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  1. RallyAlleigh

    WTB: 17ft+ Boston Whaler or Comparable

    That is a really good deal compared to the other boats i have been looking at... im going to try and swoop that thing up ASAP!
  2. RallyAlleigh

    WTB: 17ft+ Boston Whaler or Comparable

    This is perfect!!! I will contact him now! Thank you!!
  3. RallyAlleigh

    WTB: 17ft+ Boston Whaler or Comparable

    I’m always looking for charters or people to fish with! Count me in!
  4. Budget of 10K If you know of anyone selling a small fishing boat. Let me know
  5. RallyAlleigh

    Help identifying this intercom system

    Hello Nathan, I forwarded on your post with the pics to Scott our owner to get clarification on this intercom and see if there is anything we can do to help you. All of our Intercoms are assembled right here in the USA and are not affiliated with Avcomm. Edited to update: Per scott, this is a Comzilla, built by a guy name Bill Lyons. Hope that helps 👍 If you have any additional questions, email me at anytime at Alleigh@pciraceradios.com and I will be happy to help you! 🙂 Thank you!
  6. RallyAlleigh

    Wanted: Race Radio

    We can absolutely take a look at it and let you know if it’s repairable! Send me an email and we can double check that new headset 🙂
  7. RallyAlleigh

    Wanted: Race Radio

    Not sure if you are only looking for used or if you would be interested in new as well. If you are looking for something new, email me at Alleigh@pciraceradios.com and we'll see what we can do! 😃
  8. Hey! Saw your post about the items you are selling! I know you were curious if your price point was good, so i wanted to help you and give you an idea of what that set up would be brand new today and its looking like it would be right around  $850.00-$900.00. 


    Good luck and if you ever need replacement set up's, let me know 😀

  9. RallyAlleigh

    Radio Etiquette

    its going to cut down traffic that has a weak signal if maybe they are far away or a low wattage radio that isn't able to come across as clear as someone with higher wattage pushing through (god i hope that makes sense sorry lol ). Higher setting allows less weak traffic coming through. This will not effect your current group unless someone has a radio that's not TX'ing properly and maybe they are a little farther away from normal, but were talking miles when it will start being effected. Its best to test it as you go and find that sweet spot
  10. RallyAlleigh

    Radio Etiquette

    You can adjust your squelch on your radio to a little bit higher (test as you go) to narrow your incoming signal to radios that have a strong signal (closer in range for the most part). On a big weekend in Glamis, I will set my squelch to a 5-7, that helps cut down the traffic that is just far enough away to not be understandable and annoying to listen to. I DO NOT recommend running a radio without a coax and antenna attached and grounded properly. When transmitting, especially for a long period of time, your radio is pushing out all that power but it has no where to go and will burn up the radio over time.
  11. RallyAlleigh

    Radio or intercom noise

    @spize909 Give me a call the next time you are in front of the radio/ intercom and we will run through some test to try to narrow down the issue 562-427-8177 Alleigh@pciraceradios.com
  12. RallyAlleigh

    Radio Etiquette

    What model radio do you have?
  13. RallyAlleigh

    Radio Etiquette

    Mag 7 is one of the busiest channels in Glamis! I can understand why the wouldnt want to listen LOL
  14. RallyAlleigh

    Radio Etiquette

    Its quite a possibility that there was a short in the PTT and they had no idea their PTT was keying up the intercom. I am currently getting clarification so I may edit this with better info but normally the radio is programmed with a Time Out Time function. If the radio is keyed up for more then 30 seconds, it will cut of transmission. I do not think there is a penalty timer on radios right now, so they may be able to transmit again shortly after it cuts off. I am not sure of Rugged's settings so I can not speak for them and how those are programmed.
  15. RallyAlleigh

    Radio Etiquette

    Most handhelds are 16 channel so hopefully we can add some more!

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