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  1. Cool. I have done business there but don't buy ammo. I'm good on ammo for now. In the past, I was able to get better deals buying in bulk. Made my last purchase when the mail order ammo ban was lifted for a day.
  2. Buy whatever you can find. I'd say you'll be lucky to find ammo right now in most calibers.
  3. I prefer CCI mini mags in a 10/22 rifle and mark III pistol. I shoot mostly federal champion bulk at the range though. The federal has noticeably more failures than the CCI but at the range, is a bit cheaper to shoot. My browning BL-22 lever action shoots everything. Very good advice given on trying different ammo. I would personally use a different caliber for defense but .22LR is pretty good.
  4. Once out of the populated areas, traffic becomes normal and people more polite for the most part. I saw one guy, Ca. plates, doing 70 in the passing lane in Utah and holding up a bunch of others. That crap gets you pulled over out there. Other than that, slower traffic stayed to the right and I was cruising along with the truckers with my camping trailer at 70, everyone else passing me. Moab was awesome and empty for a holiday weekend. Minimal law enforcement, almost no masks other than employees. The weather was perfect, there was tons to explore, and I was wore out when I finally got home.
  5. Prepping for a Moab Utah camping trip. The big parks still aren't open but the trails are and some of the smaller attractions.
  6. I have been given a paid day off once every 3 weeks or so. Auto parts warehousing as a parts shipper/receiver. Auto parts has been a recession proof job so far. If people aren't buying new cars, they need to keep their old ones on the road.
  7. I enjoyed the barest whiff of freedom yesterday.
  8. I really wanted one. I went back and forth and ended up buying the corded version. Many reasons but mainly, I'll have this saw for a lifetime. With technology moving as fast as it has been, I'll probably invest in another set of cordless tools at some point. Batteries won't be available, or I'll sell the whole set to help finance whatever is new. With the tools like the chainsaw that I use maybe once every couple of years, it made more sense to buy those as corded models. Less convenient sure but 110 AC isn't going anywhere. I bought a makita 18V portaband and wish now I would have bought a corded model for that reason.
  9. Just had mine out yesterday. They sure are nice.
  10. Talking to Arlen is the worst thing you could have done for your bank account. He takes credit cards too by the way. I went the exact same way you've done and ended up at Arlens looking at a 5K motor before I had to reign myself in. Sticking with the stock cylinder is the best bang for the buck but if you know you'll end up with Arlen at some point............... Front and back plastics came from different warehouses probably. That sucks about the lower case saver hole. If you have the bottom end worked on, maybe they can extract the broken piece and build that boss up again.
  11. But then you can run over to EZ takeout burger for a solid burger, fries, and shake combo.
  12. There is a check valve in the hoses that will activate if you open the tank valve quickly. It will stop flow till you shut it down and allow the check valve some time to reset. Try switching to a different hose/tank and open that one slowly but all the way. If that works, you rule out the regulator. If you get that one working, switch to the other tank after opening it slowly to check its function.
  13. You must have minimized the tech forums? Should be an arrow looking thing on the right to open the section back up.
  14. The allagash victor ale is good. Very hard to find out here and not cheap but a quick snap of hops, with a wine finish and a 9% abv. I don’t normally buy craft beers but happened to grab a bottle of the sister beer Victoria ale and really liked it. Looks like my last bottle is developing some mold. It’s from 2014. The breuery is a similar style that I haven’t tried yet. Gone crack one open tonight.
  15. I just about asked this question in another thread but think it deserves its own. 50 years ago, banks paid you fairly well for keeping your cash with them in various ways. You could have a nice income if you had purchased a CD, or kept your life savings in a bank. Now, there seems to be no reason to keep your money in a bank other than convenience. Interest paid is so small as to be irrelevant. Why the change? I see it as banks have no need for your cash when they have so many ways to chop up and borrow against what they have already. Does this have any bearing on a possible inflation/hyper inflation scenario?

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