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  1. Just turned 54. A healthy diet becomes more key each year and should be a way of life habit. I have always kept to healthy eating, but it sure is getting harder to keep the mid section tight and the handles away. I find prevention much easier and healthier than recovery. So, I don’t push the BPM, as I see no need to “test” or shock any muscle, including my heart. Proper strength training helps keep joints, etc in place and better aligned as our tendons become fatigued and less elastic with age. Better/tighter joint alignment prevents tissue inflammation and eventual arthritis. So do very controlled lifts with reasonable weight. We definitely lose stamina as we age, even though we try so hard to maintain. Best to accept some of it gracefully. I treadmill about 2-3 miles during the week, when in the gym. Weekends are for long steep high elevation hikes. We have great mountains all around and getting away in nature sure can be cathartic. 14 days and 152 miles, at 17k feet elevation in the Himalayas (Nepal) this year was epic. Heading to Patagonia this March. Too old to do alpine running, but sure can get a serious workout on steep inclines and declines at a fast hike. Do the best your body will allow, listen too it, take care of it, and plan the most adventurous things first. Here’s to accepting that we will forever fight calories and gravity🍻
  2. I’ll be gone till Sunday, and would like to come get them, if still available.
  3. I need 14.5 x 15. Thanks though.
  4. Still available? Any cracks or leaks you know of? Approx how old are they? Thx.
  5. Chasing a misfire at full boost over 10lbs. Like running through a maze.
  6. First of all, I rarely if ever comment on forums, but I recently finished this very long 4 year process about as amicably and with the least amount of attorney fees as possible. MAC's post makes excellent points. Every decision should be made with your number one focus being how it effects your child. Your next concern is calculating the long-term cost of any decision vs. the cost of Attorneys to fight over it. When necessary, but not too often, communicate directly with your soon to be ex (without Attorneys) and try to present a best case for all vs. the attorney fees to fight each element. Also, have discussions early in the day, before you are both exhausted and have not patience. Never have discussions longer than 30 minutes and get agreement on that. Otherwise they will eventually end in disaster. Take the high road, be reasonable, and protect your child. Finally, NEVER, EVER legally give up more than the 50% custody your ex may be entitled too. Your child needs you!
  7. Jones Fabrication in Upland. Used to do fab and body work for Suspensions Unlimited. Jones Fabrication LLC Assembly & Fabricating Service (mfrs) Address: 8401 Loma Pl # D, Upland, CA 91786 Phone:(909) 931-0035

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