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  1. We lost Yamaha of Cucamonga and John Burr Honda/Yamaha/blablabla last year. Both shops dated from the sixties.
  2. I sure am glad nothing major popped up. I know I sold the bike as a relative unknown but would have felt horrible if something major happened.
  3. I use the Makita version. Dual line, dual 18V batteries for 36 volts. I use 5Ah batteries for about 45 minutes of run time. A half hour in spring when the grasses are really tall on my back hill and I'm using the high speed setting. It's 3 years old, about as powerful as an entry level consumer grade gas single line trimmer. I dig it. I also have the hedge trimmer (Pretty light duty but perfect for my needs).
  4. I'm headed to moab for memorial day, staying at portal campground (North side) . Besides fins n things, are there any suggestions on which trails to run a stock Tacoma 4x4 over? I'm headed up to Arches for one day and keeping another open for exploring around the area, I've been though there several times but not stayed.
  5. Sounds like a ground issue to me also.
  6. There is 32:1 yamalube 2R in it now. I would try 40:1 next with good modern oil. Stick with 20:1 if you want to run a caster bean oil for that authentic smell.
  7. I'm pretty stoked I finally got to meet you kid! I hope the bike is good to you. I wish I would have taken it out at least once but I'm glad it went to a good home. I really think you need a Yamaha in the stable though.
  8. Most radiator shops will clean the inside and seal it. They would be the ones to tell you if it is a goner or can be saved. Depending on how much you want to invest, there are shops that will cut out that bad portion and replace. Some can do concourse level work but expect to pay. If a new tank is needed, keep ebay in mind but be very careful asking about condition. They get those used parts off the bike and in an auction as soon as possible so sometimes don't inspect very closely.
  9. I ordered the mavic mini for myself. It should get delivered tomorrow. $399 for the base kit but I ordered the fly more package for the extra batteries, 128 gig SD card, and the $40 ins. plan (Which may or may not work in my favor). I spent Just under $600. I've watched a bunch of videos and it looks stupid easy to fly.
  10. When I was young, the next door neighbor was a wack job. Tried running over my Mom who was holding me as she walked up to get the mail, about a quarter of a mile from the house. One day, he cut the chain link fence between the houses, yelling in Spanish and started toward our house where my dad met him with a 12 gauge. The sherriff was called out and nothing became of it but we had a shotgun behind the door for a few years after that, till Julio moved out. I was too young to know what was going on but I remember the shotgun behind the door, and my Moms fear as she ran up the small hill near the mailbox.
  11. Modern stuff or air cooled bug stuff?
  12. Az. Is filled up with ex Californians, just like Oregon and Washington are. Think over the possibility of the tax structure, laws, and other benefits changing to be more like Ca. in the next 20 years just as those other 2 states have. The bigger cities already have Ca. traffic.
  13. Also, no one but you and the seller know the condition. Whether it had a hole in the block, had been burned in a fire, etc. Just make sure the selling price you give and what's on the DMV notice of new owner slip match.
  14. I've had 2 independent shops close down near me. John Burr Honda/Yamaha and Yamaha of Cucamonga. I have no idea why, in an economy like this, they closed but both have been doing business locally to me since before I was born. Another sign of the economy is the traffic. Both right lanes of my freeways are almost all tractor trailers delivering the stuff we buy. Another is the advertising of the RV dealers in overdrive and the huge lists of warranty problems with those RVs. I've seen this before in the 2000's. We'll see when and if this next drop is better or worse than the last.
  15. Saw it Sunday. A bit slow for a racing movie. If there was no CGI, I couldn't tell. It looked to me like there was a lot of it. The important stuff was very well done though. Good noises, great parts played by the actors. Listen for the bit about selling "that" car 3 times this week. I liked it. I dig that expansive shot as they enter the Ferrari race program. That little room is where dreams are made.

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