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  1. Well... the best advice I have is getting a Hand Held radio bag and mounting the radio at the highest point inside the vehicle as possible. The cabling between the PTT, Helmet and Main harness should not create any noise. I would just make sure everything is plug in together all the way, so the internal pins are making a solid connection. There is certain light bars and other items on the vehicle that when running and on can create an RF noise that the handheld could be picking up. I would say this is an issue with the radio and internal filter then anything else. Baofengs are on very basic "walkie talkie" type radios compared to other handhelds like Icom and Kenwood that would have much better internals to prevent interference from happening. Next time you are with the vehicle and having this issue, you can always call tech support and we can walk you through a couple things to double check all of the items in question.
  2. Hey, lets see if I can figure this one out for ya! What kind of handheld is this? Are you using the handheld antenna or is it connected to an external antenna via a coax cable?
  3. I can only speak for PCI products but good tips to know about our air units and helmets. The Raceair boost is a all in one unit, meaning the bracket is built into the its lightweight, billet housing, as well as the variable speed control module. For a $100 upgrade you can have the variable speed control mod turned into a remote knob if you would like it to be adjustable on the dash. When we add air to our HJC CS-R3 helmet, we take the extra time and attention to port out three different vents into the chin bar so the air blows nicely up the visor and not directly on your lips to avoid dry mouth and chapped lips. Skirts are optional and additional and come in Black, Red and Blue. Its always good to remember that the purpose of a fresh air unit is to provide fresh clean dust free air while riding by way of creating positive pressure to push the dust out through the shield and vents. That being said, dust skirts are HIGHLY recommended to stop dust from coming in from under the chin bar. Klim and Gforce helmets come with air from the factory and include with nice lightweight skirts. Hope this information helps!
  4. RallyAlleigh

    WTB Radio

    This might be helpful! If you find a radio from a board member and it does NOT have the race mod (pigtail coming out the back to connect to the intercom) that can easily be done in a day or two for $55.00. The only other thing that you would need would be PTT's and maybe a coax and antenna if it doesn't come with the radio. I can always help you complete a package if you find anything used!
  5. RallyAlleigh

    WTB Radio

    Been out sick this week sorry! Please let me know if you still have any questions and I will be happy to call you!
  6. This is a great starter package! Headsets looks like they are in great condition! PTT looks like its very easily replaceable/repairable, we can just remove the broken piece and a new one should plug up directly. Radio looks to be in great condition as well! Good luck with your sale! Enjoy your new Trax system!
  7. Thank you for all the kind words! Wish i could be there this season to help and say hi but... BABY DUTY CALLS! Ill be creeping on the boards no matter what so you guys will still know where to find me and I can help anyway i can!
  8. Thank you! Always awesome to hear from GD.com members and help anyway I can! Please let me know if you need anything else 😀
  9. I apologize for the conflicting information! I have attached some pictures below showing a rough idea of the steer function. Lowrance GPS do not have any sort of "Car Navigation" turn by turn features. You get a Chart Screen for map over view and Steer for Goto Way point (as the crow flies) type navigation. Picture #1 shows the chart screen + Steer screen Picture #2 shows both the Elite versions and the HDS verions with steer being available Picture #3 Shows only the chart screen DTD: DISTANCE TO DESTINATION TTD: TIME TO DESTINATION SOG: SPEED OVER GROUND POS: COORDINATES XTE: CROSS TRACK ERROR ( how far you have left your "course" when going to a waypoint) COG: COURSE OVER GROUND TO NEXT WAYPOINT Hope this helps! Please let me know if you have more questions!
  10. The Steer function on the Lowrance units is my favorite to use while duning! It also tells you distance to way point and lets you easily drop additional way points if needed. Split screen is also great on Lowrance units so you can have the Chart screen on one side and steer function on the other.
  11. If I had a dollar for every time I heard of this happening to someone.... poor piggy,
  12. Radio/Intercom Billet Roll Bar Mount Universal Flat Mount Bracket-Icom Universal Flat Mount Bracket- Kenwood Please remember that Radios and Intercoms are not waterproof. The speaker on the front of radios is open to a circuit board that sits underneath it so mounting a radio face up can be exposing it to moister either over night or in unexpected rainy conditions as well as during washing. Its a good idea to always run a Mic Jack Cover when not using the hand mic as well as an Intercom cable cover. Other helpful weather proofing options are Dummy Plugs for intercom cables when they are not in use! Hope this helps!
  13. paging @matt86m.... Hes the worst to follow as a hungry pregnant lady but... He definitely knows his shiz.
  14. I love Sand Sport Super Show... alot... BUT AMEN TO THAT STATEMENT LOL

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