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  1. Saw it Sunday. A bit slow for a racing movie. If there was no CGI, I couldn't tell. It looked to me like there was a lot of it. The important stuff was very well done though. Good noises, great parts played by the actors. Listen for the bit about selling "that" car 3 times this week. I liked it. I dig that expansive shot as they enter the Ferrari race program. That little room is where dreams are made.
  2. Check out a generator interlock kit for your breaker panel. It seems to be the quickest cheapest and easiest way of adding a generator to your system. They are listed and safe to use.
  3. If he wants top dollar (Whatever that is for a home made 1000cc rail), he should register it or hope a fool comes walking up with a fist full of bucks and an empty head. Otherwise, sell it cheap and move on. Or part it out.
  4. Fireballsocal


    Napa, especially if you can find one of the big stores that stock over the road truck parts also. Their hand tools are really good quality and they stock individual sockets and wrenches.
  5. Should have this thing running by the end of the weekend. Washed it last weekend. Cleaning and rebuilding the carb and fuel valve this weekend. It has a clutch issue which I'll begin to diagnose then it goes up for sale.
  6. I wanted insulated because it could be walked on. I need to throw plywood up on mine to get around on it. I read some stories of horrible squeaking during the wind as the insulated panels flexed against each other so I went with standard. The difference in temperature between the two was less than 2 degrees during the summer.
  7. I went through roomsncovers off the 15 at Jurupa in Ontario. I had a 20x20 with2 fans and 2 light strips. I had the engineering uprated for 120mph winds. The standard cover is good for 90 and we have had gusts over 100 in my lifetime so I wanted safe rather than sorry. This is an alumawood cover installed about 5 years ago for $10K. I had them back to fix a leak then when they couldn't fix it, they reimbursed my roofer who did fix it. I am very happy with the cover aside from the gutter system is junk. It quickly filled up with blowing leaves and is impossible to clean. I had them install a mesh that supposedly keeps the leaves out but it didn't. Have them address this fact with yours whomever the brand.
  8. You are paying dealer money, far more than an independent service shop. You should have been given the motorcraft filter. There is no reason to stock any other brand of filter at the dealership. They probably gave you the BS about the filter meeting ford specifications and that may be true. That doesn't mean it is a comparable filter though. I reckon that PPG filter was cheaper.
  9. You're getting some money built up in iron! How many lifts does that make total? Still have the hoists?
  10. Perhaps if anyone out there in the next few weekends sees a rental vendor, you could pick up their contact info? I wouldn't expect them to be out just yet. Halloween is typically the start of the glamis season and all of the vendors usually aren't out till the season gets underway. Best of luck on the trip Simon. I took a friend from Redding out to glamis about 20 years ago and she had a blast.
  11. The market is awful awful high right now. Have you considered that the market may drop at some time soon and drop big, putting you underwater for possibly many years?
  12. Run the numbers. Miles per year times milage for the accord, then again for the hybrid you are interested in. The prius and its plug in version the prius prime are the most fuel efficient hybrids out unless honda or Hyundai increased theirs recently. The corolla hybrid is right behind them. For me, I drive 12000 miles per year. I would save $200 a year on fuel costs going to a prius from a standard corolla. It doesn't make sense as the prius is a big jump up in price from a corolla. For you, you might see a bigger jump, plus the carpool sticker might interest you as well. Also keep in mind if you keep vehicles till they die, the hybrids have an expensive battery to replace at some point after 10 years. The rest of the car (Toyota hybrids) are about as reliable as it gets.
  13. Kevin Hart hasn't stated he is suing, nor has he started a lawsuit. This is just TMZ trolling and a pretty shitty job it's doing. Why is anyone wasting time on getting riled up about coulda shoulda woulda?
  14. I'll tell you what doesn't work, ground chili pepper. I used 5 pounds of the stuff trying to dissuade ground squirrels from excavating under my shed. They must have a mean chili recipe cause it didn't stop them for even a day.

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