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  1. Ive heard several times that the Michelins are awesome but they are 295/80's and 295/75's are much easier to find on the road if you ever need one replaced somewhere.
  2. The worst part about all these stories when they come out is it's even more disappointing when they have put out great work at some point.. I had a similar experience with Thad at the old socalfab back in the day when that shop was going south. Cost me a bunch of money and parts. I went with him because I saw what he was capable of. Previous stuff I saw was awesome. Really sucked when I got hosed.. Now he is at another shop doing good work again I hear on utv's. Good for him, I still wouldnt use him but many have and I haven't seen any recent threads where he is ripping people off again. Maybe mose will be able to do the same.
  3. Its badass. I thought about it for my nephew but even at 6k it's a hard pill to swallow knowing in just a couple seasons he will have outgrown it.
  4. Both of my small local airports will sell it to anyone who shows up with cash.
  5. We have the same issue having to cross hard pack to get to sand. We just get #2’s and cut them to #1 height.
  6. Ive got a 24' ATC Ive been thinking about selling to go bigger.. All alum inside with upper and lower cabinets etc...
  7. I run a 4cyl Ecotec Mid engine car. 15-1600lbs total and adding the rear Bypass shocks was one of the best mods I have done. Works tons better and super easy to dial in.. I was getting close with just coilovers but the Bypasses were the icing on the cake...
  8. I use one of these but I replaced the bolt with another pin. Pull 1 pin to fold for the trailer or pull both to remove. I have my lighted whip on the same mount so I can change back and fourth quick and easy bu just pulling the pins and swapping. I did have to buy 2 mounts and trash half of the 2nd one but it was still pretty cheap and super easy to use...
  9. SWEET... I really need to replace my 24' ATC for a 30 ' version of this...lol
  10. Had one on my 1000. Worked great....
  11. My buddy did these with extra discs added for more flow and sound. https://supertrapp.com/shop-products/universal/auto-disc-only
  12. I have both and still dont understand the whole "less maintenance" idea. I would agree with "different" maintenance but I fail to see it really being any cheaper. If you really are gonna go camping in the sand and hard pack the sxs might make sense. If primarily in the sand buy a rail
  13. Im still secretly hoping the doesn't sell too quickly.. My buddy had a full season of issues with his highly modified RZR then ended his season with him buying a new complete motor from Polaris for like $5K. Easter is our 1st trip and I all but have him pushed off the fence to buy this car and then ditch the RZR. I may even sabotage his machine next week but really have a feeling I wont have to. ... Bob, If you're reading this hurry up and just make him an offer ...LOL
  14. Getting the trailer loaded for Monday, Our 1st trip of the season up here in UT begins Monday morning... I cant wait...
  15. Another good one.. Just a normal guy lending his buddy a hand......lol

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