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  1. DunerCog


    Dang...and it appears that your power company did have some sort of animal guard on that bushing....but it appears to be dry rotted and obviously not very effective....
  2. I call BS...Here in TN the confederate flag is commonplace to say the least...I would tell that principal to go eff himself... JC
  3. One of my friends did the 4BTA/700R4 swap into his '76 Bronco. He is getting 25mpg + and it performs like a dream and is VERY cool to boot. The same guy put a 5.9 and auto trans. into his 94 C3500 pickup and it does great as well. I say go for it.... JC
  4. Shoot me a phone number and e-mail address...I'm liking this... JC
  5. Any chance on doing something with a total width ~ 50"? My club here in TN has a maximum allowed width of 50".....Looking for something to ride in tight woods and trails... Thanks, JC in TN
  6. This has bone done before on a somewhat crude level. A guy here in Tennessee built a rail back in the early 90's that was labelled with the name "Centipede". I probably have some photos somwhere that I can scan and may even have some video footage that I would have to convert to digital. To best describe this beast would be a Funco that had mated with another Funco. The Centipede was powered by two Type 1 VW engines and ran two Type 1 swingaxle transaxles. Starting from the rear of the buggy you had engine/transaxle 1, a seating area with two seats and then the frame went to an industrial type pivot point where it was connected to the "rear" of buggy frame #2 where engine/transaxle #2 were located. The front frame section was a four seater design with the front seats being very cab foward with the front two seats directly over if not in front of the front wheels of this monster. To recap that you had two engines, two transaxles, six seats and six wheels, kind of a four wheel drive six seater. I cannot remember how he synched the motors or how the shift linkage worked. He had this monster out at Little Sahara in OK back in the '90's and I believe he even took it to Glamis as well. I almost belive that there was some kind of write up or mention of this "Centipede" in an older Dune Buggies and Hot VW's magazine or possibly another magazine but I just cannot remember. I will do some digging and see if I can come up with some photos/videos etc...And yes it actually duned pretty well and got a TON of attention... JC in TN
  7. I second the Fat Tire....We finally got that stuff here in Tennessee....YUM......
  8. Sheridan here, 5MM (.20 cal) Blue Streak. Had it since I was a kid, badazz for sure. I am pretty sure that Benjamin bought Sheridan several years back. I may have to dig it out of the closet and go shoot something with it....
  9. BOSTON - debut 1976 - RIP Brad Delp....
  10. I'll just stick with this...safely tucked away in my basement......
  11. DunerCog


    Thanks for all of the replys so far, please keep the info coming. WrenchWench - The only dairy product that I consume is a little milk on cereal in the mornings...Starting today I will leave that off and see what happens... Thanks again to all!!!!!! James
  12. DunerCog


    There is nothing funny about eczema, I will try anything at this point....Thanks Kimmie....
  13. DunerCog


    That guy sounds like me...Mine is so bad that there is no way I would be out around strangers while wearing short pants. I am now starting to get sores on my arms which is where I have to draw the line, something has to be done...I am sure those were steroid shots that your co-worker was taking, I have taken so many of those now that the steroids are causing other health concerns...Simply put, I am miserable....
  14. DunerCog


    I have not used Elidel because my current doctor will not prescribe because of the cancer concerns. I will see what the new doctor has to say about it next week...Thanks...
  15. DunerCog


    Thanks for the info so far...Mine are no longer outbreaks, my eczema is active all of the time now.....

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