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  1. Me Too / Its CRAZY.....almost riping my skin off some nights!!!!
  2. Kid Rock is a good man!!!!!! great time last night at Glen Helen!!!!
  3. I looked up FLIP in the dictionary and there was Hondajimz face ! touche!!! If I would only get a warehouse and a big truck....I could combine our addictions and actualy make $$$ INSTEAD of being featured on the TV show Hoaders / Burried Alive!!!!!
  4. Busy day today !!! Started off by picking up some FREE artwork for my sons place in LA that some CL & Offer up peeps were giving away. The Surfer picture is INCREDIBLE!!!! Already gave one to my mom on the way back / Went PERFECT in her room!!! Gonna clean the garage / Organize 70 parts and bike parts / Re do the upstairs computer desk area and paint a room!!!! Tomorrow is work on the 5th wheel and get it ready for Mother G and the season!!!! Some good family time and some work to be done!!! May head out to see Kid Rock later tonight!!!!
  5. This Girl Just ROCKS!!!!!! you guys are awesome parents!!! you should be SOO Proud!!!
  6. anyone with a Kennedy adapter plate for subi TO an 091 who wants to sell? Just the plate. I have the fly wheel and pressure plate. Its for my buddy Jason / You can call him direct @760-846-4020
  7. Poule43

    Trx90 $1200

    Not me. Too many wheels 😀
  8. Thats when Bugsy built the gray YFZ sponsored quad ! Kick AZZ bike fo sure!
  9. Came across this on CL / Looks like some great racking and benches for someone who has the sweet Metal Building set up!@!!!! https://palmsprings.craigslist.org/fuo/d/north-palm-springs-office-closing-must/7537523590.html
  10. We All Agree!!!! Thanks for posting TRUTH here on gd.com / Much appreciated!
  11. Poule43

    Old ATC 70

    Post a picture of the seat all done !!!!

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