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  1. I got it at ride now in chandler az. that was tax and everything for 2800. I found some used ones in the 1500-2000 range also, but for the 800 I just bought new. Check with Coyne also.
  2. When people say gently used, this is the definition, driven by a grandma, never abused, never seen speeds over 25 mph in the dunes, never jumped, never drag raced, never hit the hill, trailer queen, Olds camp host.. JK buddy Car is fast and super reliable. Perfect family car and great duning car and priced amazingly well with a super charged ls and s4d. The price cars are going for right now is out of control, this is priced to sell. I know this will make someone very happy.
  3. Side note, I just got my 8 year old a 90 TRX honda, wow is it fast. I got a new 2019 for 2800 out the door plus paddles. It was perfect in the sand and wheelies in the street. not sure how old the quad is for, but check out the new 90's, if you can't find the 110.
  4. PBS is out of business, if that case shits itself you are effd. Thats why its a deal breaker, and resale because of it.
  5. Haven't been on here is a long time, but did attend the vets day ceremony this year. WOW is all I have to say and thank you to all who participated to make it what it was, absolutely unreal. I know wrong forum for that but wanted to thank all. I am looking for a Gen 6 or new Prefer 4 seater but 2 will consider. We don't get out to glamis but a few times a year, as my son races Lucas Oil now and we just don't have the time or money. After being out and driving Dzrtruns I "need" another Funco in my life. If we can find one great, if not, no big deal. Appreciate any leads you may have. New phone number is 480-550-2619 thanks Jeff, Must have's- Gen 6 or newer 4 seat LS motor (turbos/blower a plus) S4s, s4d, fortin or albins 934's Deal breakers- PBS 2d 4/6 cylinder motors
  6. Wow, just wow. So many critics...
  7. Unless you have a lot to deduct i.e. house mortgage taxes and interest, kids (which are not what you think), milage for work, work tools, other work related expenses not paid by your work, or own a business, i agree with 4wdboss. The tax form is simple for a single guy in that range. If you don't have any write offs you use the 1040ez anyway and its a standard deduction. You obviously use the correct withholdings on your check to not over/under pay during the year. Only thing worse than not getting a big tax refund, is owing a big bill... Not a tax guy either, but i stayed at a holiday in express once
  8. Congrats Tony, happy you for you. I am sure you will love that thing. Its a whole new experience.
  9. What i wonder is, was this always a problem? Does this problem come and go with the economy? Seems we always had issues getting spots 01-07 on the pads on a weekend and especially holiday weekend. 08-14 not so tough for us to get good spots, now it is getting much busier again as the economy (or financing or refinancing or bank accounts or whatever means people are using to buy stuff again) is getting better, or at least isn't getting worse. We didn't do glamis back in the comp trenches days, pre 2000, so i can't speak to that, maybe you old farts that don't even go to glamis anymore can enlighten us ? Is this a cycle though? Now with social media and more rangers is it actually being brought to light and enforced?
  10. Grant came over to give dzrtrun and his wife a demo over xmas/ny and as always stayed and talked with us for quite some time. One of the conversations was the "copying" of the cars that goes on over seas. The conversation came up during the changes on the F9 if i recall so they couldn't duplicate the body of the F9 on older funco's over there. Tube placement and minor changes to prevent copying it so quickly, its inevitable after a while. I know Allan's Extreme cars have been copied, specifically the Mobile one cars, i text Robby when i saw the pic and congratulated him on the sale, he said what do you mean?? After looking close on the small pick the only way you could tell it was a fake was the shock color was blue, not a extreme detail. Call i flattery call it copying either way its just an imitator.
  11. This is very true, and to top it, they only have (had) 1 hour to take your blood from the time of the stop or "incident" . You are also allowed a .03 rise in blood alcohol level from the point of stop to the blood test. While they can still cite you for wet and reckless or impaired driving, a good lawyer can fight it. No lawyer here either but i did stay at a holiday in express once...
  12. The only way out is using the illegal stop argument, which i believe is where you are going. Seems a good lawyer could fight it. If he blew on site he is screwed.
  13. Jersey Jeff!! You spend 2k alone just to get to glamis, do you really think 2k would stop any of us from being able to leave our shit season long? A group of us had this debate multiple times that we should "Lease" RRE and turn it into a full blow full hook up campground. The reality is the BLM would never do it without a huge fight, but its a fun camp fire debate over cold cocktails. The conversation always goes, how much would you pay to have full hook ups, leave your stuff all season and a guaranteed spot. For the people with motorhomes and trailers, it cost 4-600 per trip in fuel alone, 10 trips a year 5k easy. Thats not even buggy fuel. I know its just a pipe dream conversation but its right in line with this thread. I think a lot of this is funny, people want some rules enforced and others looked past. Its typical as we can all justify to ourselves why its ok for us to bend the rules when we justify it to ourselves. I do love the bitching from people that dont even go to glamis, that is fun.
  14. Has there been any evidence that the U.S. was responsible in taking his internet down? It seems like a really stupid thing to do since Assange obviously would have multiple sources to spread his info, and would only make it appear even worse to our administration. (not saying that were not stupid enough to do it, just want to see proof.) It's circumstantial, but the rest of the world gov'ts want to get those emails, while Hillary and her buddy Obama are virtually the only 2 who want him shut down. The latest news is a series of 3 cryptic, encoded Tweets have come from wikileaks which are rumored to be a "dead man's switch." The theory is that he's been assassinated and this triggered the Tweets which will alert his associates to release further info from another server somewhere else. Like a life insurance policy, except it only works if the assassin believes you have it. I'm surprised Wikileaks wasn't hosted from multiple servers in multiple countries. Shutting him down seemed a little too easy. Kinda what i thought...
  15. Highly recommended. Check out Hermitage Bay or Jumby Bay. Jumby is a little more but the ultimate resort. We had to stay two nights at Coco Bay, due to the days we had to travel to get my mom over to watch the kids, and hermitage closes for 6 weeks for renovation. Coco wasn't bad, however we wouldn't go back. Hermitage we stayed at 5 nights, it was the most amazing service we have ever had. True 5 star resort. only 27 bungalows so its pretty quiet even when its full. Adult only and very secluded. Jumpy Bay we will stay at next time, didn't know about it till we did the boat around the island. Lots of history on the island, the people in general are very friendly and welcoming. Not nearly as bad of local conditions as say mexico or Jamaica, so you don't feel unsafe leaving the resorts. Flights are easy through Miami or newark every day. We will be going back for sure. We stayed a week, i would only go back for 5 days next time, i got bored (i can't sit still an relax with out a motorized vehicle) but my wife would have stayed another week. https://www.rosewoodhotels.com/en/jumby-bay-antigua http://www.hermitagebay.com

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