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  1. nyceguy01

    Muffler advice

    My buddy did these with extra discs added for more flow and sound. https://supertrapp.com/shop-products/universal/auto-disc-only
  2. nyceguy01

    RZR vs. X3 vs. Sandrail

    I have both and still dont understand the whole "less maintenance" idea. I would agree with "different" maintenance but I fail to see it really being any cheaper. If you really are gonna go camping in the sand and hard pack the sxs might make sense. If primarily in the sand buy a rail
  3. Im still secretly hoping the doesn't sell too quickly.. My buddy had a full season of issues with his highly modified RZR then ended his season with him buying a new complete motor from Polaris for like $5K. Easter is our 1st trip and I all but have him pushed off the fence to buy this car and then ditch the RZR. I may even sabotage his machine next week but really have a feeling I wont have to. ... Bob, If you're reading this hurry up and just make him an offer ...LOL
  4. nyceguy01

    It's Saturday 4/13/19 what are you doing this weekend?

    Getting the trailer loaded for Monday, Our 1st trip of the season up here in UT begins Monday morning... I cant wait...
  5. nyceguy01

    An interesting and true story documentary on Netflix

    Another good one.. Just a normal guy lending his buddy a hand......lol
  6. nyceguy01

    whats your favorite expression?

    Had an old timer one time tell me... "Son, you're either a Truck or a Trailer"...
  7. nyceguy01

    An interesting and true story documentary on Netflix

    Its pretty good, I watched it the other night. The character that starts it off is awesome....lol
  8. For anyone on the fence here's a comparison for you. A Can Am X3 turbo is almost the same exact weight as these cars. Very close anyway. The X3 advertises 172 HP but at the wheels they put down 120 +/-. Locally here they are almost always under.. With a tune, turbo, injectors, exhaust, and inter-cooler upgrade my tuners X3 4 seater put down 175 at the wheels. It feels pretty damn fast as well. On the same dyno on the same day my Revo with a very similar motor ( mine is an LE5 2.4 with the same LSJ blower ) to the one for sale here put down 228. Compared to a normal X3 or Turbo S RZR this is a rocket ship..lol
  9. nyceguy01

    Buyer be aware of Acefuture

    I purchased a pair of used pair of 930 axles from his garage clean out thread. First, he took like several hours to ship them out. Second, They were good usable axles exactly as described in his ad. Third, He packaged them well and I got them like a whole day later. Fourth, he even had the nerve to make me a super good deal on them and they were exactly the ones I needed. Just thought you all should know what kind of guy you're buying from...lol Thanks again man...
  10. nyceguy01

    PCI carbon fiber OTH headsets used

    At least on the helmet kits I had they are the same plug but they wire them differently. easy enough to change though.. especially as cheap as these are... if I didn’t have several already I’d buy them just cause..lol
  11. nyceguy01

    New alignment plates I made

    Get a couple pieces of hyfax for a snowmobile and slide it on the bottom of the plates. Plenty slippery and cheap and easy to replace if needed.
  12. nyceguy01

    It's Saturday 3/30/19 what are you doing this weekend?

    Amateurs... Just gotta cover the other side with duct tape till the caulking dries.....lol
  13. nyceguy01

    king shock install on rear

    If you get the shocks set up properly you wont need the straps. With your current setup the shocks are too long so you need them to save your CV's..
  14. nyceguy01

    king shock install on rear

    Send them to Schmidty or king to get internal stops put in. You could then also ditch the straps and make it even easier to work on..
  15. nyceguy01

    king shock install on rear

    I spent a ton of time getting this just right when I fabbed the bypass mounts on my car. Seemed like it took forever but I can easily pull either my coil over or my bypass off easily once on the Jack. my buddy has a 900 razor with the HCR long travel and Kings and it’s a nightmare to pull a rear shock of his machine.

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