie-loo"? Fast forward to about 6 weeks ago. I found out that my wife needs surgery and my insurance will not cover the procedure. I come to the conclusion that I have to sell a car to pay for it, but first I have to buy one to replace it first. I contact my atc70 friend (that I mentioned in the paragraph above) and ask him if he could spread the word that my bike is for sale once again. Even though he didn't ask for it, I mentioned I would even give him a finders fee for helping a brother out. I lower the price and include more goodies in hopes that I could make a fast sale and get my wife her operation that is set up for next week. Granted, the sale of the bike would not pay for the operation, but every little bit helps. About a month ago, I'm contacted by none other than "Mr. High-energy-bouncy-boy-lookie-loo". He stated that he heard the bike was for sale again and that he had "cash in hand" for it. Not only that, he was going to come over to my house and buy it at the reduced price later that day as soon as he took care of a home emergency. He didn't call, he didn't come by, and never heard from him...until 2 days ago. I got a call while I was at work and he stated that he still had cash in hand, but his schedule was tight. I ask him if he wants to hook up at our mutual friends house to save him a little drive time, and I was hoping to hang out with atc 70 enthusiasts. He excitedly agreed. Yesterday, I loaded up the bike and head over there. I arrived right on time, and actually saw "Mr. high-energy-bouncy-boy-lookie-loo" arrive as I pull up. As usual, he is very excited about the bike and quickly takes it out of my truck. He was all over the bike like a fat man on a candy bar. I tell him that I haven't even started the bike since he rode it 8 months ago. He's all over the bike, rocking it back and forth, pointing out all of the faults (crack in the plastic, missing grab bar-used on wife's trx70). I'm was very patient because I was under the impression that my "cash in hand" guy was going to give me a little cash for a deal of a bike (albeit not perfect), and help me get one step closer to paying for my wife's surgery. 20 or so minutes later, after standing in the sun, he comes up to me and says "its a hell of a deal, but "sorry man, I just can't do it" stating that the plastics are cracked and its grab bar is missing. He helps me load and strap (still complaining the whole time). No lowball offer or nothing. Finally, I tell the guy that he's been d$%king with me for the past 8 months on this bike with no intention of buying it. I re-hash our whole story to him and express that I am not happy with the current situation. He tries to make it all better by saying that he'll give me a little gas money for bringing the bike to him. I tell him to take his gas money and shove it up his a$$. I probably said a few more explicative words as well. I then calmly drove away. As I was driving away, I call our mutual friend and apologize for not saying goodbye (he went inside soon after my arrival). I also said that I hope that the situation between Mr. high-energy-bouncy-boy-lookie-loo and me will not affect our relationship. Being the type of guy that he is, he related that it would not. Deepest respect for this guy. He was just trying to help a brother out. So it you are still reading this novella, I have a few questions and would love some feedback... Am I wrong for being a little pissed? Are there guys out there that would have punched this guy in the baby maker like I wanted to? (I didn't cause a scene out of respect for the mutual friend) Are all the other ATC70 enthusiasts like this guy? What would you have done if you were in my situation?

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