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  1. If I can make a suggestion / Do the Garage FIRST I mean / Lights / Finish / Tools / Everything!!! It makes EVERYTHING else go 10X smoother!!!! People rarely do this but having the tools / garage and workshop done makes all the stuff you do go soo much easier!!! Have @Stugots do the floor!!!! 100% a game changer!!!! My 2 cents
  2. They sound good!!!!! Woulda love to have seen that show in the park! The fat bottomed girls clip was great that you sent me!!!
  3. Happy BDay Sir!!!! Enjoy the day!
  4. May The Force Be with You!!!
  5. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/supreme-court-gun-decision-shoots-down-ny-rule-high-bar-concealed-carry-licenses Finally a decision in the favor of We The people!!! to Clarence Thomas!!!
  6. Happy bday Carol!!! you maniac!
  7. BVC Rocks!!!! absolute BEAUTIFUL 3 wheelers / I want the estart 500AF 3 wheeler!!! Nice upgrade on the pegs!!!
  8. I had one of these Powercaster PC3 that worked well! I bought it used for $700 bucks https://www.powercaster.com/
  9. Summer Slam lacrosse tournament in Temecula weather is beautiful good to see my son playing again!
  10. Of course / I just wish you didnt remove the classic ss crager wheels for those Hub Capper beauties that tickle your fancy!
  11. @dbart 100% Its his car for sure!!!
  12. Its a good idea to take a few 5 Gallon buckets and leave them in the RV when its hot like this!!!! The AZ peeps that store RVs outside deal with this a lot. SUCKS! Controlled climate enclosed storage is the best.....Someday my compound will have that!

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