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  1. Weird, the algorithm in full effect. I just started watching these this weekend. Blue top legend is fun to watch.
  2. Been there a few times and never saw the F40. Will check this out tonight.
  3. Does it have to be an ARB? Lots of good 12V fridges on the market these days.
  4. Do you still have 2 dragsters?
  5. A proper sand race in glamis is waaaay over due. This is gonna be awesome! Too bad about the training wheels though.
  6. The big ol rims with very little sidewall seem to have this issue more often than a standard sidewall. Maybe time for some 15" steelies and mudders. 😃 Great save that worked out well but easily could have done the opposite.
  7. Good looking car and they sound frantastic.
  8. OP, do you have much experience with VDub engines? From a power standpoint, bigger is better. From a reliability standpoint, stick with a smaller engine. Back 20 years ago, anything over 2 liters was a grenade unless it was a high $ pro built balanced and blueprinted jewel and even then, if sand got past a filter, it could eat itself fairly quickly. Depending on who you talked to, an 1835 or 1915 seemed to be the sweet displacement for long running peppy motors. Look for things like forged internals, build sheets, sand seals. I'm not to knowledgeable on volkswagons but know enough that there are more poor running unreliable vdub rails in glamis then there are reliable ones.
  9. FWIW, the 2022 Tundra is all new from the ground up. New twin turbo V6 with new 10 speed trans and coil spring rear suspension. The engine and trans have been used in other vehicles of course and all the SUVs have had coils for the last 30 years but I would steer clear of a first year vehicle from any maker, even Toyota. I don't think it would leave you stranded but small issues are bound to pop up.
  10. Those are JBL L100's. Another very nice stereo loudspeaker.
  11. I'm not speaking from experience, I'm a long time half ton owner. I had an F250 gasser but it didn't make sense to me. The new diesels are incredibly powerful but I feel that is now their only advantage. They used to get incredible mileage. Not any more. They used to be as reliable as a hammer. Not any more. Emissions bullcrap has made them so convoluted I wouldn't trust them to last longer than a gasser except for professional heavy hauler hot shot types. Even then, gas motor last a long long time in those conditions. They used to be affordable. Not any more. And gas engines used to give up alot in the power department but with engines like Fords 7.3L gas engine and the 10 speed auto, they make great power and can lug down to almost diesel RPMs while driving. I'd go gas and not look back. Either the Ford 7.3L or Chevy 6.6L would make an awful nice pickup in a 3/4 ton.
  12. I had a fantastic pair of LS15 Cerwin Vegas that I sold to Ocotillo boy. For a big booming unsophisticated box, I loved those things. I thought they sounded great. Maybe I don't have the nuances it takes to be an audiophile but my wallet says that isn't a bad thing. 😁
  13. Yup, skat trak can make any tire into a paddle tire like that. They made that one. Depending on the tire used, the finished product will have a rounded form like that or a flat form. Ohtsu was a Japanese tire manufacturer who made great tires and made most of the tires that came on japanese bikes since the eighties. Dunlop makes similar quality tires these days.
  14. Marantz and McIntosh make some really great sounding equipment. I was using a Sony ES 5.1 receiver that I loved but it was huge and heavy and when I downsized to this apartment, I sold it to not have to store or move it. Lots of people push Preamp/Tube amp setups. I need to listen before I make that jump. I like the simplicity of a higher end all in one. WOW! That cabinet is beautiful. Your Dad does great work. K Horns have been the ultimate setup for as long as I can remember. I'll never have the room to house them, I'd be satisfied just hearing them some time. The Heresy model was originally designed as a center channel to fill in between 2 Klipschorns. Is there a big difference between a modern high quality A/V receiver and tube amps? I've never heard tube amps and have been happy with the higher end receivers I have been using.
  15. I watch the PSAudio youtube channel every so often. Great info. They have a listening room with an Infinity ISRV setup that will blow you away. It's a distant cousin to the Infinity floor standers I had awhile ago. These aren't what you find at best buy. My old reference series bookshelf speakers were though. The Heresy line is part of the Klipsch heritage series. Pretty hi end stuff. I'm not married to them in any way and would do some serious listening before dropping $3K on them but I'm at a stage in my life where I can pursue a nice stereo setup.
