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  1. This isn't that fast compared to you fast guys, but something like this maybe. We started at the bottom of China Wall and ended at Road Runner 11 minutes later. It felt fast in a SxS anyway 🙂
  2. I've got the 12 paddle Talons on my X3 and I'm happy with them. You're welcome to borrow them for a few hours over Thanksgiving week if you want.
  3. Thanks guys, I'll pass on the positive feedback. He's working on a whole series of timelapse shots from different areas of Glamis (Vets ceremony, the ledge, sand highway, sunrise, sunset, etc). The goal is to put them all together into a video when completed.
  4. My son (@j.nuibe.photography on IG) had an idea to take a timelapse of the arrival of the crowd at the ceremony this year. We got there early and setup far enugh away to get most of the people in the shot. We could have started it a bit earlier, but wanted to get the busiest time, with most people arriving. As it is, this was shot over 1 hour and 25 minutes and is made up of over 5,000 individual photos. If you've got the monitor for it, this will play in full 4K resolution.
  5. He's comparing his new 2021 to his previous 2018 with a tune.
  6. We were parked at least a 1/4 mile from the ceremony, so had to rely on the radio. I could generally hear pretty well, but there was some echo, from the speakers probably. Unfortunately, we could still hear others busting in talking about stupid stuff. But considering the situation, you really couldn't ask for much more. We were far away...
  7. I haven't really seen anything but SxS's and trucks that aren't aired down with wheel hop in the sand. It's not that 2WD causes them directly, it's that running a SxS in 2WD seems to sometimes cause wheel hop and thus the bumps. I could be way off, but this is just what I've noticed first hand.
  8. My opinion is the bumps are from SxS's running in 2WD and getting wheel hop. I've seen it happen in some areas as I was parked watching. One night I sat at Olds in an area that was somewhat uphill (near the far left side). As traffic in the aisle backed up, one after another I watched SxS's get stuck by burying their back tires. It was weird, like some SxS drivers don't know they have 4WD? Those in 4WD had no issue. Those in 2WD that made it, left behind those chatter bumps. I guess I must be in the minority that prefers 4WD when duning.
  9. So the new 4 seater has a wheelbase 1.5 inches shorter than the Can Am and overall length is half an inch longer than the Can Am. What's really interesting is that the dry weight (at least according to website specs) is 500 lbs heavier on the Polaris. I wonder how close to reality that is?
  10. What round do you guys shoot? any info on the rifle used?
  11. Awesome. So do you guys target practice at that distance and in adverse conditions to prepare for something like that? I'm just curious, as I've done a lot of target shooting but not hunting.
  12. So, just wanted to update this thread. I ended up buying two SOK 12V 206AH batteries. They're pretty nice. They come in a steel case that allows you to access the internals if you need to replace a cell or the BMS. I installed those, reconfigured my inverter/charger to optimally charge them and also replaced the cooling unit on my Norcold 1210 with a 12V compressor unit. The initial trip was Halloween weekend. The day I left for Glamis, the inverter/charger started acting up. It was reporting an AC High Volt fault, even after disconnecting it from shore power. Because of this fault, I couldn't charge the batteries on the generator. We continued the trip anyway and were super careful what we used power on. About 2 days into the trip, the fault cleared for some mysterious reason and I was able to run the gen and get some power into the batteries before the fault reappeared. That was enough to make it through the trip. The fridge worked fine and draws about 8.0-8.5 amps while the compressor is running. I read a few posts online about people having similar symptoms with this inverter and the service center replacing their AC board to fix it. I took a gamble on the $250 part and had it at my house in a couple days. I pulled apart the inverter and replaced the board and all seems well. I've had it on shore power for several days and it seems to be working normally. A few things I've discovered on this project: 1) LiFePO4 batteries are pretty awesome. When my charger was not working, I ran the battery bank down to about 25%. At that state of charge, the batteries were still at about 12.9-13.0 volts. At that same point, lead acid batteries would have been more like 11.9 volts and would have started suffering some damage. 2) I really should have solar on the trailer. If I had enough solar to at least cover the power the fridge uses (plus some extra) it would make this setup even better. I can see that it will be my next project. I just need to figure out how much I need. 3) The 12V compressor setup is better than propane in some ways, but I feel like it's not powerful enough. I think it takes too long to pull down the temps and it is too sensitive to frequent door openings, etc. I bet the compressor setup I have would kick ass in a smaller 2 door fridge, but I think it might be marginal in a larger 4 door like I have. That said, the temps were in the 90's over Halloween and it managed, so maybe it will be fine.
  13. My inverter has a built-in transfer switch to pass the shore power or generator power through when available. If yours doesn't have that feature, you'd have to do what Steve said. The only downside is that it will slow the charging of your batteries by however many amps the inverter draws.
  14. Another option if anybody else is looking: https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/tractor-supply-55-x-10-ft-square-carry-on-trailer-55x10gwhdp
  15. Wonder what's different about the two cars they were testing? The carbon car sounds pretty good, MUCH better than the orange car. Maybe optional exhaust or something?

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