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  1. RallyAlleigh

    GPS malfunctioning due to date rollover

    i dont think yours were effected by this... im pretty sure we are talking global maps old.
  2. RallyAlleigh

    GPS malfunctioning due to date rollover

    I have only heard rumors of this and that it would only effect older GPS's. Per a couple websites I have researched this on, the problem should work itself out or you can try to update the software to whats is the most current OR WHAT IS MOST CURRENT BUT STILL COMPATIBLE WITH MAPPING CARDS. I can only speak on Lowrance products so sorry if you have other brands. If you are unsure on how to update software, this link should give you an idea.
  3. Looking for recommendations for some small upholstery work in LB/OC area! Thank you!
  4. RallyAlleigh

    Ruggeds Vs PCI

    Here is some information regarding UHF vs VHF. "There are a lot of technical details we could get into, but long story short - UHF is a “better” signal. Ultra High Frequencies (UHF) penetrate obstructions such as buildings, wood, steel and concrete better than Very High Frequencies (VHF). However, UHF signals do not travel as far as VHF signals do. VHF also curve around the earth better for long distance, outdoor and hilly terrain. We recommend UHF for Closed Course racing and Business solutions. All Desert Racing/Recreational should use VHF. The VHF band range is 150Mhz to 174Mhz. UHF is 400Mhz to 512Mhz. VHF and UHF radios cannot be programmed to talk to each other. Desert teams can use VHF radios for desert and short course, but the ideal scenario would be to have UHF radios for short course and a separate set of VHF radios for the desert."
  5. RallyAlleigh

    Ruggeds Vs PCI

    562-427-8177 - PCI main number 562-294-1017 - direct to me 6185 Phyllis drive cypress, ca 90630
  6. RallyAlleigh

    Ruggeds Vs PCI

    I just want to clarify this question, on the Kenwood and Icom Radios PCI sells, it comes with a long list of frequencies over 4 banks to choose from so if you are on a busy channel (like the first 16 channels) you can scroll around to the other 50+ channels to find something quite. You cannot however dune the dial like a FM radio to any frequency. You can request frequencies for us to program for you ahead of time or have them programmed out in Glamis or at our shop.
  7. RallyAlleigh

    Ruggeds Vs PCI

    We support Icom, Kenwood, Vertex, Road Master, Baofeng, Etc. We also sell a wide variety of Mobile Radio Adapters so you can plug a wider variety of radios/models into are intercoms as well as competitors intercoms.
  8. RallyAlleigh

    Ruggeds Vs PCI

    Downloading the original programming and saving it is very important, if any changes that are made to the radio, the channel list is lost during programming or changes are made to the radio other then programming that effect its inner workings, etc. you will want that original programming to revert back to. Icom F-5021's that are programmed by PCI are programmed with P0 being the squelch adjustment. If you push and hold it will allow you to adjust the squelch up and down to filter out unwanted radio traffic that is not coming clear enough.
  9. RallyAlleigh

    Ruggeds Vs PCI

    Let me know what you got with the system and I will give you a quote for the items that would complete it for you. Enjoy! 😀
  10. RallyAlleigh

    Ruggeds Vs PCI

    I have subscribed to this thread and will be happy to answer any questions anyone has! If you would like a copy of the list of channels that go into our radios as a "stock frequency list", message me here or email me at alleigh@pciraceradios.com. The Icom F-5021 VHF 50watt Radio we sell and the Kenwood TK-7360 50w radio we sell are pre programmed with a stock list that is very similar to Rugged's list. If the radio needs to have a frequency programmed in, you can have it done in Glamis on one of the weekends are there, bring your car/radio to our Orange County location, or ship us the radio and i can have it back to you in a very short turn around.
  11. RallyAlleigh

    WTB: 17ft+ Boston Whaler or Comparable

    That is a really good deal compared to the other boats i have been looking at... im going to try and swoop that thing up ASAP!
  12. RallyAlleigh

    WTB: 17ft+ Boston Whaler or Comparable

    This is perfect!!! I will contact him now! Thank you!!
  13. RallyAlleigh

    WTB: 17ft+ Boston Whaler or Comparable

    I’m always looking for charters or people to fish with! Count me in!
  14. Budget of 10K If you know of anyone selling a small fishing boat. Let me know
  15. RallyAlleigh

    Help identifying this intercom system

    Hello Nathan, I forwarded on your post with the pics to Scott our owner to get clarification on this intercom and see if there is anything we can do to help you. All of our Intercoms are assembled right here in the USA and are not affiliated with Avcomm. Edited to update: Per scott, this is a Comzilla, built by a guy name Bill Lyons. Hope that helps 👍 If you have any additional questions, email me at anytime at Alleigh@pciraceradios.com and I will be happy to help you! 🙂 Thank you!

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