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  1. I normaly have to work weekends and have to pick & choose when I take time off, so I only go on Holiday weekends, but were heading out tomorrow. Can't wait to ride without having 2 other groups droping into the same bowl your in!!! Dose anyone know if Paradise, down at Gordons, is open on off weekends?? Thanks, Rick -- see Ya in the dunes Green/Gray Super Duty, 20" enclosed, off Gecko
  2. Camped at Buttercup this weekend. and in typical fashion, 1/2 of the truck & trailer rigs in our camp were stuck, because my trailer is the smallest, and easiest to hook back up, and I have the most hp of the 4X's I always get voluntered to pull the others out. Over the weekend we saw a Rhino pull a big Chevey out of the sand, so we decieded to give the Rhino a shot at yanking out the trucks & trailers. No problem! The 4X4 Rhino yanked out 2 full size trucks with 25' toy boxes, and 1 28' motor home w/ a 20' enclosed trailer. I couldn't believe it!!! Those things can do anything.
  3. This in mine before paint. 4130 reinforced frame 16" travel front I beame w/ Kings 2.0 14" travel rear swing arm w/ King 2.0 cross over stearing Suzuki GSXR 750cc (about 100 hp) PRP seats & straps custom Skat traks W/ douglas/OMF bead Locks full cage, with harness 5 Lazer stars front, 1 Lazerstar Yellow rear full street legal reg. w/ insurance built by: The Lab Fabracations in El Cajon www.thelabfab.com [attachmentid=49035][attachmentid=49036][attachmentid=49037][attachmentid=49038][attachmentid=49039][attachmentid=49040][attachmentid=49042]
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  5. This is actualy for my golf cart, not a truck, but i figuered more truck people have encountered this problem than anyone. What all dose it take to be a street legal car? Where Do you go to regester? inspect your rig?, How dose SMOG apply? I have a plate for my golf cart, but its kind of shady. Its perfectly safe and more than capeabul of road driving. Its fully caged, 4 points, street bike motor, all turn and brake signals, head lights (both DOT, and lazer stars). And I have a rear view, and a side mirror. I know I'll need a windshield, and DOT approved tiers and wheels. I wonder if the windshield can bolt on and off, and if you can use lexan, or plexi-glass? The cart will do an easy 75MPH, and handles very good. It has become the rig that I drive more that anything else, Its one of the only carts that wiill dune with anything else in the group. But I would like to drive it a little on the street. Nothing crazy, I just want to be able to go to 7-11, and a few of my close buddies homes. If anyone has any info or suggestions I would love to hear tham. Thanks
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  8. Comming home from glamis this weekend (New Years) My '00 Superduty 7.3 was having a down-shift problem. When I was at a low speed 15-20 mph, and gave it some throttle it would hesitate, kind of hop or jump (no major just a little"bump") then go into gear and be fine. It only did this on the 1st down shift, and had no problems in any other gear. With this exception the truck was fine, and at a higher rate of speed you wouldn't know there was a problem. As a side note on this same trip I turned 85,000 mi, and my service engine soon light came on. coincidence or related??? I know there a lot of superduty owners out there, I would like to know if you have heard of a simalar problem, or what I might expect.--Thanks, Rick
  9. I was camped close to the truck the rolled. On Sunday they used a full roll of duck tape to tape the rear winshield (that poped out in one piece in the roll) in place where the front should have been. They had tie downs holding the doors shut, and keeping the tail gate shut. But the charged it for home, and I didn't see them on the side of the road??? Good luck on a side note I think the guy pulled out some pretty good driving by not letting that 6,000 lb. piece of metal hit the croud!

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