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  1. If your kid rides a 2 stroke Banshee and likes to start at 6:00am...or drag race at 2:00am, youll be the first person I hit up to find out where your camping... and that's so i can camp the farthest distance away from you LOL
  2. Can I borrow someones buggy to prove that I am the most Bad Ass Female Driver? 🤣 Let me know... thanks! LOL
  3. This helmet retails for $599.00 unwired with no air. We are selling it for $450.00. SIZE MEDIUM (57-58cm) - BELL CARBON FIBER ELIMINATOR We have wired it for a PCI TRAX INTERCOM ONLY AND ADDED AIR TO THE LEFT SIDE It is brand new with bag, never been worn. This is an extremely comfortable helmet! Call or email if you are interested or have any other questions!
  4. I caught a couple trout in that creek and cooked them for breakfast! so fun! We love the new boat!!! We got our first yellow tail our first trip out to the muscle farm! Have not got ballsy enough to go to Catalina in our little boat but maybe soon! hahah
  5. When we went into town, where the fire station is, we asked a cop if we could cross over just to get to the parking lot and he allowed us! Ok so if you look at satellite images, there is a ton of dirt trails that end and start at the 395 that cross over... we used those many times. There was ALOT of people using those crossing. Are they legal, I have no idea. The picture I attached below shows where we went for Pizza and Gas... the sheriffs station is bottom right. We came in from the Top side of the image off dirt roads. ALL of the trails around mammoth are marked really really well... it would be hard to get lost. Let me know if you wanna buy a GPS prior to our trip! Even a little Elite 5 would make your trip AMAZING because you can choose a new trail everyday and have ZERO worries about not being able to find your way back. You can also add a ton of coordinates you find on google images of cool places to go, i heard there is some waterfalls back there!
  6. Glass creek for the win! We have spent our last 2 anniversary in Mammoth at Glass Creek and it was the best trip we ever had. Its a beautiful FREE campground that you can ride in and out of that has a cute little creek full of trout! From Glass Creek we road all way to June Lake, Mono Lake, Look out Mountain ( A Must!), If you like to shoot guns, ill send you the coordinates to a bad ass little open gun range that we road to near June Lake. We also road all the way into downtown mammoth to get pizza/beer a couple times. You can park right across the street near the fire station and walk over. There is a great place to get firewood in town that smells amazing and is really cheap. If you can make time during the week to find some hot springs, thats always a great time. Contact me if you have any questions, I would love to help! Im not sure if you have instagram but ill send you some videos of some pretty cool places we went to!
  7. So happy I was able to assist you in making a decision! Please let me know if you need any help getting it set up or using it! I want to include these links again just in case! I know they don't apply to what you may use it for specifically but it is useful to show you how to navigate around the GPS! How to Load Racecourse on an HDS LIVE How to Change Waypoint Text Size on HDS Live
  8. I actually started out with the HDS 5 and i LOVED that unit, if you go to resell it, it will be a hot ticket item! So easy to use and was very reliable!
  9. Simple video showing how easy the split screen and camera function are to use... HOPEFULLY the video uploaded the correct way! Video.MOV PERSONALLY... I love split screen when duning because it definitely helps me stay aware of my surroundings because i'm more of a driver while looking in my rear view mirror kinda person lol
  10. VERY easy to switch to that screen, literally one push of a hard key and then selecting the camera option! The split screen is awesome as well and is one of my favorite features!
  11. JUST TO CLARIFY Video adapter cable works on Gen 2 Touch, Gen 3, Carbon's and Live units! :) I havnt played with the tethering a lot but I will look into it!
  12. I hope i covered most of everything, if not, let me know any additional questions and ill get back ASAP!
  13. Alright So! Ill start of by saying, I have never used Leadnav so I cant speak on the pros and cons of going with them over Lowrance. I can only tell you why we love Lowrance and I highly recommend their GPS's. Currently we offer the Elite line and the HDS line of Lowrance GPS's which are all fully WATERPROOF and great in all conditions! The Elite series is the more affordable of the 2 series but not as many features, one of them being, not having as many hard keys (listed below) that makes for easier use while your moving or wearing gloves. It is also unable to have video input (see more information below) if you wanted to use a backup/forward facing camera. Elite only take one sd card at a time, compared to the 2 card slot HDS. The HDS live versions have a awesome flush flat screen that is Brightest and Clearest HD displays which can be view with polarized lenses on. Elite Hard Keys include : Pages: Access to all features of the GPS Zoom in & out Waypoint Drop Power which also controls screen brightness, overlay, etc. HDS Hardkeys Include: Pages :Access to all features of the GPS WayPoint Drop Exit Enter Cursor Movement Key Zoom In / Out Power Side Bar / Settings All of our current Lowrance GPS units have an internal antenna built in. If the GPS is mounted with a clear view of the sky, such as a UTV installation using on of our brackets, you most likely wont need an external antenna. If the GPS is buried in the dash, you will most likely need the Point One Baja Antenna. The "Baja" version of a specific GPS model means it includes that antenna, otherwise it is sold separately. The Elite 5 TI does not have external antenna capability, so make sure it will be mounted on top of a dash or using one of our handy GPS Brackets. The HDS Live has the fastest internal antenna out of all the units and is just as fast and refreshes as fast as the external antenna! If you would like to us the GPS with a backup camera, you can do so with SOME ( Gen 2 Touch, Gen 3, Carbon's and Live units ) of the HDS versions but you will need the Lowrance Video Adapter Cable. My personal recommendation for a mapping card is our PCI Western US Lowrance Map. It covers 5 western states ( California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Utah and a small portion of Southwest Colorado and Idaho ) and gives you trails, fire roads, streams, all kinds of great stuff. I do also make sure to set exceptions so i have included a Pros & Cons picture that covers all of our mapping cards. Glamis waypoints can be downloaded for free off our website or added to any mapping card at the time of purchase. Its also very easy to add additional way points as long as you have Lat/ Long coordinates or transfer from a friends unit! There is a satellite card for Glamis, if you want additional information on that, let me know.

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