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  1. IMO from years of landlording proving it will be very tough . Just get it cut down and move on . The stress of proving this and that isn’t worth it at all . You know he did it , we all know he did it . Just make it known to him that you know he did it and claim the loss sizably on your taxes as unrecoverable damages . Then let the dust clear a bit and subscribe him to every raunchy gay porn mag you can . If that’s too brutal Shoot some invasive ivy seed over the wall .
  2. WhAt are we talking bout here the double ugly as f truck or the big billet center that broke out of the wheel ring ?
  3. Barely knew him . He only remembered me as Kevin’s brother . My last conversation with him at the picnic tables , he took the time to enlighten me to his version of finding happiness. Very sad news
  4. Of course he was way worse because Facebook and cnn said so .
  5. Biden is a Effinjoke and the democrats as a whole are a complete disgrace to this county .
  6. I’d rather have a sister in a brat house than a brother that was a Democrat
  7. Working all weekend . People please stop buying Effing Mylar balloons please .
  8. Smells like A Democrat cover up .
  9. Can’t stop laughing . Don’t know what’s funnier , that somebody actually put that kind of money into a sxs or Knowing that somebody is out there calculating , cash advances and there next 5 paychecks to buy that pos .
  10. You Can wish in one hand for a set of dwt wheels and Crap in the other hand to see which one fills up first .

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