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  1. Here is a SAD STORY!!!!! A BMX freestyle transgender girl Wants to burn the flag on the podium after winning a gold medal!!! https://video.foxnews.com/v/6260307407001#sp=show-clips Here is a Trans weightlifters story wanting to compete at the olympics https://video.foxnews.com/v/6260368707001#sp=show-clips Soooo Sad!
  2. A 9 year old gets the "picture" more than yo do!!!!.......... BLM........Juneteenth.......Just treat others with dignity and and respect and all this BS goes away!
  3. Great Presentation Regarding what is being FORCED down our societies throats
  4. I tried one on Gecko and it was a blast....cruised from the point to road runner 2X.......LOTS of fun!!! Get One!
  5. WOW!!!! no Privacy whotsoever...... JUST WOW!!!!!
  6. YES ....... Really ! Thank God that everyone isn't buying into all this POLITICAL THEATRICS! https://www.foxnews.com/media/ty-smith-father-viral-video-critical-race-theory-school-board-nonsense-virtue-signaling Yeah......... Imagine that............... WAKE UP People!
  7. Yeah,....and just accept whatever is rammed down your throat! A "male Karren" is called a Chad"........... Please address members with their correct Pro Nouns.....Your "Karren" comment is hurtful!
  8. Were these N95 masks in the MIT study that were changed often OR the cloth Hello Kitty style our entire population has embraced and hasen't washed or changed the entire time? The N95 mask OF COURSE helps...Just like a helmet if properly worn can save your life..........If we compare the helmet example.....Our society has been walking around with non dot approved plastic skid lids with the strap not secured for 13 months........ Its is INSANITY.......... If you want to wear a mask....DO IT......but dont mandate everyone to do so......its is redicilious!
  9. RIP / tough to watch knowing he doesnt make it....... Very Sad
  10. I saw this yesterday. Gonna be a long 4 years with this empty suit!. The damage to our country is soo sad.
  11. Custom YZ450F 3 wheel conversion. This is the ultimate 3 wheel duner for the 3 wheel lover. Conversion was built by my buddy Richard Masetas out of Phoenix Arizona. It has Fleex Bars / Special edition Plastics and Hauls The Mail in the dunes These are EXPENSIVE MACHINES to build as you can imagine. $7000 Cash (bike is currently located in Phoenix AZ Ground up BUILD TREAD from 3wheeler world by Richard http://www.3wheelerworld.com/showthread.php/176459-Yz450-trike-conversion?highlight=yamaha+conversion Call Andy 760-443-754 EIGHT
  12. The ultimate CR500AF built by Don at Sand Cars unlimited. Bike is dialed in and ready to rock. This thing has all the power you need for glamis and is the best toy in the sand Ever. I am only selling so I can keep my sand rail......... It is a beautiful CR500AF (started as a 2002 CR250R) New Top End / Bottom End (motor is SOLID) Oversized Tank (Perfect size for glamis) Custom ALL MOTOR Graphics (gd.com / Slappy Racing edition) dialed in suspension new fork seals new seat cover FMF Pipe and scilencer recent sprocket and chain Bike is Absolutely awe

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