  16. I'm doing some dreaming here and wondered if we have any audiophiles on the board? My next house will have a dedicated stereo for music listening. For electronics, I will start with the small denon all in one receiver/CD player I have currently till I move up to a higher end receiver or amp/preamp setup. I'm curious what people like for speakers. I have my eye on a new set of Klipsch Heresy III's. My last good speakers were a large set of klipsch reference series bookshelf speakers. I like the way they sounded but I owned a set of Infinity floor standing towers with a kappa ribbon tweeter that sounded amazing. I'll take a trip to a store to test some ribbon tweeter speakers before I buy, some ELACs or B&O's. What do you like? The best speaker I've ever heard is a bose 901. Before you crucify me and say those aren't real high quality speakers, they sounded amazing. They were installed by an audio pro in the house of my friends parents, way up in the air in a house with 20' ceilings.
  17. I use the hell out of one. I have a higher end surebonder industrial 100 watt model with standard and high strength acrylic glue sticks. I've used it to stick a door stop together, rebond laminate countertop, even temporarily bonded a brass sheet to a wood backing to cut up in my table saw. The brass alone kept grabbing and getting flung. Yours is a great use I never would have thought of though.
  18. It's an IS300 and no way is that totaled. I'd get a second opinion on repair right now since there is nothing for a decent price for sale.
  19. We saw this in the early 2000's as demand from HELOC ballers drove sales of recreational vehicles of all types through the roof. Keep that in mind as you look for a used RV in the next several years. These are the years you want to stay away from. Standard stick built RVs have always been of subpar quality with some outliers like Lazy Days, Okanogan, bigfoot. Mostly the small builders that have been building the same designs for many years that haven't sold out to the big conglomerates. If an RV comes from Indiana, I would be very careful.
  20. I wanted to buy a vice for my new workbench about 12 years ago and started looking. The stuff in big box stores was junk. I couldn't understand how such a low tech tool seemed to come in 2 qualities, either cheap import junk or made in the USA overpriced high end. As I was talking to my Dad, he offered me my grandpas old craftsman bench vice that was sitting in the dirt on the ground in the barn. The vice was crusty but worked smoothly. It's a light duty 6" vice, useful for sharpening lawnmower blades or sprinkler valves. It's roughly 40 years old and I built a simple base out of cherry so I can move the vice from bench to table. The clamps shown were replaced with sturdy C clamps. I've had it powder coated and have used the heck out of it. I could use a heavier duty vice and so could Grandpa. He bent both the handle and swivel lock on this one but it has proven useful and I really like that it belonged to him and was passed down to me.
  21. I have a chinese made wilton small machinist vice for my drill press that has been a good little vice. Just for kicks, I started looking through amazon and my jaw dropped when I saw what they wanted for this beauty. Wilton 8" Tradesman vice.
  22. Great point. I hadn't considered the foundation with regards to resale. I'm actually not wanting to stay under the radar regarding permits for things. I'd rather suck it up and pay now and not have to worry about the tax man or resale at a later date. I wanted to keep the home as low as possible because if I stay in it till I'm elderly, I want as few steps to deal with as possible. Drainage is excellent but haven't gotten as far as investigating the flood plain. It's in the foothills so lots of slope but there is a U shaped hill behind the pad that can potentially funnel lots of water through. Great points on the unpermitted projects. It's always a good reminder just to pay the man sometimes. Thanks for the tip regarding Tim Mesic. I'll give it a shot.
  23. Yeah, it looks like base model pricing for a well built manufactured is $100 sq/ft. But a nice upgraded home is double that. You have Kit custom up by you that builds some nice homes. Silvercrest out of fairly local to me San Jacinto is a brand that stands out so far. Kit custom home builders out of Idaho also seems to build a high quality home. I'm curious how well the home does being a manufactured. First one I've seen with a tile roof. Is that for fire resistance?
  24. Wilton makes a great vice but understand the difference in price between a wilton and an import of most brands excluding the good German or Japanese brands will make your jaw drop. You can try finding a used wilton or snap-on but prices have jumped up in the last few years.

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