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  1. Hoping for a FAST FINISHED build / I will be calling you for a final assembly day when I have the parts done and Powdercoated!
  2. A bit of progress after being in North Carolina this week !!!! My buddy had a few hours of shoptime soo I wen over with way too many other things I needed to do because he is tough to get.....extended the rear end 3.25 inches and cleaned up a massive amount of damage on the left side of the bearing carrier. Next is to seal it all up and add a new head tube extended 3 inches to use the ape 100 tank! / THEN off to gloss black powdercoat....... gonna be a sweet Flat track race bike! Stay Tuned
  3. Thats a lot of FUN for 7K / The CA registration is worth the price of admision for someone out there GLWTS !!!!! Cool Classic Car!
  4. Big shout out to my buddy Brett !!! thank you sir! Doesn’t look like much now but wait till you see it when its done! Since it will be a track / race bike / no vin number will be needed to ride on private property/ looking forward to this build over summer when life calms down a bit. this will be a cool bike on HOOSIERS cart wheels with a custom frame / smith pro staggered rear axel extension and some cool parts all black with candy blue accents! stay tuned
  5. Anyone have an extra frame ? been putting away parts the last few years and decided to build a custom Flat Track 70.....I need a beater frame to cut up. It will be extended 3 inches forward and 3 inches in the rear. If anyone has an old frame they want to get rid of let me know. here is the race from last year!
  6. The ones I got from Justin were $50 bucks for both / 2010 date code / Hold air in good shape
  7. Check this out / AWESOME Car at a good price!!! @MGMFRP is a solid guy to buy from!
  8. BECAUSE they have 1 too many wheels ! Now quit trying to question the GREATEST Bike that HONDA ever made and go join the @Mac FOUR WHEELIN FRUIT CAKE CREW and leave us 80's Golden Gods Alone! Thank You!
  9. Nice Car / What are you asking for it ? You do not list a price $$$
  10. SCHWINN. Great guy !!!!! Cool car and LOTS of fun for 17k
  11. awesome Bike!!!! @Jakster884

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