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  1. Cannonball run 1, 2, and speedzone. Cheesy as all heck but I love em.
  2. Should be the exact same brackets. They are pretty generic from brand to brand. 2 flat ones on the front of the bed, and 2 button ones for the bumper. It's only the torque lift style that starts to get brand specific and even those I'm not sure if there is a big difference.
  3. Don't get the squadron racer edition. They make a ton of light but the throw was insane, suitable for baja at 100 mph but a design that puts more light directly in front of you will be better.
  4. Reading between the lines, current pickup trucks with diesel engines will be having these emission problems as well?
  5. It's the same. Just a marketing gimmick.https://www.protoolreviews.com/news/20v-max-vs-18v-battery-power/17024/
  6. Makita here. I have the normal homeowner stuff but I have some of the cool stuff too. My hedge trimmer, dual line weed wacker, blower, and portaband are all Makita LXT 18V (The weed wacker is dual batt. 36V) and in 9 years, I have had zero failures. The original batteries lasted 8 years. I think all main brand power tools are really well made these days. Just make sure you get lithium ion batteries and brushless motors.
  7. I don't think they are trashed either. I would have no problem running em at 70+. Sucks the seller tried saying those are different than what he sold you.
  8. The white paper is so clean because it has been completely taped over. The envelopes look to me like they have been passed through the system however I have no answer for the barcodes.
  9. On the off chance it might come in handy for some of your other rocks, check out dexpan. It's a powder you mix with water into a slurry. Drill holes into your rock, fill with the slurry, and the product slowly swells and cracks the rock over night. Not as fun as the excavator but still pretty cool. http://www.dexpan.com/
  10. I don't have much experience with heavy equipment but have heard enough bad news over Richie bros auctions to say be very careful when purchasing equipment there. I hear they are masters at polishing turds.
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  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  13. So normal cold start. You hit the starter button. Do you hear anything, a click, a slow turning over of the motor? When warmed up, the starter turns the motor and starts the quad just fine right?

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