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  1. Super strong whips from @jjoseph99 . Have one on my YXZ. Don't know how many times I have forgotten to take it off before pulling into the trailer , it bends the mounting bracket on the roll bar . So far only a little scuff on the shrink wrap. If it survives my abuse , it will last forever . And as mentioned - super bright.
  2. dbatman

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    I think I saw her and her friends in the city park .
  3. Grandkids first B-day party this afternoon . Get other grandson to load my OBDII software on his laptop for me. He let me borrow the lap top , set me up as user with administrator privileges , but that is not working out very well. Need him to uninstall McAfee ( trial version ) and delete anything associated with it. I can't do a thing to it. Sneaky program. Even though it is expired , it still reacts to the OBDII install and hangs it up. Just went through exact same thing with my desktop. Once cleaned of McAfee install went perfect. OBDII gizmo should show up today , and will hook everything up to MH to start to troubleshoot o2 sensor issue. Best thing about this is that the refrigerator works great in the MH and is full of beer right now. Only about 5' away. May take a few cold ones to figure this out.
  4. taking a clue from big_daddy_jp. Was going to change fuel filter on MH. Couldn't find it right away . said F it. Washed YXZ and trailer. Now for the pool and beer.
  5. No problem riding from park to trails. People running the place are very nice.
  6. Various pictures of Alabama Hills. The MH threw some O2 sensor codes on the way up - so we decided to just do the Lone Pine stuff . No true off-roading is allowed , must stick to existing trails / roads. Went in back of the MH park towards the Dry lake. Big flat service road for water / power company. Got buzzed by military jet @ 300 ft. high. he stayed that low all the way across valley to White mountains. Did the hill climb to top turned and went down a small valley , headed towards Bishop. So cool and so loud. Grandson was buzzed a 2nd time later. We will go back again. need to see if a quad can fit in trailer standing up for the grandson to ride. Dirtbike was not really legal for the road ( no brake light ). First time the boy has ridden the 140. Was leery of sandy trails . Bike was twitchy for him. 2nd day went looking for some charcoal kilns by the lake bed. Bike beat him up on the soft trails. So he drove the YXZ and I rode the bike. Lowered the tire pressure to 15 and bike got better. Still threw me around , lowered to 10 in front and was really good. He enjoyed riding it after that.
  7. Learning all I can about O2 sensor errors on the motorhome. 8.1L workhorse. I think it may be a fueling issue from reading the service manual . have ordered a new fuel filter and will be getting a fuel pressure gauge. Already put new O2 sensors in and cleaned the MAF. Still had codes after that. Refrigerator in it is working great . so cold brews are a few steps away. Start looking for a scanner to retrieve stored code info in the ecm.
  8. Last minute stuff getting ready for 4 days in lone pine. Leaving Monday AM . KLX 140 up and running after 3 years of no use. Fits in trailer with SXS. Needed battery and did oil change. Daughters bike. Bought it new , rode it 3 times and parked it. Get all gas cans filled today. Tomorrow get food and stuff. Hook everything up for early departure. Super stoked to be going out again.
  9. Flex Seal tape. that stuff sticks like crazy and is thick / tuff . Would not put a big dent in the brew fund either.
  10. getting daughter motivated to get her Honda 100 and Kawi KLR 140 up to date on registration. Grandson expressed an interest in going with us on next trip to Lone Pine / Alabama Hills. Kawi has not run in 3+ years . Need to get that running. Battery is toast . will shop for a new one tomorrow. May involve a new 18 pack.
  11. getting stuff ready for another trip to Lone Pine / Alabama Hills . depending on how MH does - go up to Mammoth area for a few more days.
  12. How far apart are the down bars on the RZR for the spare tire mount?
  13. Also planning a trip to Mammoth with MH / YXZ . Going to stay in the RV park in Mammoth if possible. Full hook ups - wife's request . Stay 3-4 days. Then head home via Boulder Creek RV in Lone Pine. 3 - 4 days there as well. Alabama Hills is a very cool place to go ride. Nothing technical but totally awesome views. Shared use roads are a trip. Legal for ATV use. can access direct from RV park. Want to do a night ride there. Never had the SxS out after dark. Just need to get a few more gas cans , a rotopax setup and some O2 sensors for the MH. Hopefully it cools down a bit when we are ready to do this.
  14. Drill press if it a sturdy one. Lathe would be best. Reamers tend to center on the existing hole pretty well. Plus they give very accurate hole size - better than a drill. I was a tool and die maker for 20 years - so take my advice with a grain of salt. Part should be fixtured sturdy and concentric to CL of tool .

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