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  1. I'll tell you what doesn't work, ground chili pepper. I used 5 pounds of the stuff trying to dissuade ground squirrels from excavating under my shed. They must have a mean chili recipe cause it didn't stop them for even a day.
  2. That's what he gets for trying to lane split with bags.
  3. They have had them in my local Costco not too long ago, but not right now. I thought that was awful expensive for saving not a lot of time.
  4. I saw a sikorsky sky crane helicopter heading down your way from San Bernardino yesterday evening. Must have been headed to the fire.
  5. A machine like that digger probably won't work in Johns rocky soil. No telling what the roots have wrapped themselves around in 100 years. This is going to be an interesting project. Keep us informed.
  6. Bought it 2010 at $112/SF. 1472 sq/ft 3 bedroom 2 bath single story, built in 1987. Current value is $245/SF Current mortgage is $1050 a month including taxes and insurance. San Bernardino. Nice working class neighborhood. 12K Sq/ft lot at the end of a cul de sac. I'd like to pick up a condo or another house as a rental if the market goes down.
  7. Glen Helen, Trace Atkins, the only negatives are they are using the slow orange bikes but I can't fault them for doing everything right. The military had Diesel KLR650s that I was trying to get a leg over and review for this website. I highly doubt that's what they are riding here but still looks good!
  8. Prepping to start college tomorrow. After 24 years, 21 with the company I still work for, I'm heading back to school to get an associates in industrial automation, electric power technology, and electronics technology. Crazy thing is, I'm looking forward to it.
  9. You have to be able to read the dunes and this requires a lot of seat time. It's also a perishing skill if not used. I've lost the ability to put together a fast and flowy dune ride due to slowing down the amount of trips. A good leader needs to lead because you won't learn to lead if you are following, watching the leader in front of you and not picking the lines.
  10. Really wishing I had a buggy right now.
  11. Ground squirrels are tearing my backyard up. I have trapped and killed them but more always find the holes. I dosed these holes with 2 pounds of chili powder. Curious if it will drive them away or get them to start cooking.
  12. I may be tested bottom to top. As I understand it, Top to bottom won't penetrate properly.
  13. Practicing mig welding. trying to learn how to weld vertical 90's bottom to top. Inverted V's and triangles both produce melted wax looking welds.
  14. Galoob made this toy truck that you could make claws come out of the tires by turning a lever. If you only turned the lever part way, the truck would roll along till the wheels encountered resistance and then the claws would come out automatically and retract once it got smooth again. I loved that toy. Then the complexity of the galoob command 32 blew my mind. It wasn't good for much but could easily climb over shoe boxes. The gear boxes fragged in short order if I remember right. I was hard on these toys, living on a dirt road.
  15. Trying to learn a general understanding of PLCs (Programmable logic control). I just need the basics right now but this is an entirely new way of thinking for me.

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