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  1. Pull your primary and secondary and send them to Kris at KWI, you won’t be disappointed. Or better yet set up an appointment and have him do the work in Glamis. Save $$ on the shipping
  2. 2002 Honda Civic EX Coupe- Well taken care of, recent tune up with plugs and coils, timing belt changed, new factory Honda transmission at ~ 130,000, new battery, new tires, new brakes, alpine stereo with amps and jl audio stealth box. 175,200 miles, SOLD!!
  3. https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/snw/d/san-bernardino-suzuki-ltr-450-frame/6872136723.html
  4. I run the coopers on my LED3505 as well. They have been a good tire for me as well. On second set.
  5. Ed Poundsand did mine. Very happy with his work!
  6. I am using Rb components tire rack in my garage. I picked the, up for super cheap at the sand show a few years ago $25 in their scratch and dent pile. Work great and are super clean. Here’s a link https://rbcomponents.com/search?q=Tire+rack
  7. I need a float needle and seat for LT80 in Glamis. Fuel is not flowing through. Let me know if you have anything Chris 9092250525
  8. It’s probably just your fuel filter. No need for a mechanic. Those are the symptoms when it is clogged.
  9. Dennis Dillon in Idaho is who you need to talk to. 60% of their business is CA residents. You call them put down the deposit, fly up there and they pick you up at the airport, fill out the paperwork and you are on the road! Save big $$ and excellent customer service. I know several guys that have done it with great results.
  10. Lets hear them! I'm not opposed to shipping it for the rebuild.
  11. I have 2 LT80’s both running 90 main jets. Both run strong
  12. Any recommendations on a shop to do the rebuild? I plan to pull it myself.

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