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  1. Fireballsocal

    Calif Vanity Plates, lets see?

    My old camping trailer plate.
  2. Fireballsocal

    Its Saturday 4/20/19 What are you doing this weekend?

    Breaking in a new generator.
  3. Fireballsocal

    How far is your commute for work?

    20 miles one way. 25 minutes to work, 40 home. Traffic has steadily gotten worse in the last 20 years, dropping noticeably only when the economy crashed. The economy is ripping right now and everyone is either working or driving somewhere to spend money. I'm considering going back to a motorcycle strictly to get back more of my life and my traffic will be no where as bad as yours will be. You can make more money but you can't get back that commute time/
  4. Fireballsocal

    Good gun day in Cali..mag ban is ruled unconstitutional. 

    It will be fought but for now, enforcement of the magazine ban isn't being enforced.
  5. Fireballsocal

    Ram owners.. Air bags?

    I had these timbrens on a tundra and took em right back off. They gave a horrible ride when empty in that truck and improved some aspects of towing while making others worse.
  6. Fireballsocal

    Electric 450

    Motor and/or batteries must be cooled?
  7. Fireballsocal

    SxS dune roll video for analysis

    It looks to me that when he curled over the ridge, he was carrying plenty of speed. He then plowed into a softer section which slowed him down but not too much. That soft section had some fairly deep trenches from the other 2 SXSs and it looked like he tried to counter steer out of the roll (In car footage) but was either too late or his steer tires didn't bite and followed the trenches.
  8. Fireballsocal

    Battery Charger recommendation

    CTEK is supposed to have the best charging/desulfation technology. That's the brand I will buy next. We use NOCO genius chargers at work and I don't care for them. No readout, just a LED and they don't bring back sulfated batteries. They have been very reliable though.
  9. Fireballsocal

    Downloading Music Off Youtube

    When you burn the CD, you want to make a music CD, not a data CD. That is why some CDs will play in your car and others won't. I assume the MP3 is changed to a different format for the data CD.
  10. As a single guy in a group of experienced duners, I really liked camping at Osborn the few times I was able to do so. There is always a breeze in the warmer months, easy access in and out, and the big fast dunes are right there. It's always easy to find your way home and you are close to most places (The store, ranger station, comp, the drags, and Olds) aside from Brawley slide and China Wall. I recall never having a problem with tourists however my stuff was always locked down out of habit. Tourists didn't approach the trailers at the far end, staying up by the sign board. That being said, I don't think I would head up there with your kids. Those are steep and fast dunes and you get other duners ripping through there pretty quickly. With the kids being fairly young and perhaps not understanding line of sight or how fast another group can come over a ridge, I'd be pretty nervous the whole time. I didn't have a problem with heat in the summer but I haven't been up there since it was re-asphalted. The breeze helped out a lot.
  11. Fireballsocal

    Westinghouse Generator

    That's not an inverter generator right? I'd never heard of the THD (Total harmonic distortion) reference on an inverter generator so you might want to look in to if it can damage delicate electronics, if you have delicate electronics to damage.
  12. I'll add they throw out a significant amount of moisture if being ran all night. Also, keep the heater covered or wrapped when not being used as the fiberglass mesh catalyst needs to be kept free of dust, which can ruin the catalyst over time. Another option is the wave 9 by Olympian. 9K BTUs in a better built, though more expensive housing. I am putting a wave 3 (3K BTU's) in my small camping trailer.
  13. Fireballsocal


    I used a Reese titan 2 1/2" on my F250. Way more hitch than I needed at the time. I second etrailer.com. Great company with excellent service.
  14. Fireballsocal

    solar battery tender?

    I use a deltran battery tender brand. A 5 watt panel was plenty for the smaller batteries like SXS batteries but I would step to a 15 watt one for RV or trailer batteries. You can buy panels and charge controllers for cheaper than buying an all in one unit but I'm not sure which brands are quality and which are junk so I went with a brand I trusted.
  15. Fireballsocal

    Bitchin Glamis Drone Footage

    That kid drove the hell out of that car.

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