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  1. Drill press if it a sturdy one. Lathe would be best. Reamers tend to center on the existing hole pretty well. Plus they give very accurate hole size - better than a drill. I was a tool and die maker for 20 years - so take my advice with a grain of salt. Part should be fixtured sturdy and concentric to CL of tool .
  2. Unloading Motorhome today. Did a trip to Lone Pine / Alabama Hills. Need to fix dump valves on MH. Both stuck shut. Should be a fun time. Refrigerator decided to die on us as well. Going to use coolers for a bit. Planning next trip back there for 4+ days. Totally awesome.
  3. nice ride. may want to let people know the year. ( my guess - 16 )
  4. YXZ did great today. A few small compression / rebound adjustments and finally happy with it. For the most part , as far as I can tell , from Miller Canyon staging , there are basically 2 loops to take. Turn right at trailhead for2N37 . Go to end where it ends at 2N33 . Go left to get to Pilot Rock and a view of the lake and dam. Somewhere around that area you can get on 2N17X which takes you back to about mid point of 2N33 . We looked at that trail - very challenging . Did not do it. turn Left at beginning trailhead for 2N36 . Takes you to 2N33 also. Neat trail. 2N33 has a lot of side trails to play with.. Turn right off 2N37 ends up at water treatment plant. Side trail on the left is 3W14 . Very challenging . can get to Pinnacles from that. We went about a mile and turned back. Did not want to get stuck.
  5. To me, the scary people are the ones riding as fast as they can everywhere they go. Saw a few up there on SxS and bikes. I've adjusted by slowing way down when our line of sight gets short. Always looking out for others who are enjoying themselves. Time to load up.
  6. So far no issues with folks on the trails. I am running mid 3rd gear most times and try to maintain a good speed/distance to avoid "meeting". Thinking of MH to Olancha for a few days next week . if available. Then dry camp Alabama Hills with SXS for a couple , depending on how MH does in Olancha. Been 2 years since last trip with it.
  7. Going tomorrow . Trying out new shock setting. Hope the place is not crowded. Ride to the lake and see if any more trails are there. Been doing out and back trips . The trail to Pinnacles is not on our list. Did it as far as the end of the fueling station and said screw it. Yamaha was doing ok , but not really it's thing. Plus , just us and need to keep us safe. Our new favorite spot.
  8. Putting new main springs on front of YXZ. Going 1 step softer. Front is pretty close to what I want right now. Then going to Oceanside Harbor with daughter / son in law for their B-Day fish and chips with beers. May brush pool tomorrow. Or not.
  9. https://shop.advanceautoparts.com/p/mtc-diverter-valve-b702024848mtc/10739997-P?navigationPath=L1*14932|L2*14982|L3*15283
  10. No Pismo.Been there , done that. Superstition sounds good. Wife and I are taking a trip down to Ocotillo to check things out. Play it by ear. If Superstition is not too far - may check that out as well. Thanks for the reminder on wrist restraints . Cheap insurance. Mr. Rip it up will start out on a quad. I am very hesitant to let him loose in the Yamaha. His brother rolled my quad on to it's side screwing around at El Mirage . Over the bars and on to his back . He Was sore for at least a week. I had to fix everything myself with no offer of any help from anyone. Left me with a bad attitude about sharing my toys. Main focus for me and the wife is for my daughter and her hubby to enjoy themselves . Introduce them to safe off road fun in the dirt. The boy is just baggage.
  11. That is a thought as well. Only been to the Truckhaven side once when we first got the YXZ . Saw that the other side has a lot of things that could make for a nice day trip.
  12. Thanks for the safety reminders. This is still early planning stage for me. I have decided to de-cobweb the moho and take that . may make it a lot more pleasant for my dirt free daughter. This will most likely be a day trip at this point. So river is a bit much. But good tips for when it is just me and wifey.

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