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  1. @Rampage42 this ^^^^^^ guy knows his wiring 👍 Eric. It’sgreat to see how far it’s come along !
  2. Going on my 3rd 24 hours of this bullshit IMG_3483.MOV IMG_3483.MOV
  3. Work stacking some good ole blue collar overtime /double time so I can get my ass out of Cali soon .
  4. I second this nomination ! guy worked his ass off and things can only get bigger and better to unite all of us patriot duners who love our country and those who fought for it .
  5. The looming death of our democracy was avoided slightly with this verdict . Let’s all use this as motivation to keep fighting these communist leftist democrats
  6. How about a brand new Springfield SA-35 and about 1000 rds and some close quarters pistola training . 👍
  7. Awesome pictures , your welcome and this should be a reoccurring tradition as part of How we observe , honor and pay respect to our veterans and our country . I hope to be out today about 1ish to work on my junk hopefully I will get it running to make the flagpole tommorow.
  8. Your the man . These computers are not internet connected . The hat drives finally gave up .
  9. @JDMeister Don’t give a f about windows 11 19 or whatever I need a pc with xp the 3 bought from you years ago have finally all taken a dump . None of my perfectly good engineering software works on 10 . And I don’t give a Eff they are programs dammit not app’s . and belong on my computer not on a Effing cloud or in outer space or whatever . Xp anyone ? jd
  10. RobertL provided a gd postal to deliver the flags to howzayquervo , aka dirtbags , aka glamisveterans , a box of 3x5 American made quality American flags for those in need , while supply’s last . Also a box of 12”x18” flags on little wooden poles . I won’t be there but can’t wait to see some pics . Go Brandon and thank you to all our veterans !
  11. Anyone going Tuesday or wed ? Have flags to send to howzayquervo
  12. Thanks gd family had a great day blessed with a visit from @kevin who was only 80% of the guy I last saw . Great job big brother!
  13. Eff every single person who voted for Biden . Democrats suck it

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