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  1. Same. I haven't found the funnel that is a do all. Small ones fit almost everywhere but you don't want an oil change taking an hour. I have 6 and use them all. Don't forget these nifty inventions for when nothing else works because an engineer wanted to flex his autocad skills. https://www.amazon.com/Multi-Purpose-Flexible-Funnel-Reusable-Silica/dp/B0BFNXR6FR/ref=sr_1_5?crid=Y2I4N2EY71HE&keywords=foldable+funnel&qid=1677695682&sprefix=foldable+funnell%2Caps%2C140&sr=8-5
  2. Cucamonga is high demand but above the 210 and Banyan is crazy. Great neighborhood with a modern house.
  3. Yup, skat trak can make any tire into a paddle tire like that. They made that one. Depending on the tire used, the finished product will have a rounded form like that or a flat form. Ohtsu was a Japanese tire manufacturer who made great tires and made most of the tires that came on japanese bikes since the eighties. Dunlop makes similar quality tires these days.

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