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  1. Just had my two seater done at a shop in Oregon. They did a great job. The color I chose was an extremely expensive blue. They did it all for 1600. Just picked it up Monday.
  2. How the hell does someone charge 650 to replace one bearing? doesn't even take a special tool? im in the wrong business i guess
  3. make sure the mc is fully retracting so it fills up with fluid. and pushes fluid to both ports. if it is missing the rear break line port it will not push into the line. i had a similar prob on the peddles on my rail. had them set to tight and it wouldn't allow fluid to flow into the cylinder. mine wouldn't bleed for three days untill i found that out. then another day before i could get it to bleed through the turn breaks. IDK if that helps just what i experienced
  4. I wish them the best, the story was hard to read. hope the a hole gets what he has coming, I have never even been to Glamis but hope to go some day. but this story touched me enough to make a donation. People in Oregon do support fellow duners from all over, all one big family. never met any of you but will try to some day.Best wishes!
  5. My best advise from a shop teacher "for bad welders they make good grinders."
  6. So i built a race cage for a friends sons rzr 170, whatcha guys think? Just for the dunes not for race but he felt it wasn't safe enough for his 10 year old. i agree, The stock cage and door nets wont stop much. Also built a lt front end and lifted the rear
  7. MSfab

    New Buggy Floor?

    When i put the floor in my rail i used 125 alum, cost me about 250 for a 4x8 you can get them that big you are just paying for a larger footage, 4x8=32 sq ft 5x10=50 sq ft, When i bought mine i payed around 8 dollars a square ft Just my 2cence

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