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  1. 28x12-14 28x15-14 complete set of 4 for RZR 1000 $750.00 complete set located Norco
  2. Dont some of the new diesel trucks have esp and weigh in over 6k?
  3. If it was a white guy with a album black party music it would be ok as well?
  4. Thx for heads up , heading to havasu Thurs. for the boat show def will give paul a call , hmm wonder if this is paul from max marine?
  5. Sweet! Thx ! The boats im looking for seem to be a hard buy right now. 525 engine 26-28 ft hallett, howard, dcb, lavey I did see a shockwave that peaked my interest but know nothing about them. They seem to be a well established boat with the rigging setting up correct. Theres a tremor out there for $81k 2016
  6. Eventwheeler, very well said, I believe in the same “quality boats youget your best bang for your buck” My boat was a Laveycraft and had it for 10 years phenomial boat. I have had starter boats and finally pulled the trigger on the Lavey 10 years ago. One thing I did learn from my experience is go to the engine size up. I regret not getting the 525 and being cheap . I was ok with 496 but I bet you if I got the 525 from the start I would be keeping my boat. I really am on the fence with going with used 70k or jumping it up to 130k range. My eyes are on Hallett, Howard, DCB( if a screaming deal comes across) Lavey, Eliminator , Schiada and Conquest . Hopefully I find something before summer if not , I will buy a boat to get buy a season like Chapperall, Monterey or something that I could just get my toes wet.

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