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  1. Fireballsocal

    solar battery tender?

    I use a deltran battery tender brand. A 5 watt panel was plenty for the smaller batteries like SXS batteries but I would step to a 15 watt one for RV or trailer batteries. You can buy panels and charge controllers for cheaper than buying an all in one unit but I'm not sure which brands are quality and which are junk so I went with a brand I trusted.
  2. Fireballsocal

    Bitchin Glamis Drone Footage

    That kid drove the hell out of that car.
  3. Fireballsocal

    It's Saturday 1/19/19 what are you doing this weekend?

    Spec'd out and ordered one of these little guys. I'll pick it up in Rice, Texas in about a month. I've gotten entirely too lazy this last year so the goal is to get out, hike, camp, and explore like I used to do.
  4. Fireballsocal

    Dump Truck / showcase Truck - 46000 gvw ($22,000)

    Also not a Detroit Diesel. It's an International Navistar engine. Pretty good one to. Depending on power ratings, that sucker should be able pull real good.
  5. Fireballsocal

    California Laws 2019

    Were there actually counties that licensed people who didn't shoot their weapon?
  6. Fireballsocal

    California Laws 2019

    I don't think the concealed carry bit is right. Friends who applied for and received their CCW license had to qualify on the range, where as that bit says you never had to shoot a gun. Each pistol added on your license you had to qualify with.
  7. Fireballsocal

    Diesel Repair Needed Near Brawley/El Centro ASAP

    Sorry kazuaki. It used to be instant and the rep would suggest it if it was in the best interest of the customer.
  8. Fireballsocal

    Diesel Repair Needed Near Brawley/El Centro ASAP

    You can upgrade your AAA membership to plus and save a bit of money but the trailer is going to hurt. Maybe have the tow yard store it till you can get back down to it?
  9. Fireballsocal

    Time for another lesson

    Carry on my good man!
  10. Fireballsocal

    Time for another lesson

    No Hoppes #9 solvent on the top shelf? I think I'll go elsewhere for advice....
  11. Fireballsocal

    Shore Power Issue

    Did you turn off the converter/charger? If it has a big battery bank or an upgraded charger, it might draw enough to pop the breaker. Kind of a stretch but it's the only other thing I can think of that might draw big amps. Is there solar?
  12. Fireballsocal

    Shout out to Pro Seal Systems

    Damn, he did that pretty much by hand! Magic is right. Looks great as a mostly finished product.
  13. Fireballsocal

    Online used car shopping

    If you are on facebook, the marketplace has been gaining steam with buyers/sellers. Also look at a specific trailblazer groups there or trailblazer forums but don't expect to find deals. Searchtempest is a way to search all of craigslist and ebay.
  14. Fireballsocal

    New Mazda Skyactive X engine technology

    I've been interested in this engine for awhile now. It stands to be a big leap forward in performance if reliability and longevity stay good.
  15. Fireballsocal

    Weekend Warrior back in the Game

    The marketing wank is remarkable!

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