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  1. Looks Like I found a stainless slide in stove @Realbadlarry so the white 80's stove will be avaliable once I fix this baby and install it !!!
  2. Its 18 years old / Clean and works awesome.....as soon as I get my stainless one....it will be up for sale here on gd.co for that "Retro Buyer"....If you have a more modern one you would like to donate to the GO FUND fund...Ill pm you the address! If not........leave my 1980's refuse to give up 3 wheelers and OP shorts / vans and KISS t shirts lifestyle alone......... I am kicking azz over here
  3. Here is a pic of the Java we did at my moms house. she had the cheapest oak cabinets / They look INCREDIBLE !!!!! That entire job with new handles was less than $200 in materials !!! i also did my old ikea desk!!!
  4. My buddy Coop scored Yesterday !!! I getto eat good tonight baby !!!!!
  5. Got it for $360 on offer up / couple was doing a remodel...only 2.5 years old........ Those doors on cabinets are done with gray java gel....Awesome stuff. Made old Ikea cabinets look new.... Its been 4 years since we re did them. I love the java gel !!!!! Thanks
  6. now we need a new slide in stove to match ! never ends !!!!!!
  7. Got a nice one off offer up !!! / Just finished install PITA !!!! Im too old for this chit!!!
  8. have a full set of great condition white plastics that I can trade for BLUE........ I just need the fronts in Blue / Let me know what you have
  9. Dishwasher went out last night / was able to pick up an almost new one on offer up and just finished installing it. Problem is that it is stainless instead of white (which is what I wanted) BUT now we need a ne fridge to match .....Gonna try and get that replaced today and then some projects in the garage that are OVERDUE.......Got all the parts to finish the weber Q candy and black with a new weber q grill in blue ....... Its gonna look sweet (I will start another build tread) Some good family time with my son this afternoon building the bbq 70 and a gen one Black atc 70 thats been on the bench way too long.
  10. Anyone getting rid of a Stainless Fridge in good shape ? Let Me know Andy

